Have you seen the James Cameron movie True Lies (1994), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a secret CIA agent? Do you remember the funny (but mostly silly) story?  Now what do you think would happen if Arnie decided to pull off a similar stunt as a Netflix series? You will get FUBAR (F***** Up Beyond All Recognition).

Following a plot that is inspired by the movie True Lies (even starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold from the previous), this comedy thriller has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix since its release on 25th May 2023.

If you wish to get a brief description of what happens in this movie, its cast, characters, and whether a sequel is in development or not, read this post till the end.


FUBAR Series: Overview

FUBAR Series Overview

In this series, we see Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), A CIA agent on the verge of retirement, being sent on one last mission. His new mission – find and track Boro Polonia – a Spanish arms dealer. Luke was specifically chosen for this mission since Boro’s father was killed many years ago by Luke on a mission.

However, while he is on the mission, he witnesses the biggest shock of his life.  For this mission, he has partnered with Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro) – his own daughter. Both of them were surprised to see each other as they both had been secret CIA agents.

Now, with this deadly (and obviously dysfunctional) father-daughter partnership, they must track down Boro and capture him alive as he is transporting chemical and nuclear weapons. They have to do this while at the same time coming to terms with the new revelations that made their lives take a hilarious twist (similar to Jordan Peele Movies from back in the day).

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The main actors present in the cast of FUBAR are:

Arnold SchwarzennegerLuke BrunnerThe main protagonist and a CIA operative
Monica BarbaroEmma BrunnerThe daughter of Luke and the second protagonist. She is also a CIA operative.
Milan CarterBarryThe CIA Tech Officer of Luke’s Team.
Gabriel LunaBoro PoloniaA powerful arms dealer and the main antagonist of the show.
Fortune FeimsterRuth “Roo”A CIA operative under Luke’s team.
Travis Van WinkleAldon ReeseA CIA operative under Luke’s team.
Fabiana UdenioTally BrunnerLuke’s ex-wife and mother of Emma.
Jay BaruchelCarterEmma’s boyfriend. He is a kindergarten teacher.
Barbara Eve HarrisDotThe regional CIA director.
Aparna BrielleTina MukherjeeAn NSA data analyst supporting Luke’s team.
Andy BuckleyDonnieTally’s boyfriend.

Apart from the main cast above, there are some side characters with recurring roles appearing throughout the series. They are:

Devon BostickOscarLuke & Tally’s son and Emma’s brother.
David ChinchillaCain KhanBoro’s right-hand man.
Stephanie SySandyOscar’s wife.
Scott ThompsonDr. PfefferA psychologist overseeing Luke and Emma’s joint therapy sessions.
Rachel LynchRomiOscar and Sandy’s daughter.

Apart from the main and recurring cast above, some of the most notable guest appearances in FUBAR include:

FUBAR Guest Appearance
Adam PallyThe Great DaneA prisoner to be rescued by Luke and Emma from a Turkish prison.
Tom ArnoldNorm CarlsonAn interrogation expert for the CIA.
Sunny SandlerVictoriaA student in Carter’s kindergarten. Sunny is the daughter of actor Adam Sandler.
Sadie SandlerWinnieA student in Carter’s kindergarten. Sadie is the daughter of actor Adam Sandler.

Fubar Season 1 Episode List

Fubar Season 1 Episode List

So far, the first season of Fubar has eight episodes. Here are their titles, along with who their respective directors and writers are:

1Take Your Daughter To Work DayPhil AbrahamNick Santora
2Stole TrainHolly DaleScott Sullivan
3HoneyplotHolly DaleAdam Higgs
4Armed & Dane-gerousSteven AdelsonPenny Cox
5Here Today, Gone To-marrowSteven AdelsonCait Duffy
6Royally FlushedPhil AbrahamScott Sullivan & Lilian Wang
7Urine LuckStephen SurjikAdam Higgs & Michael Gutierrez
8That’s It, And That’s AllStephen SurjikNick Santora

Fubar Season 2 Release Date

Fubar Season 2 Release Date

FUBAR has become a big hit on Netflix (in spite of average critical reviews), while everyone expected Manifest Season 4 Part 2 to take this spot.

However, since it has become a big hit on Netflix with 89 million streams in the first four days after its release, you can expect FUBAR Season 2 to come in a year or two.

This could be made possible due to the warm reception received from viewers who loved this series (especially for Arnold and its comic undertones).

However, showrunner Nick Santora or Netflix have not officially made any statement regarding whether FUBAR Season 2 development is green-lit or not. I guess we simply have to wait now!

Fubar Season 2: What To Expect? [SPOILERS]

Fubar Season 2 What To Expect

At the climax of FUBAR season 1, we learn that Boro is not dead. In fact, he is still alive and has started to plot his revenge against the Brunner family, especially Luke

In the end, we also learn that Luke’s and Emma’s identities as CIA agents have been revealed publicly. This has turned them into potential targets for countless criminals while straining their familial relationships over their supposed double lives.

With such a bad situation for both Luke and Emma, they indeed have become F***** Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR).

Therefore, we might see this father-daughter duo team up for future missions in FUBAR Season 2. We might see them face off against other terrorist organizations. And all the while, Boro plans his grand comeback (more like resurrection from the dead).

Plus, you can expect lots of laughs and hilarious moments regarding Luke and Emma’s relationships with their other family members – who now know they are CIA agents.

However, there might be no FUBAR movie as many fans expect there to be.

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Conclusion: F***** Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR has been well received by critics and fans for its action, humor, and its familial, yet good tread of this series is a mix of family drama and spy-thriller. However, as Arnold keeps on getting older, whether or not we will get FUBAR Season 2 is still up in the air, as no official statements have been made yet. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope Season 2 arrives sooner than later after the twist ending of Season 1!

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