Find out afresh about Honor's fantastic new smartphone. The HONOR Magic Vs smartphone was released internationally at the end of 2022. Honor customers were drawn in by the launching of HONOR Magic 5 Vs. The smartphone offers a wide range of capabilities. Magic Vs has a 5G function. All other networks are available with the 5G network. You are given the best smartphone look available in a lovely color theme. What Is HONOR Magic Vs? The honor magic Vs has three rear cameras, which consist of 54-megapixel main cameras. The 50-megapixel ultrawide cameras and the 8-megapixel telephoto camera are capable of 3X optical zoom. It also has 16-megapixel selfie cameras. This is a less front-facing camera than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is a much pricier option. The photo clarity of this model is outstanding. The dynamic ranges and shutter speeds are very impressive. Whether you are in bright or dim lights, the camera captures vibrant and accurate photos. The main advantages of using that model are it will going to perform under different kinds of light shades. It has 64 GB of internal storage along with 4 GB RAM. No expandable storage comes up with the products. Every model’s display is a 5.09-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The 16M colors are available. The screen pixel’s resolutions are 1440 x 2560 and 16:9 aspect ratio, ~577 ppi density. Multitouch support is also available in this model. What Should You Select The Honor Magic? The camera lens on the smartphone is of great quality. Camera phones and Honor smartphones are pretty popular. The smartphone is an amazing model with a long-lasting battery, a double selfie camera, and other features. Further information on HONOR Magic Vs specs, including its specifications, is provided below. Features Of Honor Magic Vs: The smartphone's look is noteworthy. The color scheme is diverse. The three color options are appealing. Vs is available in three colors: cyan, orange, and black. The brilliant exhibition of magical Vs with sleek, slim bodies is far more than a marvel. The body measures 160.3 x 72.6 x 12.9 mm. The smartphone's most striking feature is its 5G connection. The 5G band, like all previous bands, such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, complements the smartphone's functionality. The key advantages of Honor magic Vs are quick internet and fast-running software. If we talk about the smartphone's operating system, you should be all ears since it will pique your attention. It is powered by the most recent Android 12 and, in other variations, Android 13 with Magic UI 7.1. The latest Qualcomm SM8475 and Snapdragon 8 processors are excellent. The Octa-core CPU ensures high performance. The Vs has a large amount of storage and is ideally matched with RAM. The touch of magic vs is smooth because of the efficient refresh rate at 90Hz. The further features of the smartphone  are discussed below: TFT — LCD: A 6.75-inch display in addition to the TFT LCD is available. Body Proportion: 87.9%: You'll be astonished by the spectacle, which will keep everyone's attention. It is believed that the screen-to-body ratio is 87.9%. Resolution: The 720 x 1600 display makes the screen crisp and bright. PPI density: The screen's 260 PPI density makes it the brightest, even in low-light conditions. Storage: The 8/12 GB RAM and 256/512 GM internal storage combo are commendable. You may save a huge amount of documents on your smartphone and access them at any time. Camera: Magic Vs' camera module is also fantastic. The main camera has a 54 Megapixel wide-angle lens. A 50MP camera with two different depth settings. The two selfie cameras have 16 MP resolution.     Battery: The supercharging and long-lasting battery allow for audio and video chats as well as long-term streaming. The 66 W is responsible for quick charging. The non-removable Li-Po 5000mAh battery powers the phone for 85 hours. Final Words: HONOR Magic Vs specs have been discussed in detail in this article. The smartphone's camera module, battery, and overall appearance are all enticing. Also, the memory space and RAM improve the smartphone's performance. You must purchase it to learn more specifications. Read Also:  10 Best 3-Point Slinger For Camera To Try In 2023 10 Best External Camera Screen With Price In 2023

HONOR Magic Vs Launch Happening Anytime Soon-min

Everyone wants to go easy and comfy with the stuff they carry with them. Now, smartphone companies are trying to reduce the size of smartphones and have come up with the idea of foldable phones. Guess what? Honor is no less behind in it because the HONOR Magic Vs launch is going to happen anytime soon. The phone is an extension of the Honor Magic series, but it is quite different from the series smartphones in terms of looks and features. So, before it releases, let us take a glance at some of the features and specifications of Honor Magic Vs and its release. Honor Magic Vs launch The release of Honor Magic Vs was announced in November 2022. In the main country, it was released just after a month after the announcement, while its release in other countries is gradually happening, and in major parts worldwide, it will be released soon. Yes, that is correct, and it will soon be available in every Honor store worldwide. But before that, we are going to discuss some of its features and specifications. Honor Magic Vs Features And Specifications Honor Magic Vs is here to give a rock competition to other brands' foldable phones. Honor Magic Vs is a foldable smartphone with all the updated features. The foldable smartphones are water-resistant and dustproof. Design 5 different colors are available for this smartphone, and three of them are available easily, but two of them will be exclusively available. The glass panel is shiny and beautiful. Body And Display The phone is very light and has a big screen. The unfolded screen has the dimensions of 160.3 × 141.5 × 6.1 mm, while the folded screen has the dimensions of 160.3 × 72.6 × 12.9 mm. The phone's weight is in the range of 261-267 g. The back and front of the phone are made of eco-friendly leather and glass, respectively, and the phone is able the use dual sim. The phone's folding is based on titanium alloy folding and is very trustworthy. The foldable screen is OLED with a brightness of 800 nits and is large about 7.9 inches. RAM And Storage We have 3 options in RAM: 12 256GB, 12 512GB, 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage. An ultimate version of Honor Magic Vs has been announced that will exclusively have 16GB RAM and that will function with a Magic pen. Camera The main triple camera is 54MP, with dual LED, dual-tone flash, panorama, and HDR features. The front camera is 12MP and gives you HDR selfies. Read Also: 10 Best Camera Stabilizer For Professional Photography In 2023 Networks And Connections: The phone supports a 5g network and connections like Bluetooth, USB, NFC, and Infrared Port. Other Features 4 different sensors have been enabled for this phone (fingerprint, accelerometer, proximity, and compass), and it also has a loudspeaker. Wrap up With the HONOR Magic Vs launch announcement, everyone eagerly awaits its release, but it has not happened yet. It has some exciting features, and since it is foldable, it can be carried easily as well. Related Read Also: 10 Best 3-Point Slinger For Camera To Try In 2023 10 Best External Camera Screen With Price In 2023 10 Best DSLR Microphone For Vlogging? How Do You Pick Them?

wordscapes daily puzzle

Let’s say that you can play an interesting and tireless game that also maxes out your creative capability and boosts your stock of words – would you believe me?  Yes, there is such a game. You can take wordscapes daily puzzle as a fine example. It is a popular word game available on both android and iOS. In this game, they offer your five randomized letters and you have to make a word using them – how cool is that? There are also crossword-like grid. These grids contain all the available words you can make using these letters. Anyways, if you are interested in playing this game them this article might be helpful. Wordscapes Daily Puzzle: An Overview  I know you cannot wait to get into the game. But, you should know about the game before you, the game is a combination of crossword puzzles and word search games. You have to create words using the letters within the letters within the world wheel. You have to fill out the crossword puzzle within available on  the screen.  How To Play Wordscapes Daily Puzzle While playing, you have to swipe between the words located in the word wheel. You will find the word wheel at the lower end of your screen. There is a blank space in the game acting as a guide to help you complete the game. When you have found all the words within the puzzle you are playing, you are ready for the next level.  Yes, there are pre-set levels – almost 6000 to be exact. But, wordscapes daily puzzle also updates the number of puzzles daily. It increases the total letters you have at your disposal. The number of letters increase from 5 to 7. But, most importantly, the game increases the number of words you can now uncover.  On wordscapes daily puzzle, you can play only one puzzle everyday. Now, it is clear how this game works.   Wordscapes Daily Puzzle: Monthly Answers  You can play the pre-set games. But, if you want to play the wordspace daily games from the previous months or from the previous days, then I might be  able to help you with the answers. Here are the day by day answers of this word puzzle game – I have only offered the monthly answers of the last month – August 2022.  Wordscapes Daily Puzzle: September  Here are the answers to all the wordscapes daily puzzles. These answers are for the month of September.  September 8 –  ACE, ACNE, END, CADENCE, CAN, AND, CAD, CANE, DEAN, CEDE, DANCE,DEN. September 7 – RIM, SIRE, SKI, SKIM, SIR, SIM, REM, IRE, MIME, RISE, RISK, SMIRK, SKIMMER, SKIER, SIMMER. Her are the bonus words – IRES, MIMES, MIRE, MIRES,EMIR, RIMS, EMIRS, MEM, MIKES, MIKE, IRKS, IRK, MIMERS.September 6 – NOSE, SOON, OOZE,  ZONE, ONES, NOOSE, OZONE, ZOOS, EONS, and SNOOZESeptember 5 – RELAY, LAYER, RAY, RELY, YEAR, ERA, REAL, RYE, ARE, LAY, EAR, ALE, AYEARLY, YEA, and EarlSeptember 4 – BICYCLE, ICE, LIE, BILE, ICY, CYCLE, AND BYE. BONUS WORDS: BEY, LIB, LYE, CEL, LEY.September 3 – OUTDOORS, OUTDO, ROOT, ODOR, DOUR, ROUT,  TROD, DOOR, ROD, DOT, OUR, TOUR, OUT, RUT, ROT, DUO, AND TOO.September 2 – JURY, RUE, RYE, PER, PERJURY, YUP, PREY, PURE, PRY, ERR, PURR, REP, YEP, PURER. Today’s BONUS Word is: PYRE.September 1 – AURA, GALA,  GRADUAL, AURAL, LARD, DUAL, GRAD,GLAD,  DRUG, DRAG. BONUS Words: ALGA, LAUD, RAGA, DURAL, AGAR, DURA, GUARD. Wordscapes Daily Puzzle: August August 31 – MAR, ARM, ADO, ROAR, ROD,  RAM, DAM, MAD, RAD, ROAD, RAMROD, DORM, ARDOR, ROAM, ARMOR. Today’s BONUS Words are: MOD, DRAM.August 30 – STRAY, STAR, RATS, TRAY, ARTS, ARTY, RAYS,, ASTRAY STAY. BONUS Words: SATAY, ARTSY, SATYR, TARS, TSAR.August 29 – Loon, Roof, Loor, Nor, Fro, Forlorn, For, and Fool.August 28 – jag, jar, jargon, rang, nag, ran, ago, oar, rag, argon, jog, groan, roan, and organ.August 27 – USUALLY, USUAL, LAY,  SLY,  SULLY, SLAY, SAY, ALL. BONUS words are SALLY, ALLY, LUAU.August 26 – FACTUAL, FAT, ACTUAL, FAULT, FATAL, FLAT, ACT, TALC, FACT, CULT,  CUT, CAT, CALF, FLU, LAT,  AFT, TAU, ALT. BONUS words are TUFA, CAUL, FLAUTA.August 25 – UNEASE, SEE, EASE, SEA, SUE, SANE, SEEN, ENSUE, USE.August 24 – MARROW, ROAR, ROAM, ARMOR, WORM, MAW, ROW, MOW, OAR, RAM, MAR, RAW,  ARROW,  ARM, WARM, WAR.August 23 – ARC, RACE, CARE, ACRE, ERA,  CRANE, CAR, NEAR, EAR, ACE, ARE, CANE, EARN, ACNE, RAN, CAN. BONUS word is: CANCER.August 22 – ANY, APP, HAY, PAN, NAP, PAY, PUP, YUP, NAY, PAP,  HAPPY, PUN, and UNHAPPY.August 21 – ACE, AIR, ARC, CUE, ARE, CAR,EAR, ERA, RUE, IRE, ICE, CARE, CURE, RICE, RACE, ACRE, CIRQUE, and ACQUIRE.August 20 – DENT, DEN, TENT, TEE, END, TENET, NETTED,TEEN, TEN, DETENTE, and NET. BONUS words : NEED, TEED, TENTED TEND.August 19 – ODOR, OVER, RODE,  DOE, ROVE, DOVE, RED, ORE, ROD, DOOR, ODE, OVERDO, RODEO REDO, DROVE. BONUS words:ROOD, ROE, DOER, ROVED, REV.August 18 – RIDER, RIVER, DIVE,  DRIER, DRIVER, DRIVE,VIE, DIVER, IRE, RED, RIDE, ERR, DIRE, RID. BONUS words: REV, IRED, DEV, VIED, VID.August 17 – BELIEVE, BILE, EVIL, VILE, VEIL, LIE, EEL, VIBE, BEE, EVE, LEVEE, , VIE, LIVE. BONUS words: BEVEL, LIB LEI, VEE.August 16 – DIVER, DRIED,  VIE, DIVIDE, DRIVE, DIVE, IRE, RIDE, DID,DIRE, RED, RID, DIVIDER.BONUS words VIED, DIE, DIED, IRED.August 15 – SUE, SEE, CEDE, SUEDE, CUE, DUE, DEUCE, SEDUCE, USE, and SCUD.August 14 – RUT, FUR, HER,  ERR, HUE, HUT, THE, RUE, REF, TRUE, TURF, FRET, HEFT, HURT,  THRU, TRUER, and FURTHER.August 13 – LAY, LIT, LAT, TAU, TIL, AIL, ALT, QUIT,  QUILT, TAIL, QUAIL, LAITY, QUALITY.August 12 – LINE, LIME, NINE, MILE, LINEN, LIEN, LINEMEN, MINE. BONUS words: MIEN, NEEM, LIMN.August 11 – FISH, HIS, FIN, SINUS,  SHIN, FUN, SUSHI, SUNFISH, SHUN, SUN, SIN, FUSS, SIS.August 10 – SHRINK, SINK, SKIN, SHIRK, IRKS, RISK, SHIN, INKS, RINK. BONUS word is RINKS.August 9 – ICE, CUBE, LIE, CUBICLE, CUB, CLUE, LUBE, BILE, BLUE, CUE CLUB, CUBIC. BONUS word is LICE.August 8 – ERA, ERR, ARE, EAR, ARRIVE, REAR, VIE, IRE,  AIR, RIVER, RAVE, and VIA.August 7 – LEST, STEEL, EEL, LET, TEE, SEE, SET, SLEET, ELSE, TEST, SETTLE.August 6 – WETTER, WEE, WET, TEE, TREE, TWEET, EWE, WEREAugust 5 –AIL, LAW, AWHILE,  HEAL, HEW, WHALE, AWE, ALE, LIE, WAIL, WHILE, HAIL.August 4 – ROT, ONTO, TROOP,  TOO, TOP, POOR, PORT, TOON, PROTON, ROOT, NOT, PRO, OPT, NOR, TORN, POT. BONUS Words: POO, POON, PRONTO.August 3 – TRUER,  ERR, REP, PURER, PERT, PURR, PUT, PET, ERUPT, RUPTURE, RUE, RUT, PER, TRUE, PURE.August 2 – LEDGER, EDGER, LEDGE, GLEE, LEG, REEL, ELDER, LEER, RED, EEL, LED, EDGE, GEL, GEE, DEER. BONUS words: REED, GELD, DEL, GREED, ERG, GELDER.August 1 – SINE, FINE, SEES, SENSE,  FINS, SEEN, SINS, FEES, and FINESSE. Frequently Asked Questions I hope you understand the game after reading the above sections. However, here are some questions and answers that you might enjoy reading.  1. Does The Game Wordscapes Ever End? There are 6000 levels of this game. If you complete the Sublime level, you will enter the next level called the Master level. So, yes, the game ends, but it also starts from where it ends.  2. What Does The Butterfly Do In Wordscapes? There is a butterfly that joins your butterfly habitat. You can name it and you can also interact with it. When the butterfly event is going on, the players will get a notification.  3. Can You Skip A Puzzle On Wordscapes? If you find any puzzle difficult, you can directly skip it. You can also reveal the answer if you want that. You can skip the puzzle by saying skip the puzzle. Final Words If you were planning on playing the wordscapes daily puzzle games, then you could use the answers that I have provided in the list above. You can only play the game of the previous month ( August, 2022). Once you start playing the game you will get used to it.  I Hope that this article was helpful. If you have any further questions, you can ask us in the comment. We will try to get back to you very soon. Read More: What Kids Learn In Preschool How To Play The Free Money Beans Pokie Game? How To Fix Failed To Authenticate Your Connection Minecraft Error?

how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

We use our smartphones almost every three minutes. So, can you tell us what one thing you do that we forget about later on? Well, it is adding and deleting contacts. While in the process of adding contacts, we forget to delete the most updated information on contact information. While you are an android user, you can delete all the unnecessary contacts in bulk. But not in the case of iPhone users. Despite being one of the top smartphone selling brands, iPhone has yet to offer its users a solution to delete mass contacts. So, How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone At Once? In this article, we will know how you can delete contact information in bulk. How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone At Once? The contact application in the iPhone has not seen any noticeable changes in the features in the last several years. Yes, the user interface is quite easy to navigate, but it is still hard to delete multiple contacts simultaneously. However, you might not be able to remove contacts directly from the iPhone contact application; there are other methods that you can use to remove multiple contact information at this same time. Before we get into the methods, here are prerequisites: Ensures that you have the latest version of iTunes. Your iCloud contact sync is ON. Having access to the internet connection. Now that you know about the pre-requirement to follow the following methods, here are the methods that will help you delete the contacts in bulk. Method 1: Using iCloud Website This method can only help you if you are using iCloud to backup all your data. If you are not using iCloud, you can directly jump to the next method, but if you are using iCloud, you can follow the below steps. Step 1: Visit the iCloud website. Step 2: The homepage will cater to several options or menus. Select Contacts. Step 3: Now mark the contracts you want to delete. You can use CTRL and hover over the contacts to select only the ones you want to delete. Step 4: Now click the setting icon at the bottom left. Step 5: Now select DELETE. Method 2: Using Your Mac Unlike iPhone and iPad, mac allows the user to delete multiple contacts at the same time. If you have a mac, you can use it to delete unwanted contacts in bulk. Below are the steps to effectively delete unnecessary contacts. Step 1: Go to the system preferences. Step 2: Click on iCloud. Step 3: Sign in and see whether the contacts are in sync. Step 4: Now, Open contacts apps. Step 5: Hold the Command button and select the contracts you want to delete. Step 6: Press Right Click and select Delete card. Step 7: Confirm Delete processing. Step 8: Wait for your iPhone to sync the changes made. Method 3: Using Third-Party Applications Though you cannot delete bulk contact information directly from the iPhone, several third-party applications offer solutions on how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone. One such third-party app is Groups. It is a free tool but has the ability to delete multiple contacts from iPhone. Follow the steps. Step 1: Download The Groups Application on your iPhone. Step 2: Now launch the Group app. Step 3: Allow Group App to access your Contacts. Step 4: Select The Contacts from the group list. Step 5: Go through the contacts and select the ones you want to delete. Step 6: Tap “choose action”. Step 7: Select delete contacts from the pop-up menu. Step 8: Now tap on remove from my iPhone. That’s it! You are done deleting your contacts. You can go into your built-in app and check whether the action has taken place or not. You will no longer be able to see the deleted contacts on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Groups might not be the most attractive application out there, but it certainly gets the job done, that too, for free. Conclusion Now you know a different solution on how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone. These methods are tried and tested methods, and hence, they are guaranteed to work if you can follow the steps accurately. We hope that this article was able to help you solve your problem. If there are any other queries, we are always here to answer them all. You simply need to drop your queries down below. Read Also: Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path in 2021 – Latest Updates Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? Top 7 Oldest Companies In America – Latest Updates! Which Best Describes The Difference Between Stocks And Bonds?