How long is a basketball game

How Long Is A Basketball Game As Seen In The NBA?

Regarding “Being American,” games like baseball, American football, and, most importantly – Basketball – define it thoroughly. Basketball is one of the most famous sports in the world that first originated in the USA. It’s easy to start playing but challenging to master. But in this game of throwing a ball through a hoop, how long is a basketball game?

If you have never played or don’t know much about basketball, then reading this post will be valuable. Therefore, continue reading to learn how long players run from one goal to another with a ball in their hand passed from one person to another!

How Long Does A Basketball Game Last?

Many people ask this question since basketball is a demanding sport. If you ever look at a basketball game, you will always see players on both sides of the court running on the court running from one side to the other constantly.

The first time I saw a basketball game (the legendary Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics match at the Eastern Confederate Finals 2012), I kept my eyes fixated on Lebron James the entire game. He moved and danced around the court as if it was his arena, where he dominated with 45 points.

After seeing that game, I thought all players must be exhausted. They have been constantly sprinting for so long.

But then, this question suddenly came to my mind – how long is a basketball game? Can I play basketball for that long, even with my friends? I can play for hours on end if I play the best games to play at school on computer.

This led me to start researching more and more about basketball. From its rules, history, techniques, and more, I got to know about its game length. On average, a professional basketball game lasts between 40 and 48 minutes. Here, matches are divided into four quarters of 10 to 12 minutes each. However, this will vary depending on the professional level and country you are playing in.

Most rules and regulations of professional basketball are set and managed by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Regarding American basketball or NBA matches, an average basketball game will last 48 minutes, with four 12-minute quarters. On the other hand, European basketball leagues have four quarters of 10 minutes each.

Basketball Game

However, when I sit down to see a basketball game, it easily takes around 1.5 hours for the match to finish. So what’s up here with the timings? How can a 48-minute game take 90 minutes to complete? What’s with the maths here?

After researching, I realized I still need to calculate the breaks and intervals between quarters.

In addition, I also realized one crucial aspect of the clock. Unlike games like football, where the timer goes on continuously, the timer of a basketball game stops whenever there’s any interruption. This means the timer stops instantly whenever a foul, injury, or point is scored. It resumes after the game starts again. Unlike football, basketball games do not have extra time at the end of quarters.

Plus, there is a two to three-minute break between each quarter. However, these breaks were extended to 15 minutes after the end of the second quarter, regarded as the half-time break. Therefore, approximately 30 minutes of extra time is spent in intervals.

Therefore, if you ask how long is a basketball game, it’s 48 minutes of playtime with 30 minutes of breaks. This results in the overall length of a match being around 70 to 80 minutes.

How Long Is A Basketball Game NBA?

In the world of basketball, nothing comes close to the NBA. It’s the most-watched basketball league, with an enormous fanbase and high-profile players. This is where the famous astoundingly skilled (and tall) players like Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant (RIP) became legends.

If you wish to know how long an NBA basketball game is, it consists of four quarters of 12 minutes each. Therefore, it lasts for a total of 48 minutes.

However, there are two three-minute intervals between the 1st and 2nd quarters and again between the 3rd and 4th quarters. However, if you wish to know how long is half time on basketball, it lasts 15 minutes.

There are several moments throughout the game where the ball goes out of court, fouls and injuries, and substitutions occur. You can add 10 minutes this way. Plus, both teams are entitled to two 2-minute timeouts, which the team can call on any quarter.

Remember the extra time if the match ends in a tie at the end of the 4th quarter. Two extra times happen for two halves of 5 minutes each. If it still ends in a tie, a shootout ensues, similar to penalties in  football.

15 to 20 minutes are spent on the so-called uncalculated “extra time” that increases the length of every match. Therefore, NBA games last for 90 to 100 minutes on average.

However, NBA Women’s basketball is different. Here, there are 8-minute quarters instead, making the entire timer last 36 minutes. Therefore, the whole game will last 60 to 70 minutes.

How Long Is A College Basketball Game?

College Basketball Game

The timings differ on college basketball games presided over by the NCAA (National College Athletic Association).

If you wish to know how long is a college basketball game half, then only two halves are played here. Both halves are 20 minutes, making the game last 40 minutes.

In addition, there is a 15-minute break between the halves. Since the timer stops when play stops for various reasons, breaks and timeouts result in 30 minutes extra. Therefore, college basketball games last for 70 to 80 minutes.

How Long Is A High School Basketball Game?

The rules in high school basketball, also called Junior Basketball, depend on the school. Similar to how long is a kids basketball game, the timings here are the same.

School Basketball Game

Most schools follow either two 20-minute halves or four 10-minute quarter systems. No matter which approach is followed, the game timer lasts 40 minutes. Count in the extra times, high school basketball games last for 70 minutes in general.

So, How Long Is A Basketball Ball Overall?

Since you wanted to know how long is a basketball game, it lasts for 48 minutes, as per the timer. However, in reality, it lasts for 90 minutes overall, considering extra time. The time is much shorter for high school and college basketball, including women’s basketball.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment down below!

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