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How To Make A Link Clickable For Your Business And Why It Is Important In 2022

Whether you are doing an online business or an offline business, there is always a need to optimize that online. But why? 

In 2022, for any business website, technical SEO, page titles, and backlinks are important. For example, suppose you have a small company of marketing. If brands and other businesses search for “top marketing agencies,” and your company is at the top, then there is no doubt that companies will choose your company to market their brands. 

But how can you do that with backlinks and hyperlinks? These things are the most crucial for any business. But most websites do not use backlinks, so their websites do not perform well. In this article, you will learn about clickable links and why these links are important for a business. 

What Are Clickable Links

In simple words, clickable links are highlighted, and users can click on those for detailed information (Boris Johnson). Usually, clickable links are called hyperlinks. For example, you can see a lot of hyperlinks on Wikipedia pages. But how to make a clickable link? Before coming into the topic, let’s understand clickable links.

For example, suppose you are reading an article on marketing and branding. And there is content about branding, marketing, different strategies, and examples of marketing. And different marketing examples consist of hyperlinks. You want to know more about specific marketing, such as Social Media Marketing. If you click on the link, a new page will open, and you can read about the topic.

But why do SEO experts give clickable links? Suppose a website is getting a lot of traffic. If you give your website’s link on that website. Then there is a possibility that your website’s traffic will increase. Sometimes we find attractive topics to know more about. But, how to copy a link and make it clickable? Simply select your text, and there will be an option that says “Insert Links,” paste your link and then click on apply. 

Another example is that you are planning a date with your partner, so you search for date plans. While you are on a specific website, there you find a highlighted word saying “best gifts to take on a date,” you will definitely click on the hyperlink. I think you have understood clickable links.

What Are Hyperlinks?

A hyperlink or link is important to connect websites with each other. Marketers do this to make websites easily navigated. Are hyperlinks only in words? No, a hyperlink can be an image also. The hyperlinks need to be relevant to the topic (if a hyperlink says ‘Marketing,’ and the link opens a website that is about Tourism), and normally the link is embedded with images or words. 

Many of you have heard about “href,” which means Hyperlink Referral. This means that a link will take you to a URL, where you will be redirected to a new website. So, what does it call when text or words contain hyperlinks?

The texts are called Anchor Text, which takes us to new websites. Most of the time, anchor texts are highlighted or marked differently from other texts on a website. Now you have a good idea about Hyperlinks and Clickable Links, let’s move to Link Building.

Link Building

You have understood Hyperlinks and how people use them. So link building is the process. Search engines examine different backlinks and then decide on the rankings. If your website gets recommendations from other websites, then your website will be considered trustworthy and credible by the search engine. 

An SEO expert said, “Essentially, backlinks act as a vote of trust. The more high-quality backlinks your website has, the more likely it will earn higher rankings. But it is not like that, the more links you have, the higher you rank.” 

You don’t need to learn any coding to get the answer to how to make a link clickable in word. Copy the URL that you want to put on the hyperlink. Now, go to your website. Select the text where you want to put the hyperlink, and then insert the link. 

There are a few important to giving clickable links.

Rank Increasing

Rank Increasing

One of the most important things is that clickable links boost a website and give it a better rank. Also, this is one of the most effective matters that search engine considers before ranking your article. There are times when we search for a topic and end up reading a different topic. 

When it comes to ranking your website, search engines check all the backlinks that attach to your website. If your website has valid and quality information, then other websites will try to link their website with yours. In that case, you don’t need to put effort. But this thing will happen only when people know about your website.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

When it comes to giving clickable links to your website, more traffic will come for sure. If you get links from quality websites, the probability of high traffic is inevitable. And one of the best things is that the traffic will come organically. So, you don’t need to pay anything for that. 

Brand Exposure

Brand Exposure

Ranking your website and getting higher traffic are not the only good things you will get. Your business or brand will be known to many people. The more traffic you will get, the more people will know about your brand attached to high-quality websites, so your brand will get credibility and trustworthiness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that you may find interesting.

1. Does Link Building Still Work In 2022?

Google’s algorithm changes every time. But the link’s value does not change. So yes, link-building works in ranking. But the only difference is that you need to give backlinks to relevant businesses.

Why Are Links Important For A Business?

For SEO, links are crucial. The reasons are that business websites get both traffic and rank, and these two things are important. So the more you give links, the more you will get traffic. And with that, more customers will come.

What Is A Link Building Strategy?

The link-building strategy is used to improve search visibility. Usually, there are different link-building strategies, these are as follows.
⦿ Building useful links
⦿ Content marketing
⦿ Email outreach
⦿ Public relations
⦿ Broken link building

Further Words

I hope you have found this article interesting and informative. If you follow the steps, you can get the answer to how to make a link clickable on your Instagram bio. This will help you to market your business through your Instagram and other social media accounts.

If you find difficulties in giving hyperlinks and clickable links, you can tell us in the comment section below. 

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