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Difference Between U.S. Green Card And U.S. Citizenship

-Who does not want to become a US citizen?

You might be a permanent resident acquiring US citizenship. You can also get a green card so that you can live and work permanently there.  

Both green cards and US citizenship are quite similar in terms of living in the USA permanently and working in the country. But are they completely alike? Of course not; there are areas where both concepts vary one from the other. Apply for U.S. Citizenship or green cards to live your dream.

If you are trying to get into the land of opportunities, you must know between a USA citizen and a green card holder. The article discusses the difference between US citizens and U.S. green cards. So stay till the end to know the difference.

Difference Between The Green Card Holder And The USA Citizens

There are some areas where there is a huge difference between the green card holders. In order to understand this clearly, you need to know about the responsibilities and the benefits that an individual gets as a green card holder and a USA Citizen. So let’s try to understand this here.

Responsibilities And The Benefits Of Green Card

Benefits Of Green Card

You have certain responsibilities and benefits you enjoy as a green card holder.

1. Visa Approvals 

If you have got a green card for you, it means you can work and stay permanently in the USA. But you can not have all your family members facilitate entry into the US soil. So yes, you can apply for visas for your husband and wife and the unmarried children. Contact a Citizenship lawyer and get the required assistance. 

2. Social Security 

The USA. green card holders can get the social security benefits that the government provides. Besides the social security benefits, you can also enjoy supplementary security benefits.

3. Federal Benefits 

Besides the federal benefits, you also get other benefits like food stamps and temporary assistance for economically backward families. In this case, the government officials will make a study on how long you have been living in the USA. 

4. Services 

Besides the private sector, you can also enjoy some government sector jobs, but not all. There are certain branches of government jobs where you can provide your services to the country. 

5. Traveling Outside 

Being a green card holder, you can travel in some countries but not for more than one year. If you stay outside of the USA for more than one year, it can affect your green card ownership in the country. 

Responsibilities And Benefits Of The Permanent Resident Of The USA 

Permanent Resident Of The USA 

If you are a permanent resident of the USA, you have certain responsibilities. At the same time, you can enjoy certain benefits that green card holders might not get. Let us try to understand precisely the rights and benefits that permanent residents have in the country.

1. Elections

One of the basic differences that you have with green cards is the elections. You can represent different chairs to hold offices through public elections. This automatically denotes that you can cast your vote in the local, state, and federal elections. A green card holder can not fight an election and cast their votes.  

2. Visa Approvals 

The permanent citizens of the USA can apply for visas for their relatives to stay in the country. Here green card holders can apply only for visas only for a few people. But on the other hand, US citizens can apply for visas for husbands, wives, and unmarried children. Other than this, they can get citizenship for children who are born abroad.

3. Traveling Outside 

US citizens can travel in foreign countries with a US passport. When you reach the country, you can seek protection from the Embassy of the USA or the US consulate situated in that particular country. But it’s better that you visit the allied countries to get the fullest protection. 

4. Public Services

The US citizen can be called to join the army when the country calls for some national duty. However, this is not applicable to USA green card holders. 

Concluding The Discussion 

So one can easily understand that there are certain areas where the Citizen and the green card holder share huge differences. Though, apparently, they look like there are some major differences. We hope that you have understood these differences to get a better understanding of things.

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