Top Barn Wedding Venues Near Me

Top Barn Wedding Venues Near Me

Some of us, love to get married in the peaceful and rustic environment of a barn. If you are one of these people, you might search for ‘barn wedding venues near me’ on Google Maps. 

Barns are great for an intimate setting for a wedding. They fulfill your dream of getting married in a natural setting – the exposed wood beams, natural stone, and brick-made barns, and the large open space around makes up for a beautiful wedding space. 

If you are in the US and you want to get married in a barn, then I have picked up just the locations you are looking for. This article has some of the top barn wedding venues in the US. So, without any delay, let’s check them out –

Best Barn Wedding Venues Near Me! 

Here are some barn wedding venues in the US  – 

1. Durham Ranch

Durham Ranch
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One of the best barn wedding venues in the US is the Durham Ranch in Napa Valley, CA. There is a 4000 sq. ft. barn serving as the centerpiece of the barn. They have a more than 33 ft ceiling. If you want to get married in a more modern barn, then this can be a lovable location. 

2.HammerSky Vineyards

HammerSky Vineyards
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: 8052390930

A dream wedding destination for those looking for a barn wedding is the HammerSKy Vineyards. It is a century-old vineyard and olive grove. You will see acres of lavender fields and a fabulous farmhouse just a few hours north of LA. 

3. Sweet Meadow Farms

Sweet Meadow Farms
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When searching for ‘barn wedding venues near me’, you can consider the sweet meadow farms. It is sweet as it is beautiful. The farm itself is decorated with the charm of a bride.  This beautiful barn and the lawn attached to it are the best places to get married. If you want to savor the moments and stay stressed, this is the one to choose. 

4. Dos Pueblos Ranch

Dos Pueblos Ranch
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This is for a couple looking for a rustic environment with a sweet complement to the seaside environment. Dos Pueblos Ranch is one of the best locations to get married if you are searching for – barn wedding venues near me.  It has a 4.7 rating on Google Maps.

5. Santa Lucia Preserve

Santa Lucia Preserve
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: +1 831-620-6700

Santa Lucia barn dates back to the 1920s to 1930s. It was owned by an individual who used to entertain the rich and famous people. Located in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Range, it is a 20000-acre barn fit for a beautiful wedding. You can book this privately owned bar if you are looking for barn wedding venues near me in California. 

6.Vista West Ranch 

Vista West Ranch
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: +15128943500

If you are from Texas, you will enjoy these particular options. If you are googling, ‘barn wedding venues near me by any chance, then you will love this rustic and bohemian bridal chic. The whole structure of this barn is made of concrete and roofed with weathered tin. You will love the aesthetic of getting married here

7.Handsome Hollow 

Handsome Hollow
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Don’t let them tell you that you cannot dream of a barn wedding in New York. If you are googling ‘ barn wedding venues near me in New York,’ then we have just the location you need to choose. The Handsome Hollow used to be a working dairy barn and is a 240-year-old barn. Also, you will love the 4000 sq. ft large space. It is a fitting location for a considerable amount of guests. 

8.Cedar Lake Estates 

Cedar Lake Estates
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This location is just 70 miles away from Manhattan. The Cedar Lake Estates has 500 acres of space attached. Also, the perfectly peaceful lake compliments the far in a way to set a very peaceful mood. Make your dream of getting married in a treehouse by choosing this barn wedding venue. The fireplace, the built-in bar, and the expansive deck add extra charm to the place. 

9. Pippin Hill Virginia 

Pippin Hill Virginia
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If you are from Virginia and searching ‘barn wedding venues near me,’ then this is the location you should choose. The gorgeous vineyard and historical and agricultural architecture will mesmerize you for certain. The barn has 3600 sq. ft space; it easily accommodates 250 guests.

10. Lombardi House

Lombardi House
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Do you love everything clear and clean? The clean lines, manicured lawns, open-air spaces, and soft lights here will catch your attention at the Lombardi House in California. So, if you are looking for wedding venues in California, this location should come to your attention. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

I hope you have found the answer to your queries. However, here are some additional questions I have answered for your own benefit. 

1. Can I Get Married In A Barn?

Ans: Barn weddings are popular and pretty. Many couples choose to get married in a rustic environment surrounded by nature. It gives you plenty of empty space to accommodate a considerable amount of guests. Also, you love the peace and quiet of having an intimate wedding with your keens. 

2. What Is A Low Budget For A Wedding?

Ans:  You can get married on a budget. How can we set a budget for $100 per guest? Also, you can reduce the list of guests down to only the close ones. This will help you minimize the wedding cost. Many couples prefer an intimate wedding celebration. 

3. What Is The Cheapest Way To Have A Big Wedding?

Ans: If you are planning to have the cheapest wedding, then the following tips should help you. 
⦿ Book a venue during the middle of the week. 
⦿ Nontraditional venues cost less. 
⦿ Venues with equipment are better. 
⦿ Go for seasonal flowers. 
⦿ Create a wedding budget beforehand. 
⦿ Buy necessary things at the end of the wedding season. 

Bottom Line 

Barn weddings are one of the best ways to enjoy your wedding through a tranquil and sweet environment. A barn wedding venue would be the best if you are planning an intimate wedding. Like most couples, you will enjoy the rustic environment and the cool weather. If you are searching “barn wedding venues near me in the US,” you might love this article’s list of recommendations. 

However, you can ask us through the comment section if you have any further queries. 

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