Fashion Giant Zara Faces Boycott

Fashion Giant Zara Faces Boycott Over ‘Sickening’ Campaign Resembling Gaza Destruction

The very new promotional campaign by the fashion giant Zara has caused tremendous outrage and shock, with the audience complaining that it promotes an underlying celebration of Gaza’s destruction.

The campaign, which is aimed at promoting a very new collection of jackets, portrays the model Kristen McMenamy, who stands in between rubble and mannequins that are completely wrapped in white, which resembles all the shrouded bodies of the victims of the indiscriminate war of Israel on Gaza, which had till date killed more than 18,000 people, which also included thousands of children.

The images had a strong resemblance of the damaged and destroyed buildings, with rubble spread out everywhere.

Melanie Eltruk, the chief executive officer of the Fashion house Haute Hijab, said about the campaign, “This is sick. What kind of sick, twisted, and sadistic images am I looking at?”

Zara had caused a number of controversies before when the Israeli franchise holder of the brand invited the extremist Israeli minister Itamar Ben Givr to his own house.

Another name from the fashion world, designer and entrepreneur Samira Atash, called to boycott Zara because of the campaign.

As per Zara, this series is what they call a “limited edition collection celebrating our commitment to craftsmanship and passion for artistic expression.”

However, the fashion brand is going through renewed calls for boycotts, where the hashtag #boycottZara has attracted more than 110,000 posts on the social platform X, which was known as Twitter formerly.

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