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Do You Know Of The Ways In Which You Can Use Copper In Minecraft? Well, We May Help You Find Out! Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games available online, which is adored by millions of players globally. However, if you are new to it, there are many things that you may feel intimidated by. I was, too. But that happens only at the very beginning of it. 

If you are coming across this blog, you and I both know the reasons behind it. It is the copper in Minecraft, isn’t it? 

Well, it is okay to be confused at the very beginning. It’s not possible for you to know every nook and crook of the game. That is why I am here, a fellow gamer, trying to communicate with all you Minecrafters to solve the issues that are stopping you from enjoying the game. 

So, if you want to know more about copper in Minecraft, stay with me till the very end as I unfold every detail about it. 

What Is Copper In Minecraft?

What Is Copper In Minecraft

Copper in Minecraft is a trusty old material that you may easily find while you play the game. Unlike the other treasured metals found in Minecraft, copper is the easiest to find and a lot easier to dig. It is a building material of choice, and you may easily smelt it into many fancy-looking blocks and many other specialized accessories. 

Copper in Minecraft does not have the same versatility as iron; it is available in abundance. Hence, it is one of the perfect choices if you are willing to use it for your brand-new monument or project. 

Where Do You Find Copper In Minecraft?

Where Do You Find Copper In Minecraft

Like every other metal in Minecraft, you can mine copper from the underground. However, there will be times when you may find it pretty close to the surface, just like coal.

Copper in Minecraft comes in two variants:

  • A regular version that you may find in stone.
  • A rare version that you can find in a deep slate. It lies in the deeper underground layer and is a lot tougher to find. 

What Is The Use Of Copper In Minecraft?

When we talk about the use of the metals in Minecraft, iron’s efficiency tops at all given points. However, you must not overlook the copper either. It is a rare metal that can be used in multiple different ways. 

Construction And Decoration

Construction And Decoration

If you smelt raw copper or copper ore, it will give you a copper ingot. When you combine together nine copper ingots, you get one block of copper. You may place or stack these blocks of copper to make floods, walls, roofs, and much more. 

If you stack four blocks of copper in the shape of a square on the crafting table, you will get four cut blocks of copper in Minecraft. You can place these the way you do with regular copper blocks but can get score lines cut through it. 

Once you get the blocks of cut copper, you open a couple more options for yourself. 

You may craft six slabs of cut copper by flinging the bottom row of the crafting table with cut copper blocks. And, if you place these blocks of cut copper on the crafting table in a staircase shape, you will craft four stairs of cut copper. 

If you have a stone cutting table, you may also use that to create cut copper stairs and slabs instead. 

Lighting Rod

Lighting Rod

If you have been playing Minecraft for the longest time, you would know how disastrous a lightning storm is. It is even more dangerous if you live in a jungle or forest. 

If you have three copper ingots, you may make a lightning rod. You need to place the three ingots in a straight vertical line on the crafting table to make a lightning rod. 

When you place it, the lightning rod will help attract and divert the strikes of lightning in the whole area. Therefore, the strike directly hits the rod instead of the trees. This is a very effective way to avoid bushfires or forest fires. 

The lightning rod is capable of diverting all lightning strikes that fall within the radius of 128 blocks in Java Edition and 64 blocks in Bedrock Edition. 

Note: If you are placing the lightning rod on a flammable block such as grass, wood, etc., it will still cause fire. That will, however, be limited to a small area around it. 



A spyglass is a kind of telescope, and you may use it to zoom in on those items that are far away from you. If you have the Optifine mod installed, it acts like the inherent in-game version of the Optifine Zoom feature. 

If you want to make a spyglass, you need to combine two ingots of copper in Minecraft with one amethyst shard. Then, you need to place the combination in a straight vertical line on your crafting table. The shard of amethyst goes on the top slot. 

Once you are done making the spyglass, you need to place it in the hot bar and take it out. That’s it! You can now use it to zoom the distances. Just hold down the use button the whole time. 

How To Wax Copper In Minecraft? 

How To Wax Copper In Minecraft

Just as it happens in the real world, the copper in Minecraft will also oxidize once it gets exposed to air for long time periods. This can become annoying for those decorators when their desired color of the metal turns into an unpleasing green color. 

Luckily, Mojang offers players of Minecraft a way to protect the copper locks from oxidizing. You can use wax from the bees. All you need to do is take a copper block and use a honeycomb on it. This will turn your normal copper block into a waxed copper block. 

If the player is looking for honeycombs, they will be required to look for the bees in multiple biomes. Once they spot one, they will have to wait patiently until the honey is available. 

Once there is enough honey, players can make use of shears to extract the honeycomb

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from Minecraft players all around the world. 

Can You Make Copper Tools In Minecraft?

Yes, you can make copper tools in Minecraft as long as you have the right Minecraft mods. 

Can You Make Copper Armor In Minecraft?

Copper is a different metal as compared to the other metals available in Minecraft. Therefore, it will not be easy to make armor out of copper in Minecraft. However, you can do the same by using different Minecraft mods. 

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is indeed one of the best games out there. It is simple, fun, and time-consuming. It is also very relaxing and can help you in those times when you feel overwhelmed or ambidextrous. There are multiple gaming styles that players all around the world follow and enjoy the games in their own ways. 

Copper in Minecraft is an essential metal. It is easy to find and serves multiple benefits when used in the correct ways. 

While copper may oxidize over time, you can wax it to keep it looking brand new!

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