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Key Services An American Family Care Facility Could Provide You With

If you’re looking for an urgent care facility or are faced with a healthcare emergency, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a single individual or you’ve got a family, these unique, dynamic facilities are there to provide you with multiple benefits and advantages that you can use.

You’ll be able to receive direct assistance and screening tests that will provide you with vital information that could give you a better picture of your overall health. 

You’ll get to have expert industry professionals assist you as well as make use of various services to ensure your health and well-being are kept in check!

In this blog article, we’ll explore a few of the primary services American Family Care can provide. Ready? Let’s get right into it!

Minor Injuries And Common Illnesses

Minor Injuries And Common Illnesses

We can all agree that life happens, and you must be prepared for any unforeseen minor physical injuries and common illnesses.

This could mean minor scratches, stickers, or broken limbs. So you won’t have to frantically run around if your little one should sprain their ankle or break their arms.

You’ll also be able to get assistance and help with common flu, colds, and fevers. These establishments will be able to give you expert advice, medication, and treatment plans, which will have you back on your feet in no time!

You need to use your discretion when assessing the severity of your medical condition. If you need a more professional opinion, it’s best to follow that route instead of contacting an urgent care business.

Expert Occupational Medication

These unique, essential facilities can also help businesses or other organizations with expert occupational health checks and medical attention.

This means owners can contact them for drug screening options and physical tests to ensure that the workers can complete specific tasks and assist the staff members when injured on-site or in the workplace.

If you’re running a business, it’s vital to remember that your staff members are the backbone of your business, which means that you must take care of their physical and medical well-being.

Sports Physical Examinations

American Family Care will be able to assist you

If you’re an avid sportsman in the industry or simply want to check if you can take part in specific tournaments, games, or matches, then American Family Care will be able to assist you.

They’ll screen athletes and provide them with the best medical advice and diet plans to ensure they’re performing at their best and in great shape.

They’ll be able to give their clients an extensive screening and evaluation to see if they’re physically fit and ready to take on particular sports or activities. This will provide them with a better perspective on their health and well-being.

Urgent Care

If you need urgent healthcare needs, then you can visit the American Family Care PriMed clinics. These clinics are walk-in, so you can get emergency treatment as soon as you get in without any need for appointments.

American Family Care PriMed offers critical medical treatment if you need advanced treatment. In case you need specialized emergency treatment, they can also connect you with specialized medical facilities. 

PriMed staff are also provided to assist you in reaching the medical facilities that can accommodate your needs. The urgent care services also offer immediate care treatments that can save patients’ lives until they can be shifted to advanced treatment facilities. For life threatening situations, you might want to call 911.

Some of the urgent care treatments provided by American Family Care Urgent department are listed below.

  • X-rays
  • Allergies
  • Lab Tests
  • Flu and Cold Symptoms
  • Eye Injuries
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Non-critical Injuries
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Cuts
  • Different Acute Care Needs

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Several people just like you have lots of queries about American Family Care. So, here are some frequently asked questions about Americal family Care.

Q1. What is American Family Care?

Ans. The American Family Care is a system designed to provide you and your family best possible healthcare you need. This is a healthcare organization with franchises that provides you with urgent medical treatment and checkups.
The American Family Care was founded in 1982 to offer urgent medical services at a lower cost than emergency room charges. Through AFC urgent care facilities, patients with non-emergency injuries and illnesses can be treated easily. This helped free up ERs who can put their focus on critical patients. 

Q2. What services are provided through American Family Care? 

Ans. You can opt for services like primary care, occupational medicine, urgent care, and physical examinations through American Family Care.
From common illnesses to urgent injuries, you can get yourself checked under American Family Care franchisees at any outlet. There are more than 350 AFC clinics nationwide.

Q3. What is family medicine in the USA?

Ans. Family medicine is a branch of medicine that doctors specialize in during their residency to treat most ailments. This means you can visit these doctors to get yourself treated for any common diseases, injuries, or health problems.
These doctors don’t specialize in particular organs or diseases but have comprehensive knowledge about treating all non-critical illnesses. Family medicine doctors can treat any age group, from infants to seniors. Their knowledge of medicine for treating most illnesses is vast, leading to treating the whole family.

Q4. What do you mean by family healthcare?

Ans. Family healthcare means treatment for illnesses and injuries for the whole family, including all age groups. Through family healthcare, you get the opportunity to get your family treated for any ailment.
You don’t need to worry about going to different doctors. You also get the opportunity to do all treatments which are non-critical within a budget. 

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, when you’re faced with a medical emergency, it can often be highly daunting, overwhelming, and stressful, especially when you’re caught off guard and need immediate medical attention.

Luckily, American Family Corp. will be able to handle the situation and get you back on track in no time. So, if you want to improve your gut health or sit with a sprained ankle, these specialized businesses can help you.

If you’re looking for an emergency medical facility solution, these facilities will be your best bet for your family’s health and well-being.

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