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Is It Ok To Play Cosmic Values On Pet Simulator X?

Cosmic Values is a platform that players primarily use from the popular Pet Simulator X to measure the value of their pets. This website is popular for its reliability and regularity of updates. This is what makes it the one-stop source for the PetSim X community. 

An additional bonus is the Cosmic Values Discord bot. It gives the players access to the value list. Moreover, the players may also seek assistance from the staff. Therefore, Cosmic Values is an essential tool for everyone who is trying to make a mark within Pet Simulator X. 

However, you need to remember that it works as a guide and must not be taken as an authority platform on pet values. This is because the estimates depend on two vital criteria – player interactions and market trends. 

Both these factors fluctuate in nature. Therefore, it is crucial that players keep checking their latest values on Cosmic Values. 

If you want to know more about Cosmic values, then stay with me till the end of this article as I uncover everything there is to know about Cosmic Values. 

What Are Cosmic Values Within Pet Simulator X? 

What Are Cosmic Values Within Pet Simulator X

Before you get ahead with using Cosmic Values, you must understand what they actually are on Pet Simulator X. 

In Pet Simulator X, players are assigned a pet with different values, each of which reflects their worth. Players may do this with the denomination of gems. Cosmic Values are representations of the pets regarding their rareness and their desirable appearance. 

You may determine the Cosmic Value by using the actual trends that are going on in the market and the interactions between the players.

Therefore, it is a safe way to measure the value of the pets in Pet Simulator X. In simple terms, Cosmic Values are mandatory if you are playing Pet Simulator X. 

How Can You Use The Cosmic Values Website? 

How Can You Use The Cosmic Values Website

To start using the platform of Cosmic Values, you will first have to access their website. Once you land on the homepage, you will come across a number of menus and options. This is how you may navigate through them: 

Access Check 

Before you start, it is important to make sure that the website has a secure connection. Look for a tiny padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar. This symbol is an indication of a secure connection. This will help keep your data safe. 

Discovering The Values 

The generic feature of the Cosmic Values website is the listing of the pet values. Here, you may look for any pet and discover its current value in the game. 

Booth Values 

Cosmic Values go through constant evolution. As we speak, their team is working on the booth value for each of the pets. It is a feature that will offer even more insights into the worth of your pets. 

Which Are The Most Famous Pets On Pet Simulator X? 

Which Are The Most Famous Pets On Pet Simulator X

Let us have a look at some of the most popular pets on Pet Simulator X. 

Golden Titanic Jolly Cat 

This is a cat that you will not get very easily, and even when it is available, the time span of its availability is way too short. Its gem value is 135T. 

Pixel Demon 

This is a very precious pet that has a value of around 7 million gems. If you wish to hatch this pet, you would need a Pixel Egg. 

Huge Green Balloon Cat 

If you have a Royal Egg, then this is the most treasured pet that you may hatch. The usual value of this pet is 90 billion. 

Huge Pony Pet 

The huge pony pet has a hatching chance of only 1.5%, and its value is 600 billion gems. 

404 Demon 

This pet is Mythical and has a hatching chance of only 1%. Though its value is only 700K gems, it is considered to be one of the strongest. 

Which Are The Expensive Pets Available On Pet Simulator X?

Which Are The Expensive Pets Available On Pet Simulator X

Not all famous pets are expensive; neither are all expensive pets famous. Here is a list of some of the expensive pets available on Pet Simulator X:

Huge Pumpkin Cat

It is an expensive and rare pet that has a value of approximately 150,000,000,000 worth of diamonds for a generic game version. 

Grinch Cat

This pet has a value of 1.2B gems. This pet is an Exclusive pet as well. 

Helicopter Cat

This cat has a value of around 340,000 gems. While the value may seem less in comparison to the others, it still has a high demand. 

Scary Cat

The generic version of this pet is valued at 175,000,000 gems. It was available back in 2022 as a Halloween Gift. 

Huge Party Cat

This cat is pretty expensive and has a value of 340,000,000,000 gems for the normal game version. This pet is rare and cannot hatch. Players may only get it in a trade manner with other players.

Social Media And Cosmic Values

The team of Cosmic Values has a significant presence on multiple social media platforms. There, they come up with the updates and communicate with the PetSimX community. 

Twitter, Or X

You may follow the official account of Cosmic Values on the X platform to get news and updates on pet values. 


Not much to your surprise, Cosmic Values also has a server on Discord where users may join discussions to share their thoughts about the game. 

Cosmic Values Vs. Their Competitors

Cosmic Values indeed is a popular choice of game among players of Pet Simulator X, but there are other options too, like PetSimX Value, where you may play as well. 

Each of these platforms has its own unique advantages and features. Therefore, it is better to explore multiple available sources. This will help you have a wider understanding of the values of your pet. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from fans all around the world.

1. What Is The Cosmic Value List Exclusive?

Here is the list of the top three. For more, you may visit the website for more details.

Dominus Astra

  • Demand: 6/10 
  • Gem Value: 125B
  • Value Change: +40B
  • Pet Tier:
  • 5 Points

Galaxy Dragon

  • Demand: 5/10 
  • Gem Value: 180B
  • Value Change: +17B
  • Pet Tier: 3

Storm Wolf 

  • Demand: 5/10
  • Gem Value: 160B
  • Value Change: +65B
  • Pet Tier:
  • 5 Points

2. Are Cosmic Values Accurate? 

As I mentioned earlier, Cosmic Values offers the estimated value of pets depending on player interactions and market trends. Therefore, the data is fairly reliable. 

3. How Can I Contribute To The Cosmic Values Platform?

While there is no solid answer to this, just like every other player, you can interact with the social community and provide your insights as a way of contributing. 


The universe of Pet Simulator X is overwhelming, particularly when trying to measure your pets’ value. If you want to get the most out of your Cosmic Values website, you need to remember that Cosmic Values is a guide. It is not the absolute authority over pet values. 

You must also check regularly for updates on booth and pet values. Engage as much as you can in the Cosmic Values community. This will give you all the additional insights.

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