how to delete messages on messenger from both sides

How To Delete Messages On Messenger From Both Sides?

Have you sent a message accidentally to someone whom you never intended to? And now you are biting your nail, what to do? If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you do not need to panic. All your need to learn is how to delete messages on messenger from both sides.

Most of us can relate to the situation where you send a message to the wrong person and can feel that churning sensation in your stomach. No matter whatever the reason was, you have made a mistake.  Fortunately, you can rectify it.

How To Delete Messages On Messenger From Both Sides?

how to delete messages on messenger from both sides

To delete the messages from both sides, you simply need to long prowess the message, select More > Remove > Unsend.

After tapping the UNSEND option, the message will be deleted from both sides. In other words, the receiver of the message will not be able to view the message you’ve sent.

However, if the receiver has enabled push notification, that shows what messages have entered in the locked screen. There are chances that the recipient has already taken a glance at the messages you have sent.

Regardless, you can follow the steps given below to delete the messages on messenger from both sides.

Tap & Hold The Messages

First, open the Facebook messenger application on your device. Once you are in the application, navigate to the message you want to delete. On the chat, tap, and long-press the message.

The process is similar to what you are more used to using, WhatsApp.

Select MORE

After a log press, three options will appear on the screen. The option is as follows:

  • Reply: It is for quoting back to the particular message.
  • Forward: This option allows you to forward the same message to other contacts.
  • More: It opens other options available to you. This is what you need in this step.

Just ignore the first town option, and select the MORE. It will take you to a new window with a new set of options.


After selecting MORE options, two new options: Remove and Copy, will be available to you. Select the Remove option.

By selecting the remove option, you will open up several deleting options. 

  • First, delete the current message from your end.
  • Second, to delete the current message from both ends.

The option you will be choosing is the later one that deletes the messages from both the end.


After selecting the REMOVE option, you will be given two more options: Unsend and Remove for you. To delta the messages from both sides, you need to select the UNSEND option. Once you select the UNSEND, the messages will be deleted from both ends.

NOTE: You need to be careful while handling these options; if you mistakenly delete your message from your end, you will not be able to retrieve the message, and hence, you will not be able to remove it from both sides.


We know that even after learning about the steps, you have a few lingering questions in your mind. Fortunately, we know what questions are those and have prepared answers accordingly.

When A Conversation Is Deleted, Does It Get Deleted From Another Person End?

No! It doesn’t work like that. The only way you can delete a message from the other side is by UNSENDING it by following the procedure we have enumerated above. If you want your conversation to be deleted from both sides, you have to individually “UNSEND” every message.

Can You Tell If Someone Deleted Your Message On Messenger?

No! You won’t be able to tell if the sender has deleted the whole conversation from both sides. However, you will be able to tell if somebody has deleted the message after sending it to you.


Sending messages to the wrong person can be embarrassing, especially when you send romantic messages to your better half and accidentally send it to your parents. Hence, you must double-check the recipient before sending any messages.

However, if you have already sent messages to the person it never meant to be, there’s a way to delete it from both sides. 

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