Binge watch anime

Is It Okay To Binge Watch Anime?

Why do people binge watch Anime?

Why can Anime be so addictive?

Is anime really as ‘Awesome’ as people say?

When most people see anime, they see them as childish, weird, and something only freaks will be into. Perhaps, this is the reason why most people see Otakus in a different way.

But, let me tell you something interesting. Anime is a part of the entertainment industry that is not watched for the quality of animation it offers but for the quality of visuals; it caters to the audiences’ eyes.

You will know the difference only after watching anime. And once you are into anime, you might binge watch anime from time to time.

What Makes Anime Different And Unique

What Makes Anime Different And Unique

Most people judge anime based on the quality of the animation. However, that is not the right way to perceive anime. Anime is often the animated version of famous manga.

The history of anime can be traced back to the 1940s. For decades, Japanese anime characters have appealed to viewers because of their distinct looks and feel. Now, this might include art, storytelling, cultural nuances, and the overall concept.

The anime genre has revolutionized the myriad of the entertainment industry and motion picture animation.

That said, let’s look at what makes anime unique and different.

Unbeatable Visuals

Unbeatable Visuals

The only reason why people binge watch anime is because of its visuals. The visuals are on point and sometimes capture every minute detail.

Before anything else, people watch anime because of their unique and fresh visuals. It is the first thing you will look at, just like any other form of entertainment.

With exception to the visuals –

  • The background captures your attention.
  • The characters are designed perfectly, making them look as beautiful as possible.
  • Emphasis is made on the facial expression.
  • The anime gives more power to the creators to do things the normal film industry could only dream of.

Unbeatable Creativity

Unbeatable Creativity

Even though anime has been in the entertainment industry, I would like to say that it is still in its startup phase. Perhaps, this is why people working in the industry give their all to bring out creativity.

Anime offers creativity that real-life actors and directors can hardly dream of. The anime industry is a harsh industry. So only the most committed one can survive.

So, what’s that got to do with creativity? Everything!

There are so many anime studios working on a low budget. To compensate for the low budget, anime production houses have become creative with their approach.

It is because of the creativity and uniqueness you get shows like –

  • Kemono Friends.
  • Nichijou.
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  • Cowboy Bebop.

These shows were produced on a low budget. However, we all know how popular these shows are and how wide their fan following is.

World Class Music

World Class Music

We all love to enjoy different music. This also includes music from anime shows. Whether it’s the opening song or the music played during the anime, anime music plays an important part in creating an impact for the show. And perhaps this is why people get attached to music.

In addition, it’s Japanese music – totally different from the West or any other country. People who love different tastes and flavors enjoy these types of music.

Life Lessons That Runs Deep

Life Lessons That Runs Deep

Think about the life lessons you learned from the last movie you watched. It is really hard to think about any latest movie with a life lesson that runs deep. However, you will always find lessons that teach you something in anime.

Let me give you an example of Hinamatsuri – This is an anime from the Slice of life genre. Here it perfectly showcases the day-to-day struggle of being homeless.

In modern society, homeless people are overlooked and frowned upon. In Hinamatsuri, the show depicts a girl that lives with homeless people and experiences the cruel and harsh reality firsthand. And the beautiful animation has something that other regular films can’t.

Sharp Action Scenes

People are so obsessed with Hollywood shows and superhero movies. But their action scenes are still not comparable to anime. Forget about the visuals; even if we talk about hand-to-hand combat, anime is just the best.

Here is a small clip from the anime – Hitori no Shita – The Outcast 3.

And when we add special effects, there is no contest.

The special effects, animation, and features make the action too good for comparison.

Is It Okay To Binge Watch Anime?

Binging to anything can be dangerous, especially when we are talking about watching anime.

However, if you can limit it, then yes – it is okay to binge-watch anime once in a while.

A lot can happen within a week. Work pressure, family responsibilities, and other issues can weigh you down and make you dull emotionally. Watching anime can add emotion back to your life.

No matter your taste, you will always find something in the genre that caters to your taste.

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