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Top Best Areas To Live In London – 2022 Updated

Are you on the verge of moving to London or planning to study or work or even settle down in London? Are you traveling to London for a temporary period of time any time soon? If you are nodding your head to all the above questions, then guess what? You have arrived at the right destination – keep reading to find out all the best areas to live in London in 2022!

Living In London: A Dream Come True But Which Are The Best Areas To Live In London?

Living in London is perhaps a dream come true for many of us, especially for all literature enthusiasts just like me! But finding the best areas to live in London is not as it might seem initially! In fact, there are so many factors that you must consider while moving to any new place!

  • How much is it going to cost you?
  • Is it a safe neighborhood? 
  • How far is the area from your workplace or university? 
  • Are you visiting for a short period of time or a longer time period? 
  • Are you visiting as a tourist? 

There are so many questions that come into mind when you think about all the practical aspects of living in London. Keeping such factors and practicalities in consideration, scroll down without wasting any more time, and find out about the best residential areas in the city of royalty!



Camden is known to be the most lively neighborhood in North London. Located in the north of the city’s only international railway station, St. Pancras, Camden is even more popular for Camden Lock – this area in the heart of Camden is famous for cafés, market stalls, canalside bars, and several artistic spaces.

The best part? Camden is also popular for several venues for live music, such as the legendary Roundhouse and the Electric Ballroom! Moreover, visitors can also enjoy spectacular views of the entire city from the many parks in the area, including the very beautiful Primrose Hill.

North Greenwich:

North Greenwich

The entire Greenwich Peninsula is quickly developing, stretching southwards from the famous dome of The 02 complex. Additionally, modern residential homes are not the only building along the bank of the Thames – the place has also become a hub for various cafés, restaurants, and retail outlets. 

Most homes in this area are apartments, making the neighborhood one of the best places to live in London, especially for young couples and professionals. At the same time, if you travel to the London City Airport frequently, then North Greenwich is a great place for you, or if you work in the Canary Wharf area, then this place is just a metro stop away.

Shoreditch and Hoxton:

Shoreditch and Hoxton

Shoreditch and Hoxton used to be industrial neighborhoods located in east London – they used to be the heart of the cheap clothing market in London. But now, the area is known for trendy neighborhoods and fashionable locals. Of course, the neighborhood lacks green spaces, but you can always find solace at Shoreditch Park, especially when it’s sunny. 

These are areas with mixed communities, intriguingly so – a fine blend of local families, celebrities, city professionals, and young hipsters. Although the housing is characterized by old terraced streets and council estates, it is pretty easy to find modern homes, and that too for low prices, especially as you move towards the east.



While looking for the best areas to live in London, it is only normal you might want a place that’s a little quieter than other areas – Putney is exactly the locality you are looking for in that case. Located near the banks of the Thames, in the southwest of the city, Putney is your everyday market town and not a suburb, which is pretty cool if you think about it. 

However, the price you have to pay for the quiet is how Putney is located far away from the main city center. But at the same time, the locality is only 15 minutes away from Waterloo Station. Moreover, the area also boasts a trendy blend of modern apartments, Edwardian mansions, and family homes. 



Located between Euston and Paddington stations, Marylebone is a sedate central neighborhood featuring eclectic restaurants, residential streets, and a unique vibe that always wins over visitors, young professionals, and families. Right at the center of the neighborhood is the iconic Marylebone High Street – you will find all the aesthetic cafés and pubs here!

The area is known for beautiful terraced streets and clandestine parkland squares, but that’s not the best part. The best part, in this case, is how most of the old houses have been conveniently transformed into offices or flats in an attempt to expand available space. However, if you want to live in the center, then it’s going to cost you more compared to cheaper spaces in Fitzrovia and Mayfair.



One of the safest areas in London is Brixton, and you know the best part? The moment you get out of the metro station, you will find yourself swept away completely by the vibe of the area. A hub of enticing sounds, colors, and smells, Brixton happens to be open at every hour of the day – just about perfect, right? 

What we love about Brixton is how the neighborhood is always buzzing, alive with the different professionals planning to relocate to London. Naturally, this has resulted in pushing both housing and rental prices so much higher. A blend of terraced houses, new builds, and even council estates, Brixton is truly one of the best areas in London.



Most professionals find Dulwich the best place to live in London, and there are so many reasons behind the same. However, the area doesn’t have a metro station making the place a little off-beat. But did you know that this area also happens to be one of the best kept secrets of South London?

If you are a sucker for small-town vibes, relaxed pubs, and cool cafeterias then Dulwich is exactly what you were looking for! Moreover, Dulwich Park is also home to a popular lake where you can enjoy boating, and then all football fans watch the local team, Dulwich Hamlet FC play!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked question about the best areas to live in London mentioned below!

1. What Area Of London Is Best For Tourists To Stay In?

The best areas in London for tourists to stay in are as follows,
⦿ The West End,
⦿ Westminster,
⦿ Soho,
⦿ Kensington, and
⦿ Shoreditch.

2. Which Part Of London Is The Best Part?

The best parts of London are as follows,
⦿ Westminster & St James,
⦿ Soho & Leicester Square,
⦿ Mayfair and Marylebone,
⦿ East End/Spitalfields, and
⦿ Camden Town & Primrose Hill.

3. What Is The Prettiest Part Of London?

The prettiest parts of London are as follows,
⦿ Primrose Hill,
⦿ Highgate,
⦿ Mayfair,
⦿ Marylebone, and
⦿ St. Katharine Docks.

4. Where Do Celebrities Live In London?

Celebrities in London usually live in the following areas,
⦿ Holland Park – David & Victoria Beckham,
⦿ Queensdale Place – Elton John,
⦿ Woodland House – Robbie Williams,
⦿ Totteridge – Sean Bean, and
⦿ 30 Camden Square – Amy Winehouse

And It’s A Wrap: Living The London Dream!

Finding the best areas to live in London is a dream come true once you have figured out which area works the best for you! If you are traveling to London for the first time, it’s only natural that you would want to live somewhere safe, somewhere cheap, and somewhere accessible. Keeping these aspects under consideration, you can make a decision – it works out best for everyone! 

In the meantime, tell us what your thoughts are about living in London and the experiences you have already had in this beautiful city!

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