Is It Ok To Cry Being A Man?

A MAN CAN CRY AND STILL BE A MAN! PERIOD. It saddens me to witness so many men being discriminated for their ability to express pain. If you are here right now, reading through my words, surely you would have wondered is it ok to cry being a man? Let me assure you: YES, it is absolutely normal for a man to cry. It is high time that society realizes that a man is, after all, a human. Just like a woman, they breathe, they walk and talk, they think and feel, and hence, they have every right to express their emotions and shed a few tears if they wish to. For years, men have been subject to toxic explanations of "manliness" that society fed them. It is finally time for this to change. In this article, allow me to explain to you why it is absolutely okay for men to cry and be expressive about their emotions. After all, they are human beings too. Is It Ok To Cry Being A Man? At times, I feel sorry to be a part of a society where an entire gender is compelled to believe that shedding tears would make them lose their masculinity. From a very young age, men are taught that it is the women who are supposed to cry. Men, on the other hand, are supposed to be strong. Regardless of their pain and suffering, they must not show the world they are in pain. This is the ultimate rubbish that one can feed their boy child. As a parent, you are not only taking away your son's capability to express what he is feeling but also putting up a big barrier in his journey of emotional growth. Every human, regardless of their gender, grows physically and emotionally. Emotional growth is triggered by the ability to feel and express. When a child is constantly told that crying is, in fact, bad for them, they will slowly start believing it in the long run as well. So, yes. Crying is okay for men. Why Do Men Tend To Hide Their Emotions?  There are many reasons as to why a man chooses to hide his emotions. Some of the most common reasons may include: Childhood trauma To come across as a dominant and strong male and assert his masculinity. Cultural veils and societal norms To bypass any unwanted repercussions To get more respect by staying rational rather than emotional Appear as a hero or a role model in society To have the image of being stoic and resilient To avoid the judgment of others The Crisis Of Male Mental Health  At this point, it is no surprise that male mental health is in a crisis. No one is ready to acknowledge it. While the world is busy entertaining the ideas of pseudo feminism, it is the men whose mental health is going for a toss. In the UK itself, a staggering 115 people die every year due to suicide. What breaks my heart is that 75% of these deaths, are men. While these numbers are necessary to understand the severity of the problem, it is equally important to realize that behind this metrics lies the lives of sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, and friends. They are, in fact, real people. And there are families that keep on losing someone they loved deeply because of the increasing crisis of male mental health. Stigma Of A Man's Mental Health  A lot of people would relate the unwillingness of a man to cry with the long existing culture of toxic masculinity. I oppose it. The issues that surround the mental health of a man are more complex and systematic, and stem from a number of societal and cultural factors. As I mentioned before, from a very young age, men are taught to be brave and strong in emotionally complex situations. Little boys are taught not to cry when they fall down while playing or getting an injection from the doctor. While these kinds of sentiments are motivated to offer reassurance and comfort, they tend to socialize men into hiding and repressing their emotions at a crucial development stage. This goes on to continue even when they are adults. This goes on to an extent where they suggest other men to "pull themselves together," "man up," or even "grow a pair" when they express their feelings. Words like these have a deeper psychological impact on the emotional wellness of a man. And yet, society keeps on preserving and promoting this atrocious culture of bottling up feelings. Consequences Of Emotional Avoidance In Men  Suppressing feelings in the long term is toxic. Most cases of mental health issues in men arise from suppressing emotions. Anxiety, depression, and even loneliness are way more common in men than you can imagine. While women are still allowed to express their feelings, men are not. Hence, they really do not have anyone to share whatever they are going through. This is the reason why suicide is so common in men. Emotional avoidance may also result in a number of unwelcome behaviors. When a man feels something and has no way to vent it out, they tend to channel it by doing destructive things. Men that generally go through these emotions have a tendency to funnel the emotions into behaviors that the society might accept, but are personally destructive. For instance, a man who suffers from sadness or depression is likely to get more aggressive or angry over the smallest things than cry. When men are constantly taught that they need to conceal what they feel, the feelings would have to go somewhere, right? Men tend to compensate for it by acting out in ways that they call "masculine." This is exactly what we call as "toxic masculinity." It is tough to break once it becomes a habit. The Bottom Line  Dear men, We are sorry. We are sorry for being so invested in ourselves that we never gave a second thought about how you feel. There might have been times where you were broken, and wondered is it ok to cry. Let me tell you that it is absolutely okay for you to express every ounce of pain that you are feeling. This makes you a human. It makes you, YOU. We, as a society, have failed to understand you. Having burdened you with so many responsibilities, we have forgotten where you stand in the world as a human being. We blame you for being toxic. We blame you for not being expressive enough, while we, as a society, are the reason why you are how you are today. So, open up. Cry. Be vulnerable. Let the world judge you. Let them speak. But never let them take away your ability to feel. Continue Reading: 8 Tips for Parenting Teenage Boy – Learn How to do it! Is It Ok To Feel Bargaining Grief For The Loss Of Someone Close? Key Services An American Family Care Facility Could Provide You With

Is It Ok To Be Single Forever?

Is it ok to be single forever? Does it scare you? Are you afraid of being the old single lady who is filthy rich and lives in her mansion with her beautiful cats? Oh, I forgot to mention the long list of lovers. I mean, it does not really sound like a bad idea. I pretty much planned on being single, too. And I was for a long time. It wasn't until a human incarnation of a cheesecake who ruined all my plans. However, being single for a long makes you realize a couple of things. These are the same signs that you may have to deal with if you stay single for pretty long. While some are experts in dealing with it, others are not so much. So, if you are ready to somewhat deal with the things I am going to mention in the rest of the article, maybe staying single is something you may give a try. But if not, it is not the cup for you to sip. How Does Being Single For A Long Affect You? Well, to begin with, I did not like myself. As someone who used to be in a relationship, staying single for five long years was a challenge. So, if you want to know if you can be single forever, you need to first see how you become as a person when you stay single for a long time. I did not like myself, to be honest. I used to compensate for the lack of a partner with excess drinking and smoking. These were the only ways which could keep my mind diverted. Being an emotional fool, staying alone was a big deal. In my mind, I kept on looking for company and the warmth of another human being. And when I could not find it, I settled with some of the most toxic ways of compensating for it. I remember those episodes of day drinking, mixing up my drinks, and getting blackout drunk. It was unhealthy. But I had no reason to stop. I had nobody to stop me, either. I had no clue of what I was doing. Now that I think about it, I realize that most of it was to get a bit of attention disguised as care. I did not even have the courage to acknowledge that a random man from the pub would not care for a drunk woman. They would pity me or give me their attention. But care? Never. This was only what was there at the top. There are major psychological effects of being single for too long. Shocking? Well, it was for me, too. Is It Ok To Be Single Forever?  While you may think it is a fascinating idea, and it is, there are underlying drawbacks. Being single for a long may have an adverse effect on your psychological health. Hence, it may take a toll on your mental health if you stay single forever. You May Stop Being Charitable  One of the major drawbacks of staying single for long is that you may not understand the concept that you need to move aside for anyone else to have something. Healthy relationships are built on compromise. This way, couples understand the concept of charity. Hence, singlehood for long might make you a bit too self-centred. Less Empathetic Relationships are built on what is unsaid rather than what is said. You will have to just look at them and understand what they are saying during the tough times. When you stay single for long, you lose your ability to empathize. This is because you have no one else to understand and comfort. Low Self Esteem  Being in a relationship means getting complements and bombarded with appreciations. Even if you are pretty self-confident, receiving complements may boost your self-esteem to the next level. When you stay single for too long, you may end up having a low self-esteem and a loss of confident. Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships Self-sabotaging is yet another drawback of staying single for long. Breaking out of a pattern is tough. When you finally get over it and give yourself a second chance, you may end up doubting your decision and the person you are with. A Better Social Life  Well, there are just a few silver linings of being single for long. You get to have the best social life. You get a lot of to spend with your friends and peers. Therefore, you can officially be a social butterfly. Giving Up On Solitude Can Be Scary  Relationships allow somebody else to be in your space. There, you would have to open your heart and trust that they are not going to break it into ten pieces. This is actually a valid fear. However, when you stay single for too long, you start getting scared of the thought of giving up on your solitude. I mean, you have been okay with yourself for the longest of the time, right? It Is Easy To Continue With The Unhealthy Habits  When you are single, there is no one to stop. No one would warn you about the potential harms of whatever bad habits you are pursuing. You take up the opportunity to drink as much as you want and hit on anyone available. And you may just enjoy the fun that comes with it. When you get into a relationship, these habits are tough to let go of. They just creep back into your life. This is, in fact, a psychological effect of being single for too long. Adverse Health Problems  Being single may have adverse effects on your health. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mood disorders are the results of extended singlehood. This means that even though you may not see any visible results right now. But it will have an effect on your life as it may proceed. Embracing Solitude As A Positive Option  Individuals who stay single for a long time consider solitude as an empowering option, not as a limitation. This allows them to build a content and fulfilling life beyond the traditional norms of a relationship. The Bottom Line  Is it ok to be single forever? Well, it certainly is if you are ready to deal with these psychological changes in yourself. Staying single is a choice. It is not something one should be pitied for. Being the only person in your life may feel empowering for some time, but is it really the best when it comes to forever? 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Romantic Experiences Dubai for Couples

Dubai offers endless opportunities, including romantic ones, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable getaway for couples. Contemporary Dubai isn't just a hub for tourism, business, and culture; it's also a perfect spot for a romantic weekend with your partner. This is particularly appealing during the spring season when you're yearning to stir up emotions while winter still lingers outside. Dubai's climate is pleasantly mild at this time, making it ideal for leisurely strolls, enjoyable activities, and quality time with your loved one. We've curated six options for couples to choose from - take your pick! Reach For The Skies Reach for the sky and indulge in the breathtaking views of Dubai, including the endless desert and the iconic Palm Jumeirah island, by dining at the world's highest restaurant inside the legendary Burj Khalifa skyscraper. You can reach this culinary pinnacle via a high-speed elevator. Don't forget to make a wish at the world's highest outdoor observation deck, known as At the Top SKY. In the evening, right at the base of this towering skyscraper, be captivated by the mesmerizing musical fountain performances that take place every half hour. These captivating shows feature famous tunes by artists like Whitney Houston, and Andrea Bocelli, and beloved Arabic melodies. An array of spotlights and shimmering lights come together to create a spectacle that feels like water is dancing to the music. You can also witness this dazzling display of light and water from the Burj Khalifa observation deck, but the view from below is even more impressive. The best part is, it's absolutely free. To make your honeymoon in Dubai even more special, consider taking advantage of car rental services. This exceptional option grants couples the freedom and convenience of having their private transportation during their entire stay. Whether you wish to explore the city at your leisure, discover off-the-beaten-path attractions, or embark on spontaneous adventures, renting a Chevrolet in Dubai ensures that you have the flexibility to craft your own romantic itinerary. To ascend the Burj Khalifa, tickets start at 135 dirhams if you book in advance. You can purchase tickets on the official website or directly on-site at the ground floor of Dubai Mall. Two Under The Dome Experience the awe-inspiring La Perle by Dragone show, where you and your partner will find yourselves hand in hand, gasping with delight. This grand-scale production is an exclusive creation for the Dubai stage by the renowned director Franco Dragone. It's a one-of-a-kind blend of circus artistry, visual enchantment, and cutting-edge technology. The show boasts an international cast of 65 performers hailing from 23 different countries, each showcasing their exceptional talents and skills, spanning dance, acrobatics, water feats, and aerial stunts. La Perle by Dragone made its debut on August 31, 2017, and unfolds at the La Perle aqua theater, nestled in the stylish Al Habtoor City neighborhood of Dubai. You'll find four ticket options available on their website: bronze, silver, gold, and VIP, with prices starting from 400 dirhams. This promises to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you both in awe. Miracles On Turns While Dubai Parks and Resorts is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for families during the day, it can also be an exciting choice for an adventurous sunset date. With over 100 attractions to choose from, your visit will be a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from the chance to relive your childhood to the exhilaration of some nerve-wracking experiences. The park features attractions inspired by DreamWorks Animation movies, classics like "Ghostbusters" and "The Hunger Games," thrilling roller coasters with free-fall sensations, and multimedia descents in the dark. Your evening at the park promises to be filled with non-stop excitement. You can find Dubai Parks and Resorts conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road, near Palm Jebel Ali. It's the perfect setting for a memorable and action-packed date as the sun sets. High Relationship Embarking on a hot air balloon ride is an incredibly memorable way to witness the mesmerizing sunrise and soak in the breathtaking vistas of the Arabian Desert. As you ascend to heights of 1,200 meters, you'll experience an incredibly smooth flight that makes it feel as though time itself has come to a standstill – and it's just the two of you sharing this unforgettable moment. Following this romantic morning in the skies, your adventure will carry on with a delightful breakfast set in the heart of the desert. Then, brace yourselves for an exhilarating safari, where you'll have the chance to acquaint yourselves with the desert's unique wildlife and its fascinating inhabitants. This experience promises to be an enchanting journey that the two of you will cherish forever. Flower In The Desert Following your thrilling dune-jeeping adventure, you can unwind at the Al Maha Hotel, a genuine eco-friendly gem nestled within a national reserve in the heart of the desert. Picture villas that evoke the spirit of traditional Bedouin tents, surrounded by endless sand dunes with no one else in sight. As you relax on the terrace of your villa or take a dip in the pool, you'll have the opportunity to observe graceful antelopes and gazelles making their way to the watering holes. This hotel is a highly recommended choice for those who seek a tranquil retreat in perfect harmony with nature. A couple of nights here promises a complete emotional detox, and you can further enhance your relaxation with soothing treatments at the Timeless Spa. It's an idyllic setting for a couple seeking a serene and rejuvenating escape. Holiday For Two At The One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel The One&Only Royal Mirage resort complex is a true marvel, rivaling the grandeur of Arabian palaces. It boasts a lush garden adorned with exotic flowers, a courtyard featuring sparkling fountains, and a serene swimming pool surrounded by towering palm trees. This resort feels like a magical oasis, nestled amidst the scorching desert sands, making it an ideal setting for a romantic photoshoot. Every day at this resort promises new culinary adventures, thanks to its five restaurants and three premium bars. Start your day with a fitness breakfast by the pool, featuring healthy smoothies, fresh fruits, and light snacks. For lunch, indulge in The Beach Bar & Grill, where you can savor the freshest oysters paired with chilled sparkling wine, a delightful selection of grilled seafood, and delectable desserts. Dinner at the resort unfolds with a new storyline each time. To catch breathtaking sunsets, head to bars with soothing music and signature cocktails. You have two fantastic options: The Jetty Lounge right on the beach or the panoramic rooftop oasis known as The Rooftop & Sports Lounge. For exceptional gastronomic experiences, explore the Moroccan flavors at Tagine or the Indo-European cuisine at Nina. If you're in the mood for modern Asian dishes, Eauzone, a waterside restaurant, is the perfect choice. For an unforgettable dinner, make your way to STAY by Yannick Alléno, where the chef, a three-time Michelin star recipient, crafts culinary masterpieces. STAY by Yannick Alléno is located at the One&Only The Palm resort, situated on the renowned artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. Getting there is a unique pleasure, as guests are whisked away by a speedboat for an exceptional dining experience. Read Also About: Is It Okay To Not Have Friends? Is It Okay To Be In Love With A Married Man? How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Talking To Another Guy?

Bargaining Grief

Grief is a complicated emotion and just as torturous. Grief comes in different forms and in various stages in our lives. Letting go of grief is one of the most challenging things that you can ever do. It is painful and draining.  Grief will not only drain you emotionally, but also physically. That emptiness that keeps growing in your heart will break you from within and restrict all your rational thinking.  Can you imagine the pain of waking up each morning and having to deal with the loss of something or someone that you thought was forever?  It is very similar to losing your home. For me, particularly, all my experiences came from losing people who were extremely close to me. People who promised forever and yet left.  No one really anticipates the departure of the people who meant life to them, and yet they have to face it. Like a bullet in their chest, they carry the pain every day; they bleed every day till it stops hurting anymore. But does that mean that hurt is gone?  Does time really heal anything, or do we just grow used to it? I guess only time can answer the question. But till then, all we are left with is the hurt, the pain, and the grief.  Out of all, grief is the most twisted and damaging thing a human can feel after the loss of someone who was extremely close to them.  Are you confused about why?  Have you been wondering if you have experienced grief ever? Well, then, stay with us, and we shall find out about the bargaining grief and all the other stages of grief that one experiences and everything else that is related to such a complicated and tortuous emotion.  What Is Grief? In simple terms, the experience that one has while coping with the loss of something they loved or was close to them is grief. A lot of us may associate grief with the painful time period that one goes through while dealing with the death of a loved one.  But that is not always the case.  Grief comes with any event that challenges or disrupts the sense of normalcy within ourselves. This also includes the loss of connections that may define us.  You may associate grief with the loss of: A friend, family member, partner, or pet. Your home, neighborhood, or community. A marriage, friendship, or another form of kinship. Financial stability. A dream or goal. Fertility. Your job or career. Good health. Your youth. Grief may also arise in the weirdest forms as one grieves for their own their own life as they prepare for death. For example, in cases where people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses like cancer or lung diseases, they grieve over the thought that they could not achieve all the things that they had to and have to bid goodbye to their lives.  Now that we have discussed what grief actually is, it is the right time to discuss what is known as bargaining grief. Well, precisely, bargaining grief is one of the five stages of grief and occurs additionally with other strong emotions like anger or denial.  Read more: Is It Ok If Capricorn And Gemini To Date? What Is Bargaining Grief? The bargaining grief or bargaining stage of grief is the third stage of grief as per the Five Stages of Grief model by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  According to this model, bargaining grief is a stage where an individual generally tries to negotiate with themselves, with others, or anyone literally. Sounds maddening, right? It is.  When you lose someone who was extremely close to you, you literally want to do everything you possibly can to bring them back. This desperation goes to a point where you lose control of your senses.  For instance, how many times have you sat there and wondered that maybe you could have prevented the breakup only if you had acted differently? Perhaps you should not have said that or done something differently; maybe then, they would not have left.  But is it really the case?  Could it really have stopped them from leaving? Or is it just our grief convincing us?  You are not the only one feeling this way. I did, too. A lot of us do. Some people even go to the extent of bargaining with God in hopes that maybe the superior being could give us what meant to us the most.  “In the bargaining stage of grief, people tend to negotiate or make deals as a strategy to manage their pain,” Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, professor at Yeshiva University and a clinical psychologist, says.  What Are The Stages Of Grief? Grief is mainly divided into five stages. Bargaining grief is the third stage of grief.  Here is a list of the five stages of grief according to the Five Stages of Grief model by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Denial: This is the stage where you cannot accept the truth of the loss. You refuse to believe that the loss is real. You tend to believe that they are coming back. You feel that one fine day, they might just wake up from sleep and realize what a grave mistake they made, and they will come back running to you, and you will once again melt in their warmth.  Anger: After denial comes anger. You will tend to direct your anger towards multiple sources, including God himself. If you are grieving over the death of someone close, you will blame God for taking their life away. If you are grieving for the love that left you, you will be angry at yourself for doing things that made them leave, or people around that could not make them stay. At times, your anger will not be for anyone in particular. You will find yourself being angry for no reason at all. That is normal. Do not be scared if that happens. You have not grown an angry issue. You are just grieving.  Bargaining: This is a very complicated stage of grief. This is the time when you try to negotiate and reach an agreement with anyone so that you do not have to deal with the loss. The agreement means even negotiating with God. Bargaining also comes with regrets of your own actions that you think might have caused them to leave, and maybe if you had done things differently, they would be here today.  Depression: This is the most popular of the emotions that humans face. You may experience depression with a storm of complex emotions, which mainly includes emotional detachment.  Acceptance: After fighting the entire battle, you finally start to accept the truth. This is very liberating, and emotions may get confusing. While you feel happy that you have finally moved on, there will be times when you will break down. You will have an unbearable pain in your chest and feel everything crumbling down. This is normal. You are a human being, after all. Acceptance doesn’t mean healing. You may accept it, but it takes time to heal. The fight never really gets over till you have fully healed from the scars.  However, you must remember that this is only a theoretical model. There is no mandate that one has to experience grief while following these five stages. Human emotions function in a unique way for each individual. Therefore, experiencing grief will also differ from one human to the other.  You may like to read: Is It Ok For A Taurus And Capricorn To Date? Characteristic Of Bargaining Grief Stage If case you are wondering how it feels to experience bargaining grief, here are some of the characteristics that are associated with this stage:  Feeling extremely ashamed or guilty of your actions or thoughts.  Feeling insecure, scared, or anxious.  Contemplating on what could have been.  Charging yourself responsible for the situations.  Constantly punishing yourself.  Overthinking and worrying about things.  Judging yourself and every other person that crosses your path.  Comparing your circumstances to others.  Trying out future predictions and assuming the worst-case scenarios.  Praying and wishing for different scenarios.  Saying or thinking, “What if…” or “If I do this then…” or “If only I had…”  Examples Of Bargaining Grief Here are some examples of the thoughts that might cross one’s mind while they are going through a bargaining grief stage, as per Dr. Romanoff.  Offering to become a better person, helping others, or making donations to manage or deal with the pain of loss.  Trying to negotiate with your fate, a higher power, the Gods above, or even the universe.  Praying and manifesting miracles to negate the loss.  Bargaining about what happened in the past and thinking that the loss would not have happened if you did things differently. For example, you may feel, “If I stopped by his neighborhood that night, he would still be here,” or “I lost hope in the relationship too easily. If I had tried a little more, we would still be married.”  When Does Bargaining Grief Become A Problem? Bargaining is a very normal and anticipated part of grief. However, it becomes a problem only when it gets out of control. Just like every other feeling, it is also normal as long as it is controlled.  Losing control over bargaining grief may lead to excessive rumination, obsessive thinking, and every other feeling that leads to terrible distress.  If you are experiencing a feeling that is hard to deal with in your everyday life and is not only getting hard to cope with but also interfering with your everyday functions, you are possibly experiencing what is known in psychological terms as prolonged grief disorder or complicated grief.  Complicated grief is the prolonged pain and mourning that prohibits you from moving on in your life and healing properly after dealing with a loss. The prolonged grief disorder is associated with sorrow and rumination that gets so intense that it becomes impossible for you to focus on anything else. About 7% of the total bereaved people deal with prolonged grief disorder.  Read more: Is It OK If Pisces And Cancer Are A Good Couple? Coping Mechanisms Of Bargaining Grief Coping mechanisms come in various forms and types. While some people go cold and emotionless as a way to cope with their emotions, others get extremely emotional. These emotions are all valid, and one must never feel guilty about going through any of these emotions.  Letting go of someone is never easy. Losing a part of you that you thought was yours forever can damage you from within. Waking up every morning and realizing that they don’t feel the same way as you can shatter your heart.  I know it all because I have been there too. I have spent those nights crying and cursing myself for not being good enough for someone who left because they were incapable of dealing with emotions. It took me forever to realize that I was never at fault. I never did anything so bad that I would just get up one morning and leave. That is ridiculous. For almost ten months, I sat there, blaming myself that maybe I was at fault. I made stupid deals with God. I would approach people and talk to them, hoping that maybe they could help me bring him back. But none of it can ever work out like that.  They left because they had to. It was their choice. It was a decision that they made for themselves. And after months of staying angry and getting mad at myself, I finally accepted it.  While you may wonder why I am talking about a broken relationship while discussing grief, I mean, why not? Isn’t it the death of a relationship, after all?  As per Tricia Wolanin, Psy.D, and a clinical psychologist, “The process of dealing with a breakup is comparable to grief. It’s the death of a relationship, hopes, and dreams for the future. The person we are losing was [a big part of] our world and therefore has taken up so much of our mental and heart space.” Af for me, I felt one of the best ways to deal with grief in general is to feel it all. Most of us have a habit of running away from our feelings in hopes that they cannot hurt us anymore.  That is not healthy.  One of the best ways to get over a feeling is to feel it all. The more you feel it, the easier it will become for you to accept it. When you accept that you are in pain, that you are grieving, you will eventually seek help. You will slowly start questioning why you are feeling this way.  You will question the invasive thoughts in your brain and their relevance. And once you have done it all and cried it all out, what will welcome you is - Acceptance.  The Bottom Line The loss of someone is irreplaceable. It is a void that no one can ever take. Losing something that was dear to you will forever shatter a part of you that can never be fixed.  Griefing for that loss is normal. Never feel guilty for what you are feeling. From denial to bargaining grief to depression, there are all the emotions that make you a human being.  Therefore, stop running away from them. Accept them the way they are, seek help, and in no time, acceptance will seek you too.  Thank you for staying with us for this long. I am hoping you found the answers you were looking for. If there is anything else you need to ask, please feel free to drop a comment below! Read Also: Is It Ok To Be In Love With A Married Man? Is It Ok To Go For A Sexual Orientation Test? Is It OK To Fall Out Of Love? And What To Do Next?

Taurus And Capricorn

Your zodiac says a lot about your personality and behavior. Your personality and behavior will further justify how you are in a relationship.  While a lot of you may not believe it, I certainly believe that your zodiac has a significant role in determining how your relationship will turn out.  Taurus and Capricorn, likewise, are a compatible match. They are both earthy and sensual. However, they both are a bit cautious when it comes to love. But worry not, as a romantic relationship between a Capricorn and Taurus might take a little long to form, but trust me, the relationship is INEVITABLE! But don't just sit around waiting for your Capricorn or Taurus crush to become yours in that case; it is stupid. All I am saying is the compatibility between a Taurus and Capricorn is a match made in heaven!  So, without any further delay, let us now go through the compatibility journey of a Taurus and Capricorn.  A little heads up - I am a Taurus, while my boyfriend is a Capricorn. So, you can trust me on the inputs. For more, keep scrolling!  Taurus As A Sign Taurus is the second zodiac sign of the lot. People born between 20th April to 20th May belong to the Taurus group. Taurus is an Earth sign which is ruled by Venus. It is represented by a bull - the eternal symptom of lack of compromise and stubbornness.  Taureans are not very fond of change, and I do confirm that. A Taurus is more fond of sustaining in situations, be it good or bad, and will refrain from exploring new areas.  This is the main reason why a Taurus is often called rigid and close-minded.  Except for very few situations, there is barely a chance that a Taurus will change their thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.  Some of the popular personality traits of Taurus may include: Responsible Reliable Highly practical Ahead of time Lack spontaneity Good at planning Children at heart Since a Taurus does not like sudden changes or spontaneity, they despise rushing through things or getting interrupted.  Capricorn As A Sign Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign in the list. People born between 21st December to 20th January are known as Capricorns. Capricorn is also an Earth sign and is ruled by Saturn.  Capricorns are usually persistent and unbreakable. They believe in pushing forward till they have achieved their goals. Also, a Capricorn is highly realistic and practical.  Although Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking, they believe that failures at any point are unavoidable. Capricorns are diligent with their efforts - be it their relationships or careers.  Some of the personality traits of a Capricorn include: Stable Disciplined Prefer material investment rather than pleasure Believe in safe play Generous Taurus and Capricorn, however, can be Moon, Venus, or Rising Signs. Let us now see how the Moon, Venus, and Rising can affect the compatibility of Taurus and Capricorn.  Effect Of Moon, Venus, And Rising Signs On Capricorn And Taurus Compatibility If you are even slightly aware of astrology, you would know that everyone has a Venus sign, a moon sign, and a rising sign that represents their placement in the astrological charts.  While the entire concept of the moon, Venus, and rising may seem quite complicated, the moon sign is the representation of your inner self, and the rising sign is the representation of how people conceive you. Venus, finally, is a representation of beauty and love.  As a moon sign, Taurus makes it hard for a person to let go of their true beliefs and opinions. The individual is more keen on holding onto their emotions and avoids any change.  On the other hand, a Capricorn moon makes an individual hide their true feelings. People who fall under this chart placement are more rigid to opening up or sharing.  Venus, parallelly, provides loyalty to Taurus. If a Taurus with this chart placement has once committed, there is absolutely no going back. In contradiction, a Capricorn with a Venus chart alignment makes the person more goal-oriented, which makes them a workaholic.  While a rising Taurus is more career-oriented and cautious, the same alignment in a Capricorn makes them devoted to their family and their well-being.  Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility When I speak of compatibility, I would like to specify that I will not be restricting this article to romantic compatibility only. There are other compatibilities, too, that you must be aware of if you are planning on exploring more of the Taurus and Capricorn relationship.  Based on my experience, every relationship has a different level of compatibility. Friendship, romance, sex, emotions - all of them have a certain degree of compatibility that differs from one another. There are sporadic cases where you find that two partners share 100% compatibility in their relationship. There will always be a point where they will lack it.  So, to explore a relationship between two zodiac signs, it is imperative that you have the utmost knowledge of each of the compatibilities to have a clear picture in front of you.  So, without any further delay, I will now throw light on the different compatibility levels of Taurus and Capricorn.  Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility: Friendship A companionship or friendship between a Taurus and a Capricorn depends majorly on rationality and sensibility. As both zodiac signs tend to share the same personality traits, they both make a very disciplined and practical-minded friendship.  As friends, a Taurus and Capricorn share a vital companionship with the security of logical indulgence and possession acting as the base. Also, a Taurus, being extremely stubborn in nature, provides the necessary emotional support to their Capricorn friend to carry the friendship forward.  While working in sync, both the signs complete each other. A Capricorn single-handedly works as a motivator to encourage the Taurus to achieve more realistic goals. The most significant silver lining of their friendship is how easily they share their resources without any limitations. Together, they enjoy a comfortable friendship and help each other achieve the best of things.  While speaking of compassion, Taurus is a ball of masculine energy, while Capricorn is masculine. Therefore, a Taurus brings in sensuality, while a Capricorn contributes perseverance. In a friendship, Taurus the bull teaches Capricorn the goat to take some time off from work and enjoy the fruits of life. Reciprocatively, the goat motivates the bull to keep working hard towards their goals.  "I used to work very closely with a Taurus who happened to be married. Our friendship never crossed any inappropriate boundaries other than occasional playful flirting but I swear if he hadn't already been married I would've probably been his wife right now."  This Reddit user has shared her experience of a Taurus and Capricorn friendship. "Our personalities meshed so well it was as if we were soul mates. We had the exact same sense of humor and always laughed at the same shit during the long work hours. But he was brilliantly smart and I'd like to say I am too so we just clicked and could talk about anything under the sun for hours until the 5:00 bell rang, which is a big deal for me because as a Capricorn I really am not talkative and hate smalltalk unless it's worth my while/mentally stimulating conversation." This is exactly how beautiful a Taurus and Capricorn friendship is. It is effortless. The calm and peace that comes with a Capricorn is the ultimate compatibility that a Taurus seeks. It is like nothing is forced; no effort is needed; they just fit in together like two lost puzzle pieces.  "He was your typical lazy Taurus too who never gets any real work done and needed me to be your typical workaholic Capricorn to keep him busy enough at work so that he could actually keep his job (retail job). Had a FWB who was a Taurus and the sexual chemistry was AMAZING!! But then I found out he had a gf the whole time and cut it off immediately which is a shame because we probably couldn't be something if he had not been a two-timing loser." Okay, I didn't really anticipate this, but it's fine. We shall come to the sex part later! Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility: Romance Taurus and Capricorn are the zodiac signs that have a similar approach towards love. They are - loyalty, dependability, and luxury. These traits help them survive some of the roughest patches in their relationship as a couple.  A Taurus and Capricorn pairing is mostly termed as a power couple. It is because Capricorns provide the security and stability that a Taurus usually lacks. In reciprocation, a Taurus helps a Capricorn in opening up and exploring the intimacies.  Individually, both the signs have their specific characteristics that come into play. Capricorn acts as the cardinal energy that is always the initiator. Being allergic to change, a Taurus carries the relationship forward.  Taureans, as per their orientation, will never for once deviate from their target and always remain persistent. Hence, they are what we call soulmate material.  Therefore, Taurus and Capricorn are a match from heaven, even in a work atmosphere. While Taurus is best at managing and disposing of money, a Capricorn is the best at strategizing to achieve goals.  "I'm in love and living with my Taurus man. Out of all of my past relationships, my earthy Taurus has been the only one that has what it takes to understand me on a deeper level and fit into my lifestyle. He understands my moods, pursuits and interests and knows when I need to be alone. He is steady and provides a stable foundation that I can trust and feel secure with. Basically he fulfills the requirements that my Capricorn sun and moon needs to feel safe." We have yet another Reddit user who has opened up about dating a Taurus man. As I mentioned before, the compatibility between a Taurus and a Capricorn is unmatched. They are a beautiful pair. With one being calm and the other crazy, they are a match so incredible that the other pairs can get jealous in just a minute. "It helps that he has a lot of water placements to balance out his Taurus so he remains emotionally available and makes sure to check in with me when I get into my unfeeling robot mode. I've dated air and fire signs, and I feel that I have been thriving the most with this earth (slightly water) sign." We also have another Quora user who has something more optimistic to say about a Taurus and Capricorn relationship.  "Yes indeed, Capricorns and Taurus are both Earth signs that are very dedicated to their endeavors. Capricorns are responsive and responsible creatures of success while Taurus are grounded and steadfast beings with a heart that's made like steel. Both of these signs share a great understanding of what they do."  A heart made of steel? Well, that is some affirmation that I was looking for!  "Capricorns get easily stressed with mundane things and Taurus is there to reinvigorate them. A Taurus can be slothful and Capricorns are there to push them back up when they are low. The bull is a fixed sign thus it is not accepting to change while the goat is a cardinal sign that makes it full of ambition and dedication making this pair a desirable force of stability as they can compete and compete with each other." Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility: Sexual Intimacy The sexual compatibility between a Taurus and Capricorn might be quite rigid, but that is the one thing that keeps stimulating their relationship at a new level. Venus, being the ruling planet of Taurus, is more keen on smooth and slow sex and has soft, natural, and sensual feelings. A Taurus always seeks peace and pleasure in sex.  However, sex is a much cooler concept for a typical Capricorn. Hence, in bed, a Taurus usually relaxes the Capricorn to open up for more sensual intimacies. One of the best ways to get over the rigidness and the void that forms is by loving each other to the fullest, both on and off the bed.  Are Taurus And Capricorn Soulmates Well, I personally feel that a soulmate is someone with whom your heart connects; your soul feels like home, and everything just feels a lot more beautiful.  Speaking from personal experience, a soulmate doesn't necessarily have to be a lover. It can be anyone you feel at home with.  They say soulmates are sent from heaven, but I don't remember anyone saying that your soulmate is only created to love you like a lover. You first need to realize that a soulmate can be a friend, too. I am a Taurus, and I have friends that are Capricorns, that are the human incarnation of peace.  Every time I am with them, I feel like I am home. It's beautiful. I never have to try. I have to make an effort to make them understand what is going on in my mind. They just understand it. They naturally bring me comfort.  Now, coming to my man - dating a Capricorn man was one of the best decisions for me. As if the friendships were not beautiful enough, a Capricorn's love makes me content and stable.  He is like a breath of fresh air. Like fresh flowers. He is calm and composed and perfectly balances out my stubbornness and unwillingness to change.  So yes, for me. I can easily guarantee that a Taurus and Capricorn are the ultimate soulmates!  Wrapping Up Well, now you know that Taurus and Capricorn make the best pair - be it a relationship or friendship.  They are like lost puzzle pieces and effortlessly fit in. They don't need to force anything; it all just beautifully flows.  However, you must remember that there are always exceptions. Astrology is not something that everyone believes in. So, I will suggest that you trust your instincts and jump in for the ride.  Thank you for staying with me for this long. I am hoping you had a good read. If there is anything else that I can help you out with, please feel free to drop a comment below! Read Also: Is It Ok To Be In Love With A Married Man? Is It OK To Fall Out Of Love? And What To Do Next? Is It Ok To Go For A Gay Test To Confirm If I Am Gay?

Libra And Aquarius

Both Libra and Aquarius tend to have an ideal association, which results in favorable benefits. As soon as the two meet, they seem to “click,” or an immediate attraction develops. On an intellectual and intuitive level, they seem to be a perfect pair. They provide a sense of psychological independence and security to each other.  But I know this information will not convince you to date your horoscopic counterpart. So, in order to give you a comprehensive understanding, I have listed out the different ways to detect Aquarius and Libra compatibility. Make sure to go through the end of the article and discover more about it.  Who’s A Libra And An Aquarius? Libra belongs to the seventh position in the zodiac sign (September 23 to October 22) and has a scale of justice as representation. The cardinal air sign that Venus rules, Libra, is generally associated with balance, beauty, harmony, and justice. A person belonging to this zodiac sign is usually diplomatic, moral, and detail-oriented.  On the other hand, an Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. This tropical zodiac has Saturn as its ruling planet, along with Uranus and Capricorn. A water carrier represents what is Aquarius and is a wonderful Phrygian youth. An aquarian is usually analytical, confident, and progressive.  Different Ways To Check Libra And Aquarius Compatibility While Aquarians are hopeless romantics in their entire life plans, Libras might rush to expose the truth and guide them throughout the journey. It is not possible to check their compatibility at just a glance. Hence, here are some metrics that will guide you through: 1. Libra and Aquarius At A Glance Provided a shared intellectual compatibility, these two form a great match. These signs are usually adventurous, witty, and sociable, which indicates that they have an easygoing chemistry with their partner. Libra is ruled by Venus and is attracted to physical beauty. But that’s not the case with Aquarius. Uranus rules the latter, and they are attracted to things that are edgy and different. Both Aquarius and Libra remain placed at an amicable trine angle which is a genuine indication of understanding each other’s desires. They also share a set of weaknesses because they are so similar to each other.  The air-air couple tends to be a bit untethered from usual life. They remain comfortable in their own sphere of abstract idealism and love to stay on top of their usual responsibilities. Finally, the nature of both signs maintains the functionality of things.  2. Emotional Compatibility Between The Two Both Libra and Aquarius have exceptional conversational chemistry. These intellectual air signs love to interact about abstract concepts and go for long hours. Such signs love to keep things charming, witty in conversation, and casual. If you are either of these signs and want to begin a conversation with the other, strike topics on art.  A Libra can be excessively impressed by the aesthetic magic of art, whereas an Aquarius might want to discuss political ideas. However, the latter is happier to discover the former’s viewpoint. But not everything is a bed of roses. Libras, sometimes tend to care about their personal relationships extensively.  It is very common for an Aquarius to find the sophisticated taste of Libra meaningless. Simultaneously, a Libra might have a suspicion of moralizing tendencies belonging to an Aquarius. We have often heard that “opposites attract,” and that’s what makes Aquarius and Libra compatible.  3. Are There Trust Issues Involved? Although the pair has a lot to offer, an Aquarius may find it difficult to move from the friends tag to partners. The only loophole in the Libra and Aquarius relationship is that they are unclear about this difference in their mind. Libra prioritizes partnership and might get mad when the same is not reciprocated by an Aquarius.  One of the best ways for both these signs to increase understanding and cooperation is to be assured of their future plans. It might be a negative sign if the Libra becomes cold suddenly and starts distancing themselves. If you are witnessing such signs, you must: Focus on breakdowns in communication and ask your partner what’s wrong.  For Libras, my suggestion would be to change your tendencies of people-pleasing and try to be more straightforward in addressing problems.  4. Compatibility In Terms Of Intelligence As mentioned earlier, Aquarius and Libra share great compatibility when it comes to intelligence. Both of them prioritize communicating ideas on art and philosophy. Moreover, their bond can eventually be set up on an intellectual basis. They love sending each other movie listings, essays, and book recommendations. Usually, Libras are a lover of art, while Aquarians belong to the natural humanitarians category.  If you want to strengthen your relationship with a Libra or an Aquarius, try to watch a documentary together. Or you might try visiting a museum to explore your artistry side.  Both these signs might have a different approach to expressing themselves. While Libras are a bit slow, diplomatic, and careful communicators, Aquarius is not afraid of getting disagreements. The latter are less people-pleasers, and they even enjoy indulging in debates. Although, an Aquarius might get mad at a Libra for always trying to keep things polite.  Aquarius & Libra Are A Match Made In Heaven… By now, you must have understood the fact that Libra and Aquarius are the best pairs. They laugh together, visit cafeterias together, and don’t shy away from sharing pain and grief, too. There is no better match than these two signs.  So, if you have remained in a fix until now, this might be your chance to look for your Aquarius or Libra. Energize your romantic relationship or look for a reliable friend in these signs.  With this, I rest my discussion on the Libra-Aquarius compatibility. Did you find your true love in either of these signs? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this! Read Also: Is It OK To Fall Out Of Love? And What To Do Next? Is It Ok To Go For A Gay Test To Confirm If I Am Gay? Is It Ok To Go For A Bisexual Test To Confirm Your Bisexuality?

Capricorn And Gemini

Ahh, we are back again, aren't we? The stars, the moon, the signs - they just don't seem to let us be, do they?  So, who is it this time? Is it a school crush? Or a friend of your cousin? Well, whoever it may be, we have got you covered!  For those that believe would know that zodiac signs play a fundamental role in determining how compatible two zodiac signs may be. I am a grown-up now, and yet, I believe in zodiacs.  As soon as I start seeing someone, I will desperately go through as many websites as I can to check for the compatibility of my sign with theirs.  While some zodiacs are extremely compatible, like a pair made in heaven, some are soul enemies. However, as much as I believe in zodiacs, I also believe that zodiacs can never be a deciding factor on who to love.  Every person has the freedom to love whomever they want, irrespective of their zodiac signs. The compatibility of zodiac signs is just considered to be a source of entertainment, so let us just keep it like that.  So, without any more delay, let us know how compatible Capricorn and Gemini are for each other!  Who Is A Capricorn?  People who are born between 22nd December and 20th January are considered Capricorns. Capricorn is an earth sign alongside Virgo and Taurus. Capricorns, as you must show, share a tremendous romantic bond with their fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. As an earth sign, Capricorns are extremely self-reliant, practical, ambitious, and stoic.  Personality traits of a Capricorn may include: Ambitious  Persistent  Realistic Sensitive  Practical  Disciplined  Who Is A Gemini?  Individuals born between 22nd May and 22nd June are considered to be Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, along with Aquarius and Libra in the list. A Gemini is super fast, extremely smart, very adaptable, and super curious. All of these extremities make a Gemini super fascinating to be around, except for the fact that they can easily wear you out, they get super distracted, and before you know it, they are gone.  Personality traits of a Gemini may include: Versatile  Smart  Youthful  Fast Curious  Gemini And Capricorn Compatibility Now that I have discussed the individual personality traits of both Gemini and Capricorn let us now finally look into how compatible they are as a fire sign and an earth sign.  Now, before I talk about it more, let me make it clear that compatibility does not only count  as romantic or sexual compatibility. There are multiple other ways in which a Capricorn and Gemini can be compatible other than having a romantic compatibility. This is where we tend to make mistakes most of the time. We mistake the term compatible with only romantic or sexual competency. That is an incorrect concept. Compatibility goes beyond it, and not understanding it properly is usually the reason why we fail to maintain a healthy bond with our fellow zodiacs.  But worry not; I am here to sort it out for you.  I will take you through the different aspects of whether a Capricorn and Gemini are compatible or not.  Capricorn And Gemini: Sex And Intimacy Compatibility  There are a select few activities where you don't really need words, and in the humble opinion of a Capricorn, sex is one of them. And then, we have our Geminis. Just popping out and explaining each of the sex positions, an exciting outlook on Kama Sutra, and the charm of outdoor sex.  It is, in fact, funny to witness how these two partners with completely different outlooks on sex try to figure out the balance in their sex lives.  For a Capricorn and Gemini to experiment with their sex lives, a Gemini will have to make a Capricorn relax and slowly open their mind.  "I'm a gemini and my partner is Capricorn, I've never had such a healthy, kind and strong relationship!! There has never been a communication problem, for him and for me that is the most important aspect in a relationship. I just see how different we are when expressing joy. For example, I'm like a child all over the place and he is the opposite, but once you know your capricorn you know that he expresses joy in other ways. I love this relationship, we are so different in many ways, but something beyond is happening that bonds us like no other!" Reddit  Capricorn And Gemini: Trust Compatibility  Tricking a Capricorn will never be easy. While for a Gemini, healthy flirting, or even a "light adultery," may seem okay, for a Capricorn, that is "psycho" behavior. In a Capricorn's world, the word adultery does not even exist. What is clear is clear!  Still, because of the trust equation of a Capricorn that makes their life much easier, they will likely trust their Geminis. They will trust their personal interpretation of what the Gemini says more.  "I've been with my Cap boyfriend for almost 6 years and he's definitely my favorite human in the whole world. If our big three didn't work well together, we would definitely be seeing other people. He is a Cap Sun, Aqua Moon, Leo Rising and I am a Gemini Sun with Virgo Moon and Rising." Reddit Capricorn And Gemini: Intellectual And Communication Compatibility  It is quite a reassurance that a Gemini can literally talk to anyone and solve any issue just by healthy communication. Unfortunately, this does not mean the world to a Capricorn when they feel a lack of essence in the things that their Gemini partner says.  However, there will still be a lot that will be up for discussion as there is this serious side of a Gemini, which is one of their many personalities that will always have a thing or to share with a strict or difficult Capricorn.  "I'm a Capricorn with a sag moon/mercury aqua venus and Geminis in general feel like a missing puzzle piece in my life in the best way possible. Honestly it really depends on the rest of the inner planets." Reddit  Let's Wrap Up!  The entire concept of zodiacs is only made for fun. You must not generalize it under any circumstances.  Compatibilities are beautiful in their own ways. A Capricorn soulmate or a Gemini soulmate is the same or different; in the end, all that matters is how beautifully two people blend with each other.  Zodiacs will mean nothing if you have the best understanding and communication between the both of you. Just build the bond, and love will automatically take a seat. Read Also: Is It Ok To Be In Love With A Married Man? Is It Okay To Have Sex Everyday? – Is It Safe? Is It OK To Fall Out Of Love? And What To Do Next?

Pisces And Cancer

Pisces and cancer have an iconic due- owing to their shared zodiac element- water. They share a strong emotional connection with one another as they are both instinctive. A similar water sign makes them extremely compatible with bonding and love.  While cancer is a little protective of their beloved, Pisces loves to follow leaders. In terms of patience, both the zodiacs have immense potential. Hence, when you see a cancer and a pisces dating one another, you know the association will last long.  This comprehensive guide entails the depth of the relationship between the two. So, without wasting much time, let us quickly discover how compatible this duo is together.  The Pisces Belonging to the arena from 19th February to 20th March, Pisces is the last or twelfth zodiac sign. It is generally represented as two fish swimming in two different directions. The ruling planet is Neptune, or the “planet of dreams.” Usually, pisces are intuitive and mystical, and they have the potential to sense everything taking place around them. Picking up on feelings, emotions, and vibes is no big deal for them, which is why pisces compatibility has been considered one of the best ones.  Further, they are deeply compassionate and prioritize the needs of others before theirs. Consequently, they can connect deeply with places and individuals- resulting in a never-ending bond. In certain situations, their creativity knows absolutely no boundaries.  The Cancer Coming to the fourth zodiac sign is cancer, which has a symbol of a crab. Pisces and cancer are on the same page in terms of intuitiveness and sensitivity. However, cancers love to keep their feelings to themselves, which sets them apart from pisces.  Some intriguing attributes of the cancer zodiac include unconditional love, reliability, compassion, and kindness. The Moon rules this sign, which is an indication of its fine-tuning with feminine emotions and energy. Creating meaningful bonds is nothing too difficult for this set of individuals.  But as we know, every cloud has a silver lining. Cancers can sometimes be extremely emotional and sensitive, resulting in a sense of insecurity. It might or might not have an influence on cancer compatibility with other zodiacs.  Friendship Compatibility Between A Pisces And Cancer If you belong to either of these signs, there is good news for you. Striking a conversation and developing a friendship with your horoscopic counterpart is typically easy. Both the water signs are naturally intuitive and prone to delicacy. They might comprehend how to comfort and support each other in the most effective manner.  Cancer belongs to the category of ultimate nurturer- they are more than happy to praise Pisces. The fish is most likely to flourish when given such undivided attention, and they love returning the favor by taking out the introverted crab of their shells. The latter is literally taken into a world of possibility and imagination by the former (Pisces). In terms of traditional ideologies, Cancer exceeds Pisces. Another reason for the pisces and cancer compatibility is also due to the fact that the crab loves to conduct mystical practices. Both these signs are extremely compassionate, which is why you might find them spending time volunteering at an animal shelter.  It is worth mentioning that while their friendship is extremely flourishing, they can also fall apart in the highest wave. Since the water signs have powerful feelings, tidal waves might represent disruptions in their alliance.  Pisces In Love With Cancer: The Compatibility Factor “A match made in heaven,”- that’s what people say when they see a pisces and cancer together. Understanding each other’s feelings right before the other expresses them is a common attribute- which means they think carefully before hurting someone. The caretaking aspect makes you feel less neglected when you are dating either of them. In particular, Cancer might be a bit possessive, whereas Pisces love following their commands. But not everything between them is a bed of roses. Cancer and Pisces might also have differences. However, they show equal efforts to resolve the issue and don’t let the other go without coming up with a solution. Cancer and pisces compatibility is also a result of the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer. They love to initiate things and make ends meet. On the other hand, the fish sign is mutable as they can comfortably adapt to any situation. While Pisces is more creative and dreamy, its counterpart is a lover of security and nurture.  The duo can admit to being prone to a plethora of pipe dreams. Since they are both imaginative and affectionate, a common idealogy is to explore new places with one another.  Intimacy Compatibility Between The Two Just like other compatibilities, Pisces and Cancer are romanticly compatible, too. The sexual tension between the two is mainly founded on emotional grounds. While pisces might sometimes react kinky and weirdly towards Cancer, their strong feeling towards one another is what enriches their intimate bond. When it comes to bringing intimacy to the sex life, Cancer deserves mention. They are the ones to nurture their better halves and care for their pleasure- thereby offering them a safe and stable approach. Contradictorily, pisces brings change, inspiration, and creativity because the sign usually exalts Venus.  The sexual alliance between the two is based on emotions, which is why they cherish one another. Just because Cancer is somewhat conventional and shy in terms of intimacy, Pisces might find this behavior a bit unreasonable. But when they connect with one another on a deeper level, there’s no shallow experience.  Further, their sex life might lack some spark because they are not fiery signs. But they are a lover of sensual and slow intimacy.  Pisces-Cancer Alliance: Underlying The Strengths & Weaknesses While the duo is compatible in different realms of life, a set of differences might make them fall apart. Below is a brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of each of these zodiac signs: Strengths While Cancer mostly values tradition and family, Pisces might support in times of need.  Pisces assists Cancer to be greatly creative and experimenting with new ideas.  They can set examples for Cancer to be more philosophical and altruistic. On the other hand, Cander teaches Pisces to be more down-to-earth and practical.  Both pisces and cancer are highly empathetic and can understand one another.  They always feel connected emotionally.  Cancer always protects Pisces and offers them security and stability while discovering the latter’s sensitive side.  Weaknesses As mentioned above, Cancer can become a bit over-protective while Pisces are overly sensitive. This might result in unclarity about the relationship needs.  Pisces might want Cancer to be more self-sufficient and open-minded. Whereas Cancer needs its better halves to be more concrete and practical.  Cancer doesn’t leave Pisces alone, which might make them feel misunderstood and smothered at times.  Pisces wants to remain detached and does not appreciate the protective nature of Cancer.  They might also ignore the emotions of Cancer until they are straightforward.  Cancer & Pisces: A Duo Written In Heaven… The aforementioned points support the fact that pisces and cancer are indeed a match that has been written in the stars. The aura of this magical couple makes everybody affectionate towards them.  If there are psychological differences between the two, a bit of compromise might help in forming an incredibly strong relationship. Every relationship deals with some form of turbulence, and the Cancer-Pisces alliance is no exception either! So, are you a pisces or a cancer? Let us know your journey of love and friendship with your zodiac counterpart. Read Also: Is It Okay To Be In Love With A Married Man? 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Fall Out Of Love

"Love is less of a fall and more of slowly wrapping your arms around someone and never letting them go." But if you hold them for too long, you will just start suffocating them. It starts to get painful. Trying to hold onto them forever will make your hands bleed if you are the only one trying to hold onto a relationship that had ended long back.  Love is beautiful till it is not. Falling in love may feel like a dream, but falling out of it is nothing but a nightmare.  Imagine waking up one morning, wrapped in the arms of your lover; only it doesn't feel like home anymore. It feels like chains and ropes suffocating your neck while you just can't breathe anymore.  Their voices don't calm you anymore. They just make you mad. Talking with them doesn't feel like a comfort. It is more of a pain, a guilt, mostly remorse.  Have you been feeling any of these recently with your partner? Have you been feeling suffocated with them around you? Well, I just have some sad news for you in that case.  You have started to fall out of love.  Before you freak out and make a mess inside your head, it is very normal. If you have once fallen in love, it is pretty normal for you to fall out of love as well.  Did I Fall Out Of Love? It is a strange question to ask ourselves, isn't it? People tell so many stories about the princess falling in love with the prince, but no one ever has the guts to talk about the truth of falling out of love.  The one person that we thought was everything to us. Our life. Our love.  In the blink of an eye, it is all gone.  They don't feel at home anymore. They are more the people that we want to run to at the end of the day. Their hugs don't calm us. Their kisses don't feel warm.  It feels like we are seeing our house break down in front of our eyes, and we can't seem to do anything about it. We just stand there and watch it break from brick to brick. The house that was once our most beautiful possession, and now it is all gone.  Every morning we wake up feeling empty. Not sad. Not depressed. Just empty. Feeling sad would still be fine, but this feeling is intolerable. Waking up every morning and not being able to feel anything is the worst of them all.  How Is It Like To Be On The Other Side Of The Table? Unfair! It is just unfair to be the one on the other side of the table.  It is not always their fault that someone they love chooses to fall out of love with them.  And It hurts. I will not be using a tough word from my vocabulary to justify the feeling of being that person; all I will say is that it genuinely hurts. It is always painful to be in love with someone who loved you with their life till they didn't anymore. You start blaming yourself. Cursing yourself. You keep doubting your worth. "Did I do something?"  "Is there someone else?" "Am I not enough?"  While the answers to all these questions may vary from one person to the other, falling out of love is something no one can control. You can not just blame yourself your whole life just because someone decided that they don't love you anymore.  Sometimes, the problem lies within them, and you are just caught in the middle of the war. Trust me; you don't need to bleed for someone who left you alone on the battlefield. It's okay; you can give up too.  Signs That You're Falling Out Of Love With Your Partner Nobody should ever have to face this situation in their life. But, sometimes, it is inevitable. You can't control what someone else feels about you.  Love will never be a Jane Austen novel; for many of us, it is just a Shakespearean drama. Tragic!  And we just stand here and accept how the only person that we ever loved doesn't love us anymore. Watching them leave is the toughest thing in the world, but all we can do is bid them farewell with a smile on our faces pretending to be content while it feels like a thousand knives constantly stabbing in our chest.  I may sound crazy, but it is always better to look out for the signs and slowly prepare yourself than have it all hit you like a truck.  Here are some of the signs that your partner might be falling out of love with you:  You Feel Apathetic About The Relationship And Its Future Remember the first few months of the relationship? Those days when you couldn't keep your hands off of each other? Canceling plans because you both just wanted to spend time with each other? That is commonly called the honeymoon phase.  However, when you fall out of love, it is known as relationship fatigue, a stage where the love becomes more apathetic and ambivalent. You just feel drained, and all motivation to keep up with the relationship is lost.  "Over time, we may start to feel overwhelmed by our relationships, leading us to become tired or apathetic about investing energy in them," - Kalley Hartman, LMFT, Ocean Recovery.  Relationship fatigue may look like a disengagement with your partner, usually uninterested or even getting cynical about the future of the relationship. Milestones are forgotten, spending some quality time becomes the last priority, and putting in effort becomes a chore.  If you are witnessing any of these within yourself or your partner, it sounds like bad news.  Communication Becomes A Burden If you see that your partner is continuously avoiding proper conversations that involve emotional topics, or any lighter topic in general, or just avoiding you, that is a bad sign.  "This may show up as avoiding conversations, not making time to spend together, or having difficulty communicating feelings and ideas," - Hartman adds.  People that fall out of love often tend to shut themselves off or just start hiding their true thoughts, which in the long term can create an emotional distance and, even worse, resentment.  The Need For Physical Distance  "When someone is falling out of love, they may become emotionally distant, avoid physical intimacy, stop expressing affection, or appear detached and unresponsive to emotional needs," - Brandon Santan, Ph.D., Chattanooga-based licensed therapist.  Couples that are completely in love with one another will always look for some alone time to share at the end of the day. It doesn't even have to be sexual intimacy. Just their physical presence is enough to make you feel at home. If this changes, then probably your relationship will too.  "A noticeable decline in enthusiasm and interest in spending time together, engaging in shared activities, or discussing future plans may suggest that feelings are fading," Santan further adds.  An Increase In Conflicts; More Like A Lack In Solving One A conflict is a constituent part of a relationship; however, too much of it may indicate a lack of love in the relationship.  "When there is more conflict than connection, it is time to look at and address what has changed and get curious about why that is." - Nikki Coleman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Sex Self Confidence Coach, Texas. If an individual is falling out of love, they are more likely to pick up fights as a way to create more distance in the relationship. They may not be doing it intentionally either; it's just their subconscious. "Although ongoing conflicts are never a good sign in a relationship, a lack of interest in resolving the root issues is often a sign that feelings of love have waned—or that there was an inability to create lasting love from the onset," she further explains. Quality Time Becomes The Least Of The Priorities The days they would plan dates for you or those fun weekend trips would gradually start decreasing. There would be lesser planned dates or vacations.  Even house dates will significantly decrease. It would feel like they are running away from you most of the time like they would do anything else than spending time with you anymore.  If you see that in your partner, consider it a red flag! "Maybe you used to enjoy activities together, but now find yourself not wanting to engage in the same way," Hartman suggests.  You may even feel the disconnect when you just realize how oddly quiet they are on an everyday basis.  "When you don't feel excited about your partner or the idea of spending time with them—especially doing the mundane tasks of life—it is likely that you are not feeling as in love anymore," Coleman adds.  Sex And Intimacy Are Just Non-existent Intimacy comes in various forms, including non-physical intimacy. Intimacy can, after all, strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Once the intimacy is gone, experiencing love becomes impossible.  "If the idea of physical touch or intimacy feels like something you'd rather not do and you don't have much desire to engage in it, this could be a sign [you're falling out of love]." - Surabhi Jagdish, LMFT and owner of Revolutionary Reflections. However, the lack of interest in having sex or getting intimate doesn't necessarily mean that your partner is falling out of love. There may be other reasons, like a total loss of communication or zero interest in catering to other forms of connection.  "Partners who are deeply connected on an emotional level tend to move through the natural highs and lows of sexual intimacy with grace." - Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., author of The Joy of Imperfect Love. The Thought Of Being Single Or Being With Other People Excites You Simply said: "Constant daydreaming or expressing a desire to be single or explore other options may indicate that [you are] contemplating a life outside the relationship," Santan explains.  For example, the thought of being single, feeling jealous of their single friends, or the thought of seeing other people may as well be a hint that you or your partner is falling out of love or slowly losing interest in the relationship.  See, being in a monogamous relationship for a long time may get boring, and developing a crush is normal. We are all humans, after all. But if you keep on entertaining the idea of having a life without your partner or just spending it with someone else, it is a sign that your love is fading away. The Future Is Blank As long as the honeymoon phase is there, both of you may not even imagine a life without the other.  However, things get a lot different when one of you starts falling out of love.  It becomes too painful to face the future together or even think about it.  "Partners who are falling out of love often stop making plans for the future," Manly adds. "For example, a partner who shows no interest in planning future vacations or creating shared goals may be signaling that they have one foot out the door." Their Quirks And Habits Just Become Annoying It is pretty normal for couples to get on each other's nerves; no one is really perfect, after all. But it is the constant annoyance that you must look out for.  If your partner is constantly getting irritated with your partner's behavior or quirks, it could hint that they no longer feel love towards you.  "Growing disinterest or dissatisfaction in the relationship can lead to more frequent arguments, nitpicking, or a general sense of frustration and tension between both partners," Santan describes. Your Lives Are No More In The Same Direction Many times love just loses its existence because your lives are moving in different directions.  "Loving partnerships rely on communication, togetherness, shared ventures, and connective play. If partners routinely take paths that leave each person feeling separate and alone, the loving bonds often fade away," Many says.  Can I Possibly Fall Back In Love? Well, this might be good news for you that you can fall back in love with the one that you once did fall out of love with.  You can absolutely fall back in love with your partner," Coleman explains. "As much as you change and grow over time as a person, so must your relationship. The goal is to find new ways to rediscover each other and pursue the experience of being in love with them over and over again." Experts accept the fact that a sheer combination of communication, self-reflection, and effort is the best way to rekindle the love that was once lost.  "Falling back in love takes time and effort from both partners. It may not happen overnight, and patience, understanding, and commitment are key," Santan further adds. "However, if both individuals are willing to put in the work and are open to growth, it is possible to rediscover the love and connection that initially brought them together." The Bottom Line "If you're a lover you have to be a fighter, because if you don't fight for your love what kind of love do you have?"  Remember Keanu Reeves saying this, and the whole world just going crazy over it? Well, just going crazy won't prove anything as long as you are not applying it.  If you love them, you better learn to fight for them, even if the fight is with yourself.  I hope this article was helpful for you and provided you with enough insights. If there is anything else that you need to ask, do drop a comment; I will be here to answer it all! Read Also: Is It Ok To Be In Love With A Married Man? Is It Ok To Have Sex While Pregnant? – Know The Details Is It Ok To Have Sex On Period? 10 Women Open Up About Their Experience

Your Girlfriend Is Talking To Another Guy

If you suspect that your girlfriend is texting someone else, there are a few ways to reveal her secrets. One way is to pay attention to her phone activity and look for signs of suspicious behavior. For example, does she get more calls or texts when you’re not around? Does she quickly silence her phone when it rings or turns away from you when texting? Does she delete messages without reading them first? All of these behaviors could be cause for suspicion, so keep an eye out. Top 5 Signs She Is Texting Someone Else 1. She Is Mentioning Someone Else’s Name If your girlfriend is mentioning someone else’s name in conversation, it's a sign she may be talking to them. Even if the name doesn't sound familiar, it could be someone from her past or even a new romantic interest. 2. She Suddenly Has A Change In Behavior Your girlfriend may start acting differently around you if she has feelings for another man. Pay attention to changes in her mood and energy levels when you're together. If she seems distant or uninterested in spending time with you, it's possible that something is going on behind your back. 3. She Changes Her Appearance A change in appearance could also signify an interest in someone else. She may start wearing more revealing clothes and doing her hair differently to attract the attention of another man. Pay attention to these changes as they could be a hint that she is seeing someone else on the side. 4. She's More Secretive About Her Phone If your girlfriend has something to hide, she may become more protective over her phone and other technology. This can include things like leaving it in another room while you're together or not unlocking it when you ask to see what she's doing. If this behavior starts suddenly, it could indicate that there’s someone else in the picture. 5. She Avoids Talking About The Future Together When someone has feelings for another person, it can be difficult for them to talk about the future with their current partner. This could be a warning sign that your girlfriend is having feelings for someone else, as she may not feel confident or invested in continuing the relationship. It's important to remember that none of these signs necessarily mean that your girlfriend is seeing someone else. However, if you notice any significant changes in her behavior and suspect something isn't quite right, it's best to have an honest conversation so you can both move forward together. While it may not be easy to confront the situation head-on, open communication is always the best way to tackle any issue in a relationship. What To Do If You Recognized Her Behavior? If you recognize any of the signs that your girlfriend may be texting someone else, it's important to stay calm and consider how best to address the situation. Don't jump to conclusions, as this could lead to unnecessary tension in the relationship. Instead, try talking openly with her about your concerns and feelings before making any hasty decisions. Explain what has made you suspicious and show her that you are willing to listen carefully to her response. You should also ask yourself why you think she might be messaging someone else; is it really worth looking into or is it just a gut feeling? If there is clear evidence of something untoward going on, such as multiple messages from unknown numbers or secretive texting when she leaves the room, then it could be time to ask her what’s going on. If she is being upfront and honest with you then try not to get angry or defensive. Instead, talk through the reasons why she might have been messaging someone else and discuss ways of tackling any issues that arise as a result - this could help to rebuild trust in the relationship. Finally, remember that everyone needs space for themselves sometimes, so your girlfriend may just need some alone time away from you. If she seems distant at times but hasn’t done anything obviously wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something suspicious is happening. Try to relax and trust your instincts; if everything seems okay then chances are it probably is! As long as both of you are open and honest with each other, then your relationship should be able to withstand any minor misunderstandings. Conclusion If you’re still worried that your girlfriend is texting someone else, the best thing to do is talk it out - don’t make assumptions, and don’t jump to conclusions. Ultimately, communication is key if you want to build a strong, trusting bond with her. Dealing with difficult issues can be tricky but by addressing them in a positive way and being understanding towards one another, you can both work together towards finding a solution that works for both of you. Good luck! Additional: Who Is The Most Handsome Man In The World – The Ultimate List Do You Know The Best Sexy Black Women In The World? Check It Out