The Abcs Of Electric Cars

Plugging Into The Future: The Abcs Of Electric Cars

Interested in buying an electric car but wondering if it’s a viable option for you? Will the cost savings be worth it? What about the availability of charging stations? Plus, with so many models to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Sit back and relax. We’ll walk you through the ABCs of electric cars and zoom our focus in on one of the market’s newest models—the 2023 Toyota bz4x.

Cost Savings

The rise in gas prices may have turned your attention to the potential cost savings of purchasing an electric vehicle. In fact, according to AAA, the national average price of gas at the pump hit an all-time high in June of 2022. After hitting that record high, drivers like yourself may be wondering whether buying an electric vehicle is the way to go.

In the past, electric vehicles like Teslas were reserved for only the very wealthy. But with more models on the market today, it’s becoming not only easier but more sensible to consider investing in an electric vehicle.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), for instance, it costs just $1.22 for an electric vehicle to travel the same distance that a gallon of gasoline will take you. When’s the last time you remember the price of gas being just $1.22 a gallon?

Factor in that the DOE estimates maintenance costs are lower for plug-in vehicles than for conventional vehicles and that you may be able to qualify for tax credits, and you’ll see the cost savings for electric vehicles start to add up.

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So, just how far can you go in an electric vehicle? This is an important question wherever you like to drive. The range of your electric vehicle will depend on several factors, including fuel tank capacity and terrain. However, many will take you hundreds of miles on a single charge, just as a conventional vehicle will take you hundreds of miles from a single stop at the pump. According to Bloomberg, the average range for an electric vehicle in the US is about 300 miles.

Charging Stations

Many people who have never owned an electric vehicle are concerned about the availability of charging stations. But more and more charging stations are popping up across the nation. The DOE keeps a list of charging stations in the US and Canada. Simply plug in your location to pull up a list of stations nearest you. You’ll likely find many options in your area.

Drivers who have concerns about keeping their battery charged may prefer the idea of hybrid vehicles that run on both gas and electricity. Plug-in hybrid electric cars have chargeable batteries that power an electric motor. However, they also have an internal combustion engine powered by gas or another type of fuel.

The vehicle will usually run on the electric battery until the charge gets low. At that point, the vehicle will automatically switch over to the internal combustion engine so you don’t have to worry about immediately getting to a charging station.

Some hybrid electric vehicles are not the plug-in kind, however. They’re, instead, powered through a combination of the vehicle’s internal combustion engine and regenerative braking. The electric motor acts as a generator to capture energy from braking, and that captured energy is then stored in the battery so the vehicle doesn’t have to be plugged into an outlet to recharge.

Interested in learning how much money a hybrid electric vehicle could save you when compared with a conventional vehicle? Use this tool to compare them side by side.

Environmental Impact

Many people are interested in electric vehicles not only for cost savings but because they also want to minimize their carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are better for the environment than vehicles that run on gasoline. According to the DOE, all-electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, and plug-in electric vehicles do not produce tailpipe emissions when operating on electric.

Want to compare emissions by vehicle type and location? Check out the electricity sources and emissions tool for a breakdown of the average annual emissions for all-electric, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and conventional vehicles.

Top Models

As more people prioritize fuel economy and reducing gas emissions, more electric vehicles have emerged on the market. There was a range of electric vehicle models released in 2023 alone. In fact, with so many models available, you may have a tough time deciding between them.

Your budget is a good starting point. If you can afford a top-of-the-line vehicle, you may want to take a look at the Tesla Model X, which boasts more than 300 miles of range. Other luxury options include the BMW i7, the Audi e-tron GT, and the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo, just to name a few.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an electric vehicle that offers great value, our personal favorite is the 2023 Toyota bz4x. With a base price of $43,335, it’s an affordable option if you’re looking to purchase an electric SUV. It has a range of up to 252 miles per charge and also comes with an all-wheel-drive option.

If you feel the 2023 Toyota bz4x could be the one for you and you’re located in the Portland, Oregon, area, stop by the Beaverton Toyota dealership. We’ll show you all the ins and outs of the 2023 Toyota bz4x, and you can even take it out for a test drive. After all, there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel and settling into the driver’s seat of a new vehicle.

We invite you to stop by the dealership and get plugged into the future with an electric vehicle that empowers you to take charge.

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