Is it ok to be single forever? Does it scare you? Are you afraid of being the old single lady who is filthy rich and lives in her mansion with her beautiful cats? Oh, I forgot to mention the long list of lovers. I mean, it does not really sound like a bad idea.

I pretty much planned on being single, too. And I was for a long time. It wasn’t until a human incarnation of a cheesecake who ruined all my plans.

However, being single for a long makes you realize a couple of things. These are the same signs that you may have to deal with if you stay single for pretty long. While some are experts in dealing with it, others are not so much.

So, if you are ready to somewhat deal with the things I am going to mention in the rest of the article, maybe staying single is something you may give a try. But if not, it is not the cup for you to sip.


How Does Being Single For A Long Affect You?

How Does Being Single For a Long Affect You

Well, to begin with, I did not like myself. As someone who used to be in a relationship, staying single for five long years was a challenge. So, if you want to know if you can be single forever, you need to first see how you become as a person when you stay single for a long time.

I did not like myself, to be honest. I used to compensate for the lack of a partner with excess drinking and smoking. These were the only ways which could keep my mind diverted.

Being an emotional fool, staying alone was a big deal. In my mind, I kept on looking for company and the warmth of another human being. And when I could not find it, I settled with some of the most toxic ways of compensating for it.

I remember those episodes of day drinking, mixing up my drinks, and getting blackout drunk. It was unhealthy. But I had no reason to stop. I had nobody to stop me, either. I had no clue of what I was doing.

Now that I think about it, I realize that most of it was to get a bit of attention disguised as care. I did not even have the courage to acknowledge that a random man from the pub would not care for a drunk woman. They would pity me or give me their attention. But care? Never.

This was only what was there at the top. There are major psychological effects of being single for too long. Shocking? Well, it was for me, too.

Is It Ok To Be Single Forever? 

Is It Ok To Be Single Forever

While you may think it is a fascinating idea, and it is, there are underlying drawbacks. Being single for a long may have an adverse effect on your psychological health. Hence, it may take a toll on your mental health if you stay single forever.

You May Stop Being Charitable 

One of the major drawbacks of staying single for long is that you may not understand the concept that you need to move aside for anyone else to have something. Healthy relationships are built on compromise. This way, couples understand the concept of charity. Hence, singlehood for long might make you a bit too self-centred.

Less Empathetic

Relationships are built on what is unsaid rather than what is said. You will have to just look at them and understand what they are saying during the tough times. When you stay single for long, you lose your ability to empathize. This is because you have no one else to understand and comfort.

Low Self Esteem 

Being in a relationship means getting complements and bombarded with appreciations. Even if you are pretty self-confident, receiving complements may boost your self-esteem to the next level. When you stay single for too long, you may end up having a low self-esteem and a loss of confident.

Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships

Self-sabotaging is yet another drawback of staying single for long. Breaking out of a pattern is tough. When you finally get over it and give yourself a second chance, you may end up doubting your decision and the person you are with.

A Better Social Life 

Well, there are just a few silver linings of being single for long. You get to have the best social life. You get a lot of to spend with your friends and peers. Therefore, you can officially be a social butterfly.

Giving Up On Solitude Can Be Scary 

Relationships allow somebody else to be in your space. There, you would have to open your heart and trust that they are not going to break it into ten pieces.

This is actually a valid fear. However, when you stay single for too long, you start getting scared of the thought of giving up on your solitude. I mean, you have been okay with yourself for the longest of the time, right?

It Is Easy To Continue With The Unhealthy Habits 

When you are single, there is no one to stop. No one would warn you about the potential harms of whatever bad habits you are pursuing. You take up the opportunity to drink as much as you want and hit on anyone available. And you may just enjoy the fun that comes with it. When you get into a relationship, these habits are tough to let go of. They just creep back into your life. This is, in fact, a psychological effect of being single for too long.

Adverse Health Problems 

Being single may have adverse effects on your health. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mood disorders are the results of extended singlehood.

This means that even though you may not see any visible results right now. But it will have an effect on your life as it may proceed.

Embracing Solitude As A Positive Option 

Individuals who stay single for a long time consider solitude as an empowering option, not as a limitation. This allows them to build a content and fulfilling life beyond the traditional norms of a relationship.

The Bottom Line 

Is it ok to be single forever? Well, it certainly is if you are ready to deal with these psychological changes in yourself. Staying single is a choice. It is not something one should be pitied for.

Being the only person in your life may feel empowering for some time, but is it really the best when it comes to forever?

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