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What Is Capability Statement And How To Write Capability Statement – 2022 Guide

When you are applying for a job, the first thing you will think of is a good resume. But, if you don’t have any inside connection, you will need something to back you up. At this point, you will throw in a cover letter. But that, too, might not be good enough for the employer. T

They are looking for something out of the ordinary. If your resume sounds like 50 other ones, they might not even take a close look at it. But, if you are in the construction business, there is something called a capability statement that can help you. But what is a capability statement? How to write one? In this article, I will answer these questions. 

What Is A Capability Statement? 

What Is a Capability Statement

Your capacity statement outlines your potential for your client or employer. This written document provides them with essential details, helping them decide whether to work with you or not. You can also use it to open doors to new suppliers or incorporate it into tender documents. 

A contractor or a candidate applying to a customer or the government can use a capacity statement as a quick overview of their personality or potential. It contains information about (1) who they are and (2) what you can do for them.

Things To Include In Your Capability Statement

Your capacity statement cannot be more than four pages. It can include details depending on the requirements. Here are the things you should include within your capacity statement. You can also check a sample capability statement to compare and improve. 

  • A short introduction and profile of the construction company you run. 
  • The core competencies of your contracting business.
  • Different areas of experience and skills that relate to the project(s).
  • Any differentiators that make your company stand apart. It may include equipment and facilities. 
  • Major clients, references and completed project testimonials.
  • Profiles of your key personnel and management team
  • Important contact information. 

Things To Not Include In Your Capacity Statement

  • You must not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes in a capacity statement. 
  • There is no need to include the history of your company. 
  • Do not include a story about you. A capacity statement is meant to offer your capabilities, not a personal story. 

How To Write A Capability Statement

Here is a simple guide to help you write a capacity statement. 

Know The Requirements Of Your Audiences

Know The Requirements Of Your Audiences

First of all, you should know all the requirements of your audience. At first, it is good to create a basic capacity statement. Later, they can create variables of them tailored for different projects. 

When you know what your audience wants, you can modify your statement based on their requirements. You can make it relevant throughout the company template, customer references, and project histories. 

Set Up A Template 

Set Up A Template

It does not matter if you are building a template from scratch or not or using any reference template. You should always start by putting in some headlines. Putting in the section headlines for relevant information is always a must. The section headlines can help you keep your data organized

It is best not to fit all the information in one place. Adding section headlines also makes your capacity statement more readable. Once you are done, you should write a title with the words – “Capability Statement.”

Complete Your Capacity Statement Template

Complete Your Capacity Statement Template

Your priority should be presenting the information with clarity and completion in mind. Make sure that the overview sections/paragraphs contain complete and meaningful sentences. But the sections on NAICS codes need to be in bullet points. 

You should use some well-crafted sentences to sell your skills and expertise with fewer words spent. But when it comes to covering long lists of areas, bullet points can be a major plus point. Always think about your reader when completing your statement template. 

Appealing Visual Aesthetic 

Appealing Visual Aesthetic

No, there is no need to hire a graphic designer for this. But, you need to try and make your capacity statement look visually eye-catchy to read. Obviously, the substance within the content is of more importance than the design itself. However, using only Arial text and big blocks does not please the reader.

Adding some color, proper spacing, and high-quality photos of the sites give you some edge over the competition. But make sure to balance all of it. You should not go overboard and make the pages look messy with colors and varieties of fonts. 

Save It In PDF Format

Save It In PDF Format

We all know that PDF files are the universal word processor available. You don’t know what word processor your client is going to use. But PDF file opens on all devices nowadays. Once you download the file in PDF format, you can test it by sending it to some of your contacts. If they confirm that your capacity statement looks just the way you want it, then it is done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I think you can write the best capacity statement after reading the above sections. Here are some popularly asked questions about the same.

What Is A Business Capabilities Statement?

It is a brief marketing document for a construction company to highlight their firm’s capability. It highlights the services that the company is able to provide. This statement needs to be concise, give a snapshot, and be direct. It can also mean the area of expertise of the company.

How Do You Define Capability?

A capacity means a system’s ability to complete at a certain performance level within a specific time limit. A capability can turn into an ability when the practice is done regularly. 

How Much Does It Cost For A Capability Statement?

The cost for the capacity statement is around $125.00 TAX.

Final Verdict

A capacity statement should always follow conciseness when it comes to its wording. It is best not to write unnecessary words or explain unnecessary parts of your business. Also, you should stick to the needs of the client you are going to submit your capacity statement. Once you follow these and the methods explained above, you will generate a fine peace of capacity statement. 

I think you found the answer to your query. However, if there is anything more you want to know, you can use the comment box.

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