Human foods to dogs

 It Okay To Feed Human Foods To Dogs?

Human foods to dogs can be much more fatty and rich, which are problematic to digest. It may lead to vomiting, pancreatitis, and diarrhea. 

Human food contains an amount of sodium that is unhealthy for any human. Well, we love dogs, but that does not mean they have to eat what we eat. Due to the lack of knowledge, people do not know that dogs do not have the particular immune system that humans have. 

In fact, many of us are under the illusion that dogs can consume everything. However, nutritional aspects do not work in robust ways. We know our health, and we can understand when we feel sick, and we also can go to the doctor. 

But what about dogs?

Well, they do not understand what they need to eat or what not. They do not even understand if they are sick. So, we need to take care of the dogs we made pets and love. 

What May Happen If You Feed Human Foods To Dogs?

What May Happen If You Feed Human Foods To Dogs

Feeding your dog from your plate can be lovable and adoring, but it is unhealthy for dogs. You might think that you love them more, and the dogs would definitely love to eat from your plate. 

However, your pup does not know what to eat and what not to. And this gets more dangerous for them when you have no idea about their food and health.

Dogs Might Face Digestive Problems

Dogs Might Face Digestive Problems

Most human food is sodium-rich which is not good at all for dogs. They are not habituated to the fatty richness of our food. Even if you want to make them eat human food, you will see them facing severe digestive problems. 

So, this is not the area of an experiment that you want to apply to your lovable pet. 

They do not have a voice to let you understand if they feel digestive issues. So, you need to be their voice here. 

Table Foods Are Toxic For Dogs

Table Foods Are Toxic For Dogs

Human foods to dogs can be toxic. For a small insight, chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions, and almonds. 

Well, in this modern world, we do not get enough time for cooking. However, we have alternatives like ordering from restaurants. 

However, you do not know when it was made and what type of spices are used to make the recipe. We do not think twice about feeding our pets these outside foods. 

Even if you go for processed food, it uses artificial sweeteners; for instance, xylitol is very harmful to dogs’ health.

Dogs Might Gain Weight

Dogs Might Gain Weight

You might think that few human foods to dogs would not affect their health. But this is a totally wrong concept. In fact, a 20-pound dog with a single ounce of cheddar cheese can weigh like half a hamburger for a person.

For more clarity, 10% of the total daily caloric intake by a human can be dangerous for a dog. So, a few human foods to dogs can cause a huge weight gain of a dog and ultimately lead to heart problems, arthritis, and diabetes.

Dogs Might Face Unwanted Behavior

Dogs Might Face Unwanted Behavior

Being filled up with human food might trigger a dog’s behavior. It’s called begging behavior.

Well, when the dog knows that they eat the same thing that you eat as well, they might decide to take bites from the table.

So, it might be lovable for you, but when guests come into the home, they will not like these inappropriate approaches from the dogs. 

Well, dogs who are already filled with human food taste might not want to go back to their own foods. These behavioral changes can be difficult for the dogs to be healthy

Human Foods To Dogs: What They Can’t Eat 

Human Foods To Dogs What They Can’t Eat

There is a lot of human food that a dog cannot digest properly. For instance, nutmeg, lemon, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, tea, coffee, et cetera. Apart from these, we will provide you with a few to understand why those are not good for a dog’s health. 


Some people give almonds to their dogs. Well, you should avoid giving dogs almonds because these can block the esophagus. 

Apart from that, dogs do not chew food well. So almonds can tear the windpipe, and that also can be a sign of danger for the heart.


It contains theobromine and caffeine. Both these stimulants are not good for a dog to metabolize. Dehydration can be a prominent symptom for dogs if you feed them chocolate.

Darker and less sweet chocolates are more dangerous for dogs compared to milk chocolates. However, try to avoid chocolate completely for dogs.


Avocados contain persin. It is a particular toxin that is poisonous to dogs. 

Fluid accumulation in the chest and lungs of the dogs can lead to breathing difficulties. So, it’s time to avoid avocado from your dog’s meal. 

Human Foods To Dogs: What Can They Eat

Human Foods To Dogs What Can They Eat

There are some prominent Human foods to dogs that your dog can digest. For instance, apples, broccoli, chicken, sweet potatoes, coconut, pork, et cetera. 

However, we have added some food that can be a very good option. Well, let’s understand why they are good.


Fully cooked eggs are a good source of minerals and vitamins. It is the origin of a lot of proteins as well. Dogs commonly face nausea issues. Well, it is scientifically proven that eggs can help them get rid of this issue.


Go for cooked and boneless salmon. These are safe and healthy sources of food for dogs. 

Dogs sometimes face inflammation and skin issues. Well, feeding them salmon, which is omega-3 fatty acids rich.

However, remember that raw salmon might contain parasites and can be harmful to your dog. 


Don’t go for flavored oatmeal. Plain oatmeal is a safe food for dogs. With all other foods, try to balance your dog’s diet with oatmeal to reduce the process of weight gain. It will help them with maintaining their weight while improving their gut health eminently.

The Bottom Line

Feeding Human food to dogs isn’t really a safe option if we’re being honest. 

After all, our stomachs and their stomachs don’t work in the same manner. This, in turn, makes it difficult for them to digest everything we can. So, it’s better to stick to dog food in most cases.

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