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How To Post On Reddit – Step By Step Guide In 2023

We all have been through the phase where we are the “new kid” on certain social media platforms. So this article is for those who are feeling left out from using Reddit because they don’t know how to post on Reddit. 

But it should never be the case not using Reddit, or at least not learning how to use it. Keep on scrolling to know how to post on Reddit. 

“Reddit is a vast online community that covers everything you’ve ever thought of and quite a few things you haven’t. The website is a platform for the things its users or Redditors write and share online.” 

How To Post On Reddit On Mobile

How To Post On Reddit On Mobile

Like most people, if you are using Reddit through your mobile phone, then below are the steps; you will know how to post on Reddit through your phone. 

  1. If you have already downloaded the app on your phone, then open the app. 
  1. After opening the app, click on the “Plus sign icon” that is on the bottom of the screen of your phone. 
  1. Once you click on that, type anything you want, or you can add a picture or a video as your first post. You will find all the options from a menu at the bottom of the screen to show you how to post pictures on Reddit. 
  1. After you have created your first post, you now have to click on the button “Next” on the extreme top right corner of your screen. 
  1. After clicking on the next button, you will take to the next screen, where you have to choose a subreddit where you want to upload the post that you have created.
  1. Now you need to choose a few tags that you want to use, then paste them by clicking on the “Post” button. 

Well, there you go, you have successfully posited your first Reddit post, and it wasn’t even that hard as well, was it? 

How To Post On Reddit On Desktop

How To Post On Reddit On Desktop

Though not a lot of people use Reddit on their desktop, there is still a percentage who use it on both their desktop and mobile. So how to post on Reddit through your desktop?

  1. From a desktop, you can upload Reddit posts in two different ways. They are through subreddits or through your homepage. 

Through Your Home Page

After logging in, click on the “create” button to make the post you want to upload. On the create box, you can write whatever you want or even upload pictures or videos to upload as your first Reddit post. 

Through A Subreddit  

You can even post through different subreddits of your choice. Once you have selected the subreddit of your liking, now you can again create a post there in a similar way as before. 

  1. Knowing how to post on Reddit is quite similar no matter the way you wanna choose to create the post. 

Once you have found a subreddit of your liking or created a profile of your own, posting on a regular basis will come naturally. 

How Does Karma Work On Reddit?

How Does Karma Work On Reddit

“Karma is a bitch!” But not here on Reddit. 

A unique thing about Reddit is that you can upvote or even downvote each and every post on the website. 

The number of votes determines the relevance of the post; if a post has the most number of upvotes, that makes your post very relevant. 

But if your post gets a lot of downvotes, then your post will be removed automatically be removed. The whole voting system here on Reddit is like liking a post on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. 

What Is Reddiquette? And How To Get Good Karma? 

What Is Reddiquette

Now that you know how to make a post on Reddit, how to post images on Reddit, and what is the meaning of upvoting. Now it is important for you to get as many upvotes as possible to get a good Karma. 

There are some unwritten rules here on Reddit about what you should post and what you shouldn’t. These “rules” are called Reddiquette.

Receiving a lot of good Karma is a great way to maintain good reddiquette. To get good karma, you can comment good comments on other Reddit posts and upload good quality posts from your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

If you have any more queries regarding how to post on Reddit, here are a few questions that others have asked.

1. How Do You Post On New Reddit?

If you are eager to post on Reddit, then open Reddit to find the subreddit that you like and click on create post and start posting there.

2. Why Can I Not Post On Reddit?

If you are not able to post, then it is possible that you have broken the rules of a certain community, and the moderate removed you, or you have missed something.

3. How Many Karma Can I Post On Reddit? 

To post on Reddit, you would need at least 125 karmas and 75 karmas to comment on Reddit. The rules here on Reddit are quite different than on other social media platforms.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know how to post on Reddit, you can start getting more and more Karma and eventually start posting there on the subreddits of your choice.  

Reddit is a great platform to build a community of like-minded people and interact with them, and exchange ideas on a regular basis.

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