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Hardwood Floors

When you decide to give your old hardwood floors a makeover, you're essentially embracing the latest trends in interior design. The finish you choose can have a significant impact on your room's appearance. Whether you opt for a glossy polyurethane coating or a warm oil-based finish, it has the power to transform the look of your space. Signs of Aging Floors Your wood flooring begins to show wear over time. This aging can reveal itself through subtle scratches and a fading sheen. These signs might hint at the need for attention and care. Thus, considering hardwood floor refinishing can be crucial. It ensures the wood floor’s charm is preserved and extends its lifespan. — The Fading Glow Wood flooring once showcased a vibrant shine, radiating life. This luminosity fades with time and use. The concern extends beyond aesthetics, serving also as a warning signal. The diminishing protective layer, crucial for safeguarding the hardwood, is eroding. The wood now faces exposure to potential damage. — Stories Told Through Scratches Scratches and scuffs tell tales of gatherings and daily life. When they accumulate, they form a map of worn paths and signal a need for rejuvenation. The multitude of tiny scars narrates a story of years of use. It makes a request for a fresh start through hardwood floor refinishing. — The Impact of Wear on Safety In addition to aesthetic concerns, the wear and tear on your wood surface can also impact safety. As the protective layer diminishes and scratches accumulate, the surface can become more slippery and potentially hazardous. Refinishing your floor not only brings back its beauty, but also provides a safer environment for your family and guests. Beneath the Gloss: Unseen Advantages of Refinishing Refinishing your hardwood floors has numerous benefits that go beyond surface improvement. It's not only about enhancing appearance, but also about unlocking hidden advantages beneath the polished surface. — Upholding Legacy and Historical Value Preserving the original wood flooring maintains a tangible link between past and future generations. Every step echoes with a rich, preserved history. It keeps platforms of historical moments intact. Additionally, the home retains its aesthetic and historical essence. This is achieved through meticulous maintenance of the wood surfaces. — Elevating Monetary and Aesthetic Value The National Association of Realtors underscores the financial benefits of refinishing hardwood. Refinished surfaces recover 100% of the cost upon home resale. Thus, such refinishing adds aesthetic appeal and acts as a sturdy investment. It consistently enhances both financial and aesthetic home value. — Environmental Considerations Choosing to refinish instead of replace serves as an environmental tribute. It reduces the demand for new materials and ensures optimal use of energy and resources. It also maximizes the longevity of the existing wood flooring. This ensures that it does not become waste prematurely. The Refinishing Process:  Let's Revive that Floor! Understanding the refinishing process ensures a result that rejuvenates both visually and structurally. — Delving into Techniques Refinishing involves thorough sanding, erasing signs of wear. Then, a fresh coat of finish is applied. This coat enhances visual appeal and adds a new protective layer. The new shield revives the aesthetic and protects the structural integrity of the wood beneath.  Refinishing indeed offers more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it comprehensively rejuvenates your hardwood flooring. The meticulous process not only enhances the durability but also significantly transforms the ambiance of your space, ensuring an improvement in both comfort and visual elegance. — What Goes Into Refinishing Anyway? Refinishing entails a few key steps. First, there is sanding, which removes scratches and the worn-out look. Then, a new coat is applied, refreshing the appearance and adding a protective layer. This process is not just a cosmetic enhancement; it enables your floor to continue being a part of your home's story for many more years. — Deciding on a Finish: More Than Just Picking a Shade Selecting a finish involves more than just choosing a color or shade. The options include polyurethane or oil-based finishes. Polyurethane provides a strong, shiny finish. Oil-based finishes give a warm, deep glow, but might require more frequent upkeep. Your choice affects the appearance, durability, and future maintenance of your surfaces. Professionals: The Experts in Floor Care Entrusting your floor to professional refinishers is a significant decision. It means selecting expertise and a meticulous eye. This choice brings your surfaces back to life. — Value in Expert Intervention Deciding to hire a professional for hardwood floor refinishing is not just about efficiency. Insights from the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reveal homeowners' choices in flooring projects. The report shows that slightly more than a quarter of homeowners hired labor but bought the materials themselves. Additionally, just over one-third entrusted the entire project to a professional. Notably, more than one-fifth of homeowners chose to independently complete the entire project, from start to finish. This data emphasizes the diverse approaches to hardwood floor refinishing and underscores the importance of considering both professional expertise and personal involvement in the process. Homeowners value specialized skills in projects. Engaging professionals ensures precision and expertise. This choice assures a pleasing outcome. It also reinforces durability, safeguarding the rich history embedded within the wood. — Choosing Your Next Artisans Selecting the ideal team of professionals is crucial. Reviewing their previous work, reading client reviews, and engaging in dialogue can provide insight into their proficiency and methodology. Securing the right team ensures that your hardwood flooring's ensuing chapter is crafted flawlessly, maintaining its allure and history. — A Fresh Chapter for Your Surface Refinishing ushers your floor into a new era. It furnishes a revived surface that's poised to silently observe and gently underpin the evolving tales of future days. Closing Remarks Refinishing hardwood floors goes beyond revitalization; it's a meticulous preservation of history and aesthetic value. It's not just about keeping a beautiful surface; it's a strategic move to boost home value, a silent yet impactful investment in the property's future. The polished surface not only enhances the space's beauty, but also eagerly anticipates the creation of future memories and experiences. Read More: Is It Ok To Drink Distilled Water? Let’s Clear The Doubt Is It Ok To Run Everyday? Potential Risks Of Running Everyday Is It Okay To Eat Watermelon Seeds? Why You Should Start Eating?

Grip socks soccer

It goes without saying that professional football players are dedicated to their game. To gain an advantage over their rivals, they put forth a lot of effort in their training and diet. The fact that even the socks they wear are carefully selected to give them maximum performance should not come as a surprise. These socks are called grip socks soccer. But what are they used for? Do you also require them to play soccer? Although grip socks are still a relatively new phenomenon in the world of football, players of all skill levels are starting to favor them. To decide if they're right for you, keep on reading to learn everything you need to know! What Are Grip Socks Soccer? A particular kind of sock known as grip socks has grippers on the bottom. For exercises like yoga, pilates, and of course, football, these grippers help keep your feet in position and avoid slipping. Non-slip socks are often constructed of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon and have a rough bottom with tiny rubber grips to prevent your foot from slipping around in your boot. Football players are also starting to like them since they help them keep their feet in place and give them the extra grip they need on the pitch. Read More: How Long Is A Basketball Game As Seen In The NBA? What Are Grip Socks Used For? First of all, grip socks soccer can help with traction when running, making them essential fashion accessories for men. They help with cutting and changing directions by adding greater traction to the foot. Finally, grip socks soccer can prevent slipping inside football boots if a football player's feet tend to perspire during practices or games. Why Wear Football Grip Socks? Grip socks soccer has a lot of benefits that will up your football game. If you wish to know why you should wear grip socks for soccer, then here are the answers: 1. To Improve Traction And Prevent Slipping Football games involve a lot of running, stopping, and change of direction. Therefore, it's critical to have a firm grip on the pitch. By adding more traction and minimizing slippage, grip socks can aid. This is particularly crucial for cold or damp surfaces. 2. To Avoid Blisters Football players frequently experience blisters, especially in hot weather when the pitch is dry and rough. By adding an additional layer of protection between your feet and your boots, grip socks can aid in the prevention of blisters. Football grip socks shield their feet from these possible issues by adding an additional layer of support and cushioning. 3. To Keep Feet Warm Goalkeepers should pay extra attention to this since they frequently have to stand around in chilly, rainy weather. Grip socks soccer that are warm and comfortable can keep their feet feeling snug and cozy. 4. To Promote Healthy Circulation Numerous issues, including pain, edema, cramping, and numbness in the feet, can result from poor circulation. Grip socks soccer has modest compression and support for the feet and lower legs and can aid in the promotion of healthy circulation. 5. For Better Support And Stability The rubber dots with texture on the bottom extend halfway up the heel's back as well. This helps avoid injuries by preventing your heels, feet, and ankles from slipping around inside your football boots. Additionally, they might aid in a better fit for your football footwear, which offers structure and support. Are There Football Grip Socks Soccer For Women? Yes! Not only are football grip socks soccer for males, but women can also wear them too. In fact, a lot of female football players found them to be of great assistance while playing soccer! Increased comfiness and stability are advantages that women can enjoy just like males. Furthermore, a common issue for ladies is that grip socks prevent their feet from slipping inside their football boots. However, it’s not a great idea to wear them alongside kitten heels for women. Don't be afraid to give football grip socks a try if you're a woman who plays football. You can discover that they significantly improve your performance. A thick pair of grip socks can make your men's football boots fit you better if you're wearing them. Are Grip Socks Better Than Normal Socks? There is no clear answer to this question since it depends on personal preferences and needs. Some people find that grip socks provide more support and stability, while others find them more comfortable than normal socks. If you’re considering purchasing a pair of football grip socks soccer, it’s important to think about what you need them for. Do you need extra traction? Are you prone to blisters? Answering these questions will help you decide if soccer grip socks are right for you. How To Choose The Right Pair Of Grip Socks? The next step is picking the best pair of grip socks if you've determined that you do need them. Pay attention to the material when purchasing grip socks; you want something that is elastic and breathable to prevent excessive perspiration on your feet while playing the game. Additionally, picking a pair made exclusively for football will ensure that they will hold up during arduous play. Last but not least, be sure to purchase the correct size; grip socks that are too big or too tiny won't function effectively. 1. Ensure That Your Grip Socks Are Tight Enough If they're too loose, you run the danger of getting hurt since they won't offer enough support. Additionally, you'll have discomfort and perhaps even blisters. Put them on and take a few steps around thereafter to determine whether they are too tight. They're probably too tight if you can feel the fabric rubbing against your skin or if they start to feel confining. 2. Pay Attention To How Your Feet Feel Examining how your feet feel after wearing grip socks for a while is another technique to determine whether they are excessively tight. Your grip socks may need to be a little loosened up if your feet begin to feel fatigued, achy, or prone to cramping. 3. Take A Look At The Fabric Of Your Grip Socks If the fabric is stretched out or there are creases in it, that’s another sign that they’re too tight and need to be loosened up. Read More: The Most Overrated Player Cards In FIFA 2023 Conclusion: Grip Socks Soccer Help Decide The Final Score With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that grip socks soccer is becoming so popular among footballers. So, do you really need grip socks for soccer? It depends, in essence. Grip socks can keep you agile when playing on artificial turf and help you avoid injuries. On natural grass, though, you might not require them as your football boots should offer sufficient traction. These socks provide support, comfort, and style, and they can even help you get better at your sport. Therefore, if you're seeking to upgrade your football gear, think about purchasing some grip socks! Read Also: Is It Okay To Eat Egg Everyday? How Long Is A Basketball Game As Seen In The NBA? Britain Dalton: How A Young Actor Is Making Waves In Hollywood


Have you seen the James Cameron movie True Lies (1994), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a secret CIA agent? Do you remember the funny (but mostly silly) story?  Now what do you think would happen if Arnie decided to pull off a similar stunt as a Netflix series? You will get FUBAR (F***** Up Beyond All Recognition). Following a plot that is inspired by the movie True Lies (even starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold from the previous), this comedy thriller has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix since its release on 25th May 2023. If you wish to get a brief description of what happens in this movie, its cast, characters, and whether a sequel is in development or not, read this post till the end. FUBAR Series: Overview In this series, we see Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), A CIA agent on the verge of retirement, being sent on one last mission. His new mission - find and track Boro Polonia - a Spanish arms dealer. Luke was specifically chosen for this mission since Boro’s father was killed many years ago by Luke on a mission. However, while he is on the mission, he witnesses the biggest shock of his life.  For this mission, he has partnered with Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro) - his own daughter. Both of them were surprised to see each other as they both had been secret CIA agents. Now, with this deadly (and obviously dysfunctional) father-daughter partnership, they must track down Boro and capture him alive as he is transporting chemical and nuclear weapons. They have to do this while at the same time coming to terms with the new revelations that made their lives take a hilarious twist (similar to Jordan Peele Movies from back in the day). Read More: Manifest Season 3: How Does This Story Set Up The Finale? FUBAR Cast The main actors present in the cast of FUBAR are: ActorCharacterRoleArnold SchwarzennegerLuke BrunnerThe main protagonist and a CIA operativeMonica BarbaroEmma BrunnerThe daughter of Luke and the second protagonist. She is also a CIA operative.Milan CarterBarryThe CIA Tech Officer of Luke’s Team.Gabriel LunaBoro PoloniaA powerful arms dealer and the main antagonist of the show.Fortune FeimsterRuth “Roo”A CIA operative under Luke’s team.Travis Van WinkleAldon ReeseA CIA operative under Luke’s team.Fabiana UdenioTally BrunnerLuke’s ex-wife and mother of Emma.Jay BaruchelCarterEmma’s boyfriend. He is a kindergarten teacher.Barbara Eve HarrisDotThe regional CIA director.Aparna BrielleTina MukherjeeAn NSA data analyst supporting Luke’s team.Andy BuckleyDonnieTally’s boyfriend. Apart from the main cast above, there are some side characters with recurring roles appearing throughout the series. They are: ActorsCharactersRoleDevon BostickOscarLuke & Tally’s son and Emma’s brother.David ChinchillaCain KhanBoro’s right-hand man.Stephanie SySandyOscar’s wife.Scott ThompsonDr. PfefferA psychologist overseeing Luke and Emma’s joint therapy sessions.Rachel LynchRomiOscar and Sandy’s daughter. Apart from the main and recurring cast above, some of the most notable guest appearances in FUBAR include: ActorsCharactersRoleAdam PallyThe Great DaneA prisoner to be rescued by Luke and Emma from a Turkish prison.Tom ArnoldNorm CarlsonAn interrogation expert for the CIA.Sunny SandlerVictoriaA student in Carter’s kindergarten. Sunny is the daughter of actor Adam Sandler.Sadie SandlerWinnieA student in Carter’s kindergarten. Sadie is the daughter of actor Adam Sandler. Fubar Season 1 Episode List So far, the first season of Fubar has eight episodes. Here are their titles, along with who their respective directors and writers are: EpisodeTitleDirectorWriter1Take Your Daughter To Work DayPhil AbrahamNick Santora2Stole TrainHolly DaleScott Sullivan3HoneyplotHolly DaleAdam Higgs4Armed & Dane-gerousSteven AdelsonPenny Cox5Here Today, Gone To-marrowSteven AdelsonCait Duffy6Royally FlushedPhil AbrahamScott Sullivan & Lilian Wang7Urine LuckStephen SurjikAdam Higgs & Michael Gutierrez8That’s It, And That’s AllStephen SurjikNick Santora Fubar Season 2 Release Date FUBAR has become a big hit on Netflix (in spite of average critical reviews), while everyone expected Manifest Season 4 Part 2 to take this spot. However, since it has become a big hit on Netflix with 89 million streams in the first four days after its release, you can expect FUBAR Season 2 to come in a year or two. This could be made possible due to the warm reception received from viewers who loved this series (especially for Arnold and its comic undertones). However, showrunner Nick Santora or Netflix have not officially made any statement regarding whether FUBAR Season 2 development is green-lit or not. I guess we simply have to wait now! Fubar Season 2: What To Expect? [SPOILERS] At the climax of FUBAR season 1, we learn that Boro is not dead. In fact, he is still alive and has started to plot his revenge against the Brunner family, especially Luke In the end, we also learn that Luke’s and Emma’s identities as CIA agents have been revealed publicly. This has turned them into potential targets for countless criminals while straining their familial relationships over their supposed double lives. With such a bad situation for both Luke and Emma, they indeed have become F***** Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR). Therefore, we might see this father-daughter duo team up for future missions in FUBAR Season 2. We might see them face off against other terrorist organizations. And all the while, Boro plans his grand comeback (more like resurrection from the dead). Plus, you can expect lots of laughs and hilarious moments regarding Luke and Emma’s relationships with their other family members - who now know they are CIA agents. However, there might be no FUBAR movie as many fans expect there to be. Read More: Manifest Season 1: Embracing The Supernatural Thrills and Twists Conclusion: F***** Up Beyond All Recognition FUBAR has been well received by critics and fans for its action, humor, and its familial, yet good tread of this series is a mix of family drama and spy-thriller. However, as Arnold keeps on getting older, whether or not we will get FUBAR Season 2 is still up in the air, as no official statements have been made yet. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope Season 2 arrives sooner than later after the twist ending of Season 1! Read Also: Manifest Season 2: Examining The Power of Belief & The Supernatural Who Is Jamie Flatters? 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Manifest Season 1

Now that the Manifest series has come to an end with the recent premiere of Season 4 Part 2 on Netflix, I have decided to give this series a watch to see what all the hype is about. After watching Manifest Season 1, I have mixed hopes of continuing to watch this series any further. However, if you are interested in this series, giving this post a read might be a good idea. Manifest Season 1 Summary: A Flight To The Future Manifest Season 1 starts off with many passengers boarding Flight 828 - a flight from Jamaica to New York. This includes protagonists Michaela Stone and Be Stone, who are siblings. Ben’s son Cal Stone is also aboard the flight. However, the flight goes through a period of turbulence as it enters a formation of dark clouds. As they exit from the cloud and land in New York, all the passengers are in for the surprise of their life. The surprise - the flight has landed five years into the future. All the passengers of the flight were marked dead. The story of Manifest Season 1 deals with how relationships change over the passage of time due to the disappearance of people. It also shows the struggles of Flight 8258 passengers as they try to reconcile with their family members and be living members of society - again. However, Manifest also has a supernatural edge to it. All the passengers aboard Flight 8258 receive Callings - Visions of things yet to come. What could these Callings mean? Watch Manifest Season 1 to find out! Manifest Season 1 Cast There are lots of characters in Manifest Season 1. While the primary characters are the passengers of Flight 828, there are several recurring characters from their families as well. In addition, there are quite a few notable guest appearances as well. Manifest Season 1 Main Characters Here is a list of all the main characters in Manifest Season 1, along with a brief description of the role they play. ActorCharacterRoleMelissa RoxburghMichaela StoneThe main protagonist of Manifest. She is the younger sister of Ben Stone and the ex-fiance of Jared Vaquez. She is an NYPD detective who goes missing with Flight 828.Josh DallasBen StoneThe second protagonist of Manifest. He is the older brother of Michaela and the husband of Grace Stone. He is the father of Olive Stone and Cal Stone. He is a mathematician.Athena KarkanisGrace StoneThe wife of Ben Stone. She is the mother of Olive and Cal Stone. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he started dating Danny.JR RamirezJared VasquezHe is an NYPD Lieutenant and ex-boyfriend of Michaela. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he married Michaela’s best friend Lourdes.Luna Blaise / Jenna KurmemajOlive StoneThe daughter of Ben and Grace Stone. She is the twin sister of Cal Stone. Jenna Kurmemaj plays the role of a younger Olive before the disappearance of Flight 828.Jack MessinaCal StoneThe son of Ben and Grace Stone. He is the twin brother of Olive Stone. He is also a passenger on Flight 828.Parveen KaurSaanvi BahlA medical researcher who is also a passenger on Flight 828. Manifest Season 1 Recurring Characters Here is a list of all Manifest Season 1 characters who appear on a recurring basis. All of these characters are not the main characters in this season and have three or more appearances throughout the season. Many of these characters also reappear as a part of the Manifest Season 3 cast. ActorCharacterRoleDaryl EdwardsRobert VanceAn NYPD detective who investigates the mysterious 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.Alfredo NarcisoCaptain RiojasAn NYPD Police Captain who investigates the mysterious 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.Tim MoriartyTim PowellAn NYPD Police Captain who investigates the mysterious 5-year disappearance of Flight 828Victoria CartagenaLourdesMichaela’s best friend. She marries Jared during Flight 828’s 5-year disappearance.Malachy ClearySteve StoneThe father of Ben and Michaela Stone.Frank DealBilly DalyThe captain and pilot of Flight 828.Francesca FaridanyFiona ClarkeA neural psychologist and a passenger on Flight 828.Matt LongZeke LandonA mysterious person who died due to hypothermia in a glacial cave but comes back to life as it melts.MuggaBethany CollinsShe is the flight attendant on Flight 828Brandon SchramiJansenA mysterious person under The Major.Nikolai TsankovMarko ValerievA person experimented on by The Major.Mehdi BarakchianSP ScientistOne of the scientists helping The Major.Julienne Hanzelka KimKelly TaylorA passenger in Flight 828.Shirley RumierkAutumn CoxA con artist and a passenger in Flight 828.Daniel SunjataDannyGrace’s boyfriend during the 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.Omar Torres IITony DiazAn NYPD police officer who is investigating the mysterious 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.Geraldine DeerKaren StoneBen and Michaela’s mother and Steve’s wife.Elizabeth MarvelThe MajorA mysterious person who is experimenting on the passengers who went missing aboard Flight 828.Marc MenchacaJames GriffinA robber who also receives Callings like the passengers of Flight 828.Rich TopolHarvey SteinA passenger aboard Flight 828.Brian WilesLaurence BelsonA scientist who is working alongside The Major. Manifest Season 1 Guest Appearances Here is a list of all the notable guest appearances made by many characters who appear in Manifest Season 1. All of these characters were also featured in the later seasons of the series. However, if you wish to know who dies in Manifest Season 1, I’m afraid you have to watch the series to know! ActorCharacterRoleSheldon BestThomasA passenger aboard Flight 828.Ed HerbstmanTroy DavisA lab technician who is helping Saanvi with her research.Maryann PlunkettPriscilla LandonThe mother of Zeke Landon. How Many Episodes In Manifest Season 1? Manifest Season 1 has 16 episodes. Here is a list of the names of all the episodes, along with the name of their writers, directors, and release dates: EpisodeTitleDirectorWriterAirdate1PilotJeff RakeDavid Frankel24-09-20182ReentryJeff Rake & Matthew LauDean White01-10-20183TurbulenceGregory Nelson & Bobak EsfarjaniPaul Holahan08-10-20184Unclaimed BaggageLaura Putney & Margaret EasleyCraig Zisk15-10-20185Connecting FlightsAmanda Green & Margaret EasleyTawnia McKiernan22-10-20186Off RadarMatthew Lau & MW Cartozian WilsonFelix Enriquez Alcala05-11-20187S.N.A.F.UJeff Rake & Bobak EsfarjaniMichael Schultz12-11-20188Point Of No ReturnGregory Nelson & Margaret Rose LesterNina Lopez-Corrado19-11-20189Dead ReckoningLaura Putney & Margaret EasleyPaul Holahan26-11-201810CrosswindsAmanda Green & MW Cartozian WilsonMichael Smith07-01-201911ContrailsMatthew Lau & Bobak EsfarjaniMarisol Adler14-01-201912Vanishing PointJeff Rake & Gregory NelsonMillicent Shelton21-01-201913Cleared For ApproachLaura Putney & Margaret EasleyConstantine Makris21-01-201914UpgradeMatthew Lau & Ezra W. NachmanCraig Zisk28-01-201915Hard LandingGregory Nelson & Bobak EsfarjaniClaudia Yarmy11-02-201916Estimated Time Of DepartureJeff Rake & Amanda GreenDean White18-02-2019 Manifest Season 1 Release Date Manifest Season 1 first premiered on the channel NBC on 24th September 2018. After Season 1, Manifest Season 2 premiered on 6th January 2020. Manifest Season 3 premiered on 10th June 2021. Soon, the show got canceled by NBC and was soon picked up by Netflix, who released Manifest Season 4. Season 4 was divided into two parts. Part 1 premiered on 4th November, while Part 2 premiered on 2nd June 2023. Manifest Season 4 concluded the series, making Manifest Season 5 an impossibility so far. Here is the Manifest Season 1 trailer that you can watch before watching this series: Where To Watch Manifest Season 1? If you wish to know how to watch Manifest Season 1, you can watch all its episodes on Netflix. It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video as well. Final Verdict: Is The Manifest Series Worth Watching? After watching Manifest Season 1, I would say that it's an average season at best. While the story starts off well with the mysterious disappearance of Flight 828 and its reemerging into five years into the future, it soon gets overshadowed by the family drama of all its passengers. The hunt for finding out the cause of the disappearance of Flight 8258 soon gets sidestepped in favor of showing us how the passengers get themselves accepted back into society. This makes the season and its core mystery lose steam after the first two episodes, after which the show becomes a typical sub-par soap opera. I hope Manifest Season 2 gets its footing back on track and actually tries to find the main catalyst of the story - the reason behind the disappearance of Flight 828. Read Also: 10 Must-Watch Jordan Peele Movies And TV Shows To Watch Now! 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