How To Manipulate People

How To Manipulate People In 5 Easy Steps – 2021 Guide

Are you planning to manipulate anyone? If yes, then you must consider individual essential facts in the light of this fact. Many people have the question in mind how to manipulate people? You must understand one thing that controlling the minds of others is not that easy. You have to first understand the person whom you want to control. 

Developing your learning process in the right manner is the best way to improve your understanding level. Manipulative people have some common traits in them. They are smart people to analyze situations and persons to take the correct actions at the right time. You can read how to manipulate people’s books to get a better understanding. 

Different Tricks Of Manipulation You Can Apply 

Several tricks are there that you can apply to improve your tricks of manipulation. Therefore, let’s explore the facts to get a better insight into it. Some of the crucial facts that you must consider in this regard are as follows. You must know how to manipulate people in the right ways.

1. You Can Insult People With Humour

Insult People With Humour

You can insult people with humor; it is a smart tactic to apply to insult people. Sometimes hurtful comments with a flavor of humor can make you stress-free from a person you dislike, but you cannot show your anger directly. You must read how to manipulate people’s books.

If your comments make other people sad, you can win their minds by telling their weak areas and making them your fans with your humorous abilities. Do not show your reactions to others; instead, be proactive in your approach. To manipulate people is not a tough act if you act smartly as per the situation. 

Ensure that the other person does not feel annoyed because of your comments; instead, craft your comment with a sense of humor and intelligence. You must ensure that you have made the right selection of words and terms from your end. 

2. Change Your Subject To Avoid The Burden Of Responsibility

Avoid The Burden Of  Responsibility

If you are overburdened with responsibilities and want to avoid some extra burden off your shoulders, you must apply some smart tactics. In most cases, manipulative people tend to change the matter’s topic to shift the burden of responsibility to other shoulders. 

In most cases, people hate these people, but they are brilliant in handling situations properly. Do you need to understand that if you want to develop your career, you must know how to manipulate people? 

You have nothing to do with current circumstances. But you can change the scenario with your smart tactics. How to manipulate people’s books is one of the crucial questions that you must consider.

3. You Can Accuse The Bad Actions Of Others To Hide Yours

Accuse The Bad Actions Of Others

You can apply some smart tactics to shift the others’ attention from blaming you to the other people. Sometimes your wrong deeds may be caught, and in that situation, you can remind that person of his wrong deeds to escape from this situation.

A good manipulator is an expert in handling situations, and they know well how to react in a particular situation. If you want to know how to manipulate people, you must be well aware of the current situation. 

Ensure that your tactics work in your crisis so that you can get rid of that problematic situation. You must not make such a mistake that can make you pay dearly. 

4. Test The Limits Of Your Opponent

Test The Limits Of Your Opponent

A manipulator is a smart person who knows the limits of their opponents. If you are an expert manipulator, you have the right idea of manipulating people smartly. 

You must have a firm grip over your opponent’s thinking ability. You must know how to manipulate people to convert the odd situations in your favor.

It will help you to strategize things in the right direction. You must not allow others to control your mind. The more proactive you are in your approach, the better you can control people’s minds. 

Ensure that you have the right strategy to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way. Here you need to hit the other person’s weak zones to make him, or her listen to your words and take the corrective actions as per your need. The more proactively you can think, the better you can manipulate people. 

5. You Need To Hide Your Real Self

Hide Your Real Self

An expert manipulator is the best person to hide his or her real self to avoid any kind of uncomfortable situation. You must develop the right strategy to help you properly develop your skill sets. 

Sometimes your body gesture can speak more than your words. If you want to achieve your objectives, you need to hide your gestures first. Better to say that you must understand how to hide your real self as per the current situation. If you still have the question in your mind about how to manipulate people? Then you must follow the above steps. 

You must train yourself to hide your body gestures fruitfully from the person you want to manipulate. For that, you need to hide your true self and do not allow the other person to recognize your real intention and purpose.

Why Must You Know The Art Of Manipulation? 

A manipulative person can win the war without using a weapon. He is a smart negotiator and an extraordinary strategist. The best thing about a manipulator is he converts the adversities into an opportunity. 

If you want to know how to manipulate people, you must become a smart negotiator who can handle the situation best. A smart manipulator in most cases is a brilliant negotiator who understands the facts that the other person wants to hear from him.

You cannot make things just happen against you. A manipulator can turn the situation in his or her favor. A brilliant mind with a highly convincing capacity is a smart manipulator. 

How Can You Protect Yourself From Getting Manipulated?

Just mastering how to manipulate people will not take you anywhere. 

You must keep in mind that you are not the only one that can be a good manipulator. There are thousands of people in the world who have mastered the art of manipulation, and a thousand more are on the verge of mastering it. 

A master manipulator will not only know how to manipulate people easily but also protect themselves from getting easily manipulated. Here are some of the ways in which you can dodge a manipulator if they come across your way.

Postpone Your Response

One of the best ways of avoiding a manipulator is not giving them answers on the spot. They will constantly force you to pressurize you to give direct answers to their questions, but you just do not fall into that trap. Just remember, they are the ones on a timeline, not you. 

Therefore, whenever they ask you a question – both personally or professionally, keep them on hold. 

Question Their Motives

A manipulator will always have a motive behind the conversations they start. Therefore, you must always question the reasons as to why they are being so curious. Ask them questions like “why do you ask that?” or “what does this have to do with you?” 

You will notice how they back off quite easily as they avoid the spotlight from falling on them. If you see them trying to throw the spotlight back at you by using tactics like blaming, you can once again repeat your clarifying techniques. 

The more you ask them these questions, the less likely they are to bother you with their interrogations. 

Be Uninterested

People’s emotions fuel manipulators. The more you get excited or affected by their words, the more they will enjoy it and provoke you. 

Therefore, look as uninterested as possible. They will lose interest in you when you have a bored look on your face and won’t react. Refrain from giving expressions like fear, anger, nervousness, hope, impatience, excitement, or anything as such. Maintain a neutral demeanor and a calm voice, and look extremely uninterested in participating in their game. 

If you do not show any interest in them, they will eventually stop with their questions. 

Draw Boundaries

Learn to say NO. That is one of the best things that you can do to shut down a manipulator. Do not hesitate or feel guilty. A manipulator would not feel guilty for manipulating you whatsoever. 

A manipulator will never understand a direct NO to their face. They have this tendency to constantly push through your boundaries. In that case, say NO as many times as you have to.


Hence, if you want to become a manipulator of the human mind, you can follow the abovementioned points. You must not develop a negative attitude with this skill; otherwise, it can go against you at times. You must consider the facts over your emotions to become a smart manipulator.

If you still have confusion in your mind about manipulating people, this article can be of great help to you. A strong manipulator is a smart negotiator; he understands the situations, and the scenario well and then takes his actions. He knows your pain points and the weak zone.

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