How Safe Are The EMFs Emitted By Your Smartphone?

How Safe Are The EMFs Emitted By Your Smartphone?

The modern era is seeing a rapid boom in the expansion of electronic devices. This has raised concerns about the health impact of electromagnetic fields. Specifically the emission of electromagnetic radiation by our mobile devices. The digital era of human life is seeing their constant use, making it quite difficult to escape EMFs exposure and its health risks. 

As per experts, both medical and non-medical, it is a cause of concern as several health risks are associated with the ceaseless use of smartphones. 

The following article investigates the safety level of smartphone radiation and the impact of EMFs. 

Understanding EMFs from Smartphones

You might not be aware that your electronic devices are surrounded with electromagnetic fields. So when you are using your smartphone then you are exposed to areas of energy that are filled with electrical and magnetic forces that influence our body’s functioning. This is known as EMFs exposure.

The World Health Organization classifies low-frequency EMFs as possibly carcinogenic for our body. This can lead to an increase in glioma, which is a type of brain cancer that is associated with usage of wireless phones. 

But this classification needs more research to verify these findings about EMFs exposure. 

Generally smartphones emit radiofrequency radiation (RF), during transmission of information over networks.

These RF radiations are a type of EMF. The radiation level depends on networks your smartphone uses like 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. RF radiation level also depends on your signal strength and the distance you are from the signal tower.

Potential Health Risks of Smartphone EMFs

Potential Health Risks of Smartphone EMFs

There can never be smoke without fire, so there must be some truth to World Health Organization classification of EMFs exposure leading to increase in carcinogenic diseases. So, let’s see what health risks are associated with EMFs exposure. 


In the debate whether electromagnetic fields (EMFs) cause cancer due to prolonged exposure to smartphones or other electronic devices, let’s analyze some studies regarding this issue. 

Several scientists are studying the effects of EMFs exposure on our body and its possible link to the rise in cancer. But no definite conclusion has been found in this topic. 

Just like how the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization, classified RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Here the term ‘possible’ shows not a definite classification to link both these factors together.

Again, several other scientists have not found any significant evidence of a possible link between smartphone usage and cancer. 

Other Health Concerns

There are several health issues that are ‘potentially’ rising because of EMF exposure. These health issues are listed below.

  • Headaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Cognitive disruption

Still the conclusion of the cause of these health problems cannot be directly linked to EMFs exposure due to no definite proof. You cannot make a claim without proper proof to prove your claim. Your argument needs to have definite methodologies that proves your claim.

Reproductive Effects

Another potential effect of smartphone EMFs exposure researchers have explored is on our reproductive health. 

As per some studies when you are exposed to radiofrequency radiation it can lead to decreased sperm motility in males. Therefore the sperm’s viability also decreases. In females, EMFs exposure can decrease female fertility.

You might have noticed that in both of these studies the term ‘can’ has been used. This term highlights the claims might not be definite.

The Emerging Concerns about 5G Technology

Presently a new health concern regarding EMFs exposure has come to the forefront due to the introduction of 5G. The 5G network is the next generation of wireless technology that offers high connectivity in smartphones and tablets.

You might be curious as to how the 5G network can create a new health concern for us? It’s due to the power antennas used in transmitting information through 5G networks. You see these antennas expose us to even higher frequencies than 3G or 4G networks. 

With higher frequencies you will be able to enjoy high speed data and get better connectivity in your smartphone. This is why 5G is becoming popular among netizens while scientists are worried about the effects of these high frequencies.

Incorporating these new technologies prompts discussions about the possible dangers of 5g, as the denser networks require more antennas, thus potentially increasing EMFs exposure for you.

Mitigating the Risks: Best Practices for Smartphone Use

Are you worried that these claims of the World Health Organization might have some truth? Then there are some things you can do to avoid health problems related to high exposure to electromotive force.

You can adapt to the best practices for smartphone use by adhering to these recommended safety guidelines. When you adjust your way of interacting with electronic devices then you can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields. Thus ensuring your safety. You also utilize these electronic devices safely in your daily lives.

Listed below are the best practices for smartphone use:

Regulatory Standards and Safety Limits

You cannot expect a claim made by the World Health Organization regarding EMFs exposure to be disregarded by other regulatory organizations. So in response to these health issues regarding the EMF exposure resulted in some changes in the guidelines.

The U.S. FFC or the Federal Communications Commission have set limits on smartphone RF radiation. As per these guidelines a limit has been set in the sale of smartphones that need to follow a safe level of EMFs exposure.

Practical Steps to Reduce Exposure

Users can take several practical measures to minimize their exposure to EMFs from smartphones. These include:

  • Use any hands-free device such as headphones or Bluetooth headsets, which helps increase the distance between the smartphone and your body.
  • You can limit the duration of your calls and try to send texts or use other forms of communication that do not require the phone to be held close to the head.
  • If you are traveling in any high-speed vehicles like a car, bus or train, you can avoid using smartphones. As the strength of the signal is weak as you are traveling at high speed.These activities cause phones to emit more RF radiation as they attempt to connect to new cell towers.

The Role of Further Research

The existing research on the health implications of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure from smartphones offers valuable insights but still needs to be more conclusive, signaling the need for further investigation. 

Scientists universally acknowledged the importance of additional research to draw definitive conclusions. Particularly critical are long-term studies that monitor individuals over extended periods. 

Such studies are crucial for a more comprehensive understanding of the effects of chronic exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation. These longitudinal studies would help identify potential delayed or cumulative health effects, providing a clearer picture of the risks associated with routine smartphone use.


The safety of EMFs emitted by smartphones is a complex, ongoing topic in public health discourse. While the evidence of serious health risks is inconclusive, it is prudent for you to adopt measures that limit your exposure to these fields. 

As technology advances, so must your understanding of its implications on health, emphasizing the need for continued research and updated regulatory standards to protect public health.

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