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Is It Ok To Use The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz To Do Makeup?

Makeup is fun. For someone like me who obsesses over makeup 24/7, there is nothing more relaxing than being able to do it. It is nothing but a way of therapy. 

Every time you dip the brushes in those colored powders or take a blob of foundation on your palm, the way it all blends in – it is simply heaven. However, makeup is a little more than just what I said. It is art. There is no other way to describe it. And art is never easy. There is a lot that goes on behind achieving the perfect makeup look. 

Understanding makeup is a tough job. If you want your makeup to look flawless, there is a lot that you need to learn before you start exploring those palettes and brushes. 

People have different face shapes, skin types, and textures, and definitely different preferences. Once you sort these things out, makeup becomes a lot easier and achievable. But sorting is the one thing that gets challenging. With so many products and so many references, confusion is very normal. This is where you need most of the guidance. If you are guided enough on the right track, this will become a lot easier in the future. 

Dear Peachie, The makeup quiz is a set of questions that help you understand and sort your preferences even better. This quiz is very effective and helps you understand the basics that could help you get a better hold over your makeup skills. 

In this article, we shall discuss everything about the dear Peachie makeup quiz and why it is very helpful regardless of your experience with makeup. 

So, let us get started. 

What Is The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz? 

What Is The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz

It is nothing but a makeup quiz that includes twelve questions relating to your facial features. By answering these questions, you may be able to reveal exactly which archetype would match your face. It is just an analyzer for the shape of your face, which recommends which styles would suit your face the best. 

For the ones that are unfamiliar, Dear Peachie is a popular YouTuber who makes makeup tutorials. Because she is popular for being the actual developer of the makeup archetype quiz, the name for the quiz is given after her name. 

Questions For The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz 

If you are wondering what questions are there, here is the exact list that may help you solve your confusion. 

1. How would you describe your face shape?

2. How would you describe your facial features? (i.e., your eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows)

3. What size are your eyes?

4. Your jawline is

5. Which of these descriptions matches your lips best?

6. From the side, how would you describe your nose?

7. From the front, the width of your nose is

8. The tip of your nose is

9. How would you describe the lower third of your face (the bottom of your nose to your chin)?

10. Your natural brows are

11. How would you describe your facial features?

12. Which of these celebrities do your facial features match best?

While there were just the questions, if you ever choose to take the Dear Peachie makeup quiz, you will find multiple options listed under each of these questions. Once you answer these questions, you will get an accurate suggestion as per your answers. 

How Does The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz Work? 

Dear Peachie, The makeup quiz will analyze your facial features to be able to identify your matching makeup archetype. Typically, it will determine the shape of your face and your facial features, like the shape of your eyes. Then, it will suggest to you how that will affect the makeup that you must wear. 

To take this quiz, you must be aware of your own features. This way, you may be able to put the accurate information to get the most accurate results. 

What Are The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz Archetypes? 

What Are The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz Archetypes

Once you take the quiz, you will get the result that will give you any one of the eight archetypes for your face. These eight archetypes are: 

  • Elegant 
  • Ingenue 
  • Romantic 
  • Classic 
  • Natural 
  • Dramatic 
  • Gamine 
  • Modern 

Let us now see what each of these archetypes resemble – 


This archetype fits the soft and rounded faces. It resembles a more childlike beauty, delicacy, and gentleness. It mainly suits makeup types that include sweet, cute, energetic, and cool. 


This is an archetype that is a resemblance of gracefulness, serenity, and delicacy. Makeup styles like the Rich Girl or the Korean Ladylike are some of the best options for you to choose from. 


This type focuses more on feminine features. These include softness, sensuousness, and alluring beauty. It would mostly fit makeup styles like the Retro Hong Kong Girl or the Flirtatious Cute. 


This is one of the most popular ones among all the other archetypes. This one is a resemblance of effortless beauty, casualness, friendliness, and easygoingness. It matches makeup styles such as Mori Kei Style or Gentle Ladylike. 


As its name suggests, this archetype is all about formality and conservativeness. It symbolizes feminine confidence and mature beauty. The No Eyeshadow Makeup Look or the Cool Minimalistic Look are the best fits. 


Only very few people get the Dramatic Dear Peachie archetypes. But it is one of the most unique ones. This archetype is a resemblance of intensity, dignity, charisma, and extravagance. The Fiery Mean and Thai are the looks that match this archetype the best. 


This archetype is all about boldness, immaculacy, and confidence. All the vibrant and attention-grabbing styles, including Siren Makeup, Cut Crease Eye Makeup, and Smokey Eye Makeup, are the best matching styles with this archetype. 


Courageous and refreshing, this archetype is the resemblance of a slightly masculine and young beauty. This look has a little tomboyish touch, which matches the best with the Soft Grunge and Airy Boyish. 

Is The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz Really Worth It? 

Well, this one’s for you to decide. There are multiple makeup quizzes on the internet that may help you get to a conclusion about your makeup styles. This is also just one of many. 

To ensure that it is at all worthy is the choice of an individual. Makeup is all about practice. Even if you are not taking the quiz slowly with practice, you may easily be able to learn the different styles that suit your face the best. 

The Bottom Line

Dear Peachie, The makeup quiz is one of the most popular makeup quizzes on the internet. It is effective and accurate. As long as you are giving all the accurate information about your face shape, you can be assured of the results. 

However, there are other makeup quizzes available online that are just as accurate as this one. But the best thing you can do is practice by yourself. This way, you can actually understand your face shape and what suits you accordingly. 

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