How Pre-Employment Testing Can Help You Hire The Right Person The First Time

To ensure the success of any business, it is vital to hire the best employees who are not only highly skilled but also physically and mentally fit to perform their job duties. Occupational health is an integral aspect of ensuring employee efficiency and performance. However, employees do not come with their medical history on their CVs, making it challenging to assess their occupational health.

One solution to this problem is conducting pre-employment medicals through the help of an occupational health services to evaluate the potential employee’s physical and medical condition.

What is Pre-Employee Testing?

Pre-employee testing is a set of questionnaires a candidate must complete as part of the job application process. It is an effective way to understand the potential of the following candidate. In a nutshell, the pre-employment medicals will help you with the following,

  • The medical will help you rule out any health condition affecting the employee’s productivity.
  • The tests also include vision examination to eliminate color blindness or weak eyesight problems.
  • A hearing test is also required to rule out any hearing impairment.
  • Urinalysis to rule out any kidney issues or bladder issues. This test also rules out diabetes.
  • A drug test is mandatory to rule out substance abuse.

Here are the advantages of conducting a pre-employment medical to assess the occupational health of your potential employee.

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Advantages Of A Pre-Employment Medical

Pre-employee testing is fast becoming a norm in the presnt times as most companies, irrespective of their size, are looking to test the candidates. Different studies and observations established the efficacy of these medical tests. Let us look at them closely. 

Hiring The Fitting Candidate

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You want your employee to fit like the perfect puzzle piece in your organization. Not only do you want him to become an essential part of your organization, but also to improve the productivity and performance of your company. To find an exemplary candidate assessing his expertise and skill isn’t enough; you must also evaluate his medical history and current occupational health.

You need your new hire to be physically and mentally compatible with the job you are offering him. An unstable employee not only dampens productivity but also poses a risk to other employees.

Workplace Health Risks

Every company has a set of safety requirements; if your company lacks that, you must rectify it immediately. These safety measures help you protect your company’s reputation and keep all your employees from looming health risks.

Apart from that, to maintain a healthy working space, all employees should be up-to-date with the health and safety policy of the company. State laws and regulations require medical tests to be conducted in different industries.

Higher Productivity

Undoubtedly, a highly qualified and fit employee will last longer and help the organization’s productivity. A physically and mentally fit employee has more to contribute to your company. You avoid all health-related issues and insurance claims with a healthy employee.

Types Of Pre-Employment Testing 

Business organizations can use different testing methodologies to select the right candidate. This section discusses the different ways of conducting pre-employment testing. 

Knowledge Regarding  The Job 

The employers go through a job knowledge test to establish their capability to serve teh organization. With the help of the difficulties, the employer understands the skills of the employees. If the employee does well in the testing, then it establishes that the employee had been quite skillful in the previous organization.

Test Of Integrity 

Integrity tests are conducted to understand how reliable the employee can be in serving the organization. Here, the employer prepares a set of questions to check the integrity. The integrity of the employee may establish the fact that employers’ culture. It shows that the individual can work well with the other employees and work according to the culture of the employer.

Cognitive Ability 

The cognitive ability takes the tests of the employee and asks different questions regarding the mental capacity. The mind’s ability is one of the most significant elements of serving the business organization. It helps the individual test their own capacity.  One of the most common cognitive ability tests is the general aptitude test or GAT. It highlights your capability to use verbal, logical, and numeric reasoning.

Personality Test

An employee’s success depends, to quite an extent, on the employee’s personality. If they are good in the most inclement business situations and are able to work well under difficulty, it defines their strong personality. The ability to adjust according to the needs of the situation and participate actively in planning indicates a strong character. Some of the major personality tests to screen the employees include Hogan Personality Inventory, DiSC Behavioral Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire.

Test Of Emotional Intelligence 

With the help of emotional intelligence, you can analyze your ability to establish good relationships with people. If an employee has high emotions, they can fix the internal conflicts. It assists in relieving the anxiety of the coworkers. The employers use Barker’s assessment to test the individuals’ emotional skills to handle issues within the organization. The significant elements that’s get counted within it include adaptability, empathy, teamwork, and other skills.


occupational health is a critical aspect to consider when hiring a new employee. Conducting pre-employment medicals will help you make the best decision for your company, ensuring you hire the right fit and healthy employee. By prioritizing occupational health, you can promote employee performance, safeguard your company’s reputation, and ensure a healthy work environment.

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