Is It OK To Drink Distilled Water

Is It OK To Drink Distilled Water

The 21st century might have endless good news for us, but health-wise, we are at risk. Over 7 million Americans fall sick every year from poor water quality. As such, there’s just one option- to drink distilled water for safety. 

But what if I tell you that drinking distilled water all the time has its own cons? Bummer, right? This is exactly why I have brought this article “is it ok to drink distilled water” to you. 

So, if distilled water runs in your family more than often, read this guide till the end. You might want to change your beliefs after reading this. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Water Distillation?

What Is Water Distillation_

Distilled water goes into purification through the distillation process. Water coming from natural sources, like regular taps, consists of multiple impurities. Minerals, harmful bacteria, pesticides- the list goes on. 

The process of distillation helps remove these contaminants from the water by partial boiling and condensation. After boiling, the impurities are left behind. The leftover steam on cold surfaces condenses to become distilled water drops. 

But then, how is it different from regular drinking water which has been boiled?

Distilled Water Vs. Boiled Water: Where’s The Difference?

Distilled Water Vs. Boiled Water_ Where’s The Difference_

Both distilled and boiled water undergo heating, but they aren’t the same. Boiled water means simply heating the water to its boiling point, while distilled water includes condensation. 

The distillation process is incomplete without boiling. However, in order to make purified water, you have to separate impurities from it both by physical and mechanical processing. 

But then, is it ok to drink distilled water? You might think!

Distilled water might be too pure to drink, which is why most industries use it for industrial purposes. It does not contain crucial minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium, which are growth generators for our body. 

In the distillation process, three main steps are included. Firstly, the conversion of liquid into vapour from a mixture. Secondly, one has to condense the purified liquid. And finally, they have to collect the condensed liquid as distilled water. 

Why Can’t You Drink Distilled Water?

Why Can’t You Drink Distilled Water_

Steam distillation in condensed water might remove chemical impurities from it and make it soft. But at the same time, it removes necessary mineral deposits, too. Hence, the problem begins. 

Here are some common reasons why you should never drink distilled water!

It Is Acidic

Both alkalinity and acidity of water are weighed in pH scales, which typically range between 1-14 range. pH value 7 is generally neutral. So, anything that measures between 1 and 6.9 on the pH scale is acidic in nature. 

On the other hand, substances measuring between 7.1 and 14 are considered alkaline. Doctors and healthcare physicians recommend drinking slightly alkaline water owing to its health benefits. 

Sadly, distilled water has a pH>7, which makes it acidic in nature. Now, acidic water isn’t ideal for drinking because as soon as it comes in contact with the air, it will absorb carbon dioxide.

The more such water remains open in the air, the more CO2 accumulates, which is not at all suitable for the human body. 

Absence Of Dissolved Minerals

We talked about how distilled water removes all minerals from the water. This includes calcium, potassium, and beneficial electrolytes, which end up making the water neutral. 

Ever since childhood, we have been taught how water nutrients, even in small quantities, help human health. Consequently, the deficiency of it will cause health problems. 

One might feel dehydrated by regularly drinking distilled water. Electrolytes in water not only give us energy but also keep us hydrated for a long time. Secondly, prevails magnesium deficit fatigue, which causes weakness and spasms. 

Those gulping distilled water too often suffer from headaches due to calcium deficiency. In severe cases, muscle cramps also take place within humans. 

Lactic Acid Builds Up, Which Result In Aging

Who doesn’t like aging? Honestly, nobody! But can we stop aging? Of course, no, as it is inevitable. But there are a few things that can slow down the rate of aging. 

Do you want to know what? Stop drinking distilled water! 

This particular group of water forms a layer of lactic acid, which causes an imbalance in the body. shares that free radicals refer to unstable atoms that damage cells and cause illness and aging. 

Acidity creates free radicals, thus interrupting the natural flow of molecules in cells. Acidic water damages healthy cells, which is why it should be completely avoided. 

Distilled Water Help To Produce Soft Drinks

Soda isn’t something beneficial for our health. Every day, we get to hear scary news about the consumption of soft drinks. 

There are so many risk factors surrounding it- diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and even high blood pressure. 

Soft drinks are generally made up of distilled water and carbohydrate-inducing factors. This is exactly why we don’t drink them every day, and the same remains true for distilled water, too!

Alkaline Water Can Be Readily Substituted

It is true that there are places where distilled water helps like in a medical setting. Places that need absolutely pure water (without any constituents) can take out the best of distilled water, 

It is also beneficial for sterilizing equipment used in operations. But when it comes to drinking, we put our thumbs down!

If you are habituated to drinking distilled water and cannot give it up easily, try alkaline water. They are rich in bioavailable minerals as well as therapeutic molecular hydrogen that promotes a healthy being. 

In What Circumstances Is It OK To Drink Distilled Water?

In What Circumstances Is It OK To Drink Distilled Water_

Drinking distilled water, really? You might be bubbled up with this question. But the good news is, in some cases, drinking this water might have its own set of benefits like:

It cures Arthritis

Drinking distilled water can cure arthritis, a few physicians argue. It washes out minerals and calcium deposited in joints, thus giving relief to patients. 

Decreases the possibility of Heart Diseases

A few epidemiological research points out how water hardness can result in cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Both the softness and hardness of water are checked by the mineral content of magnesium and calcium. 

Thus, when distillation makes them apart, you get soft water which is partially safe to drink. 

Low In Sodium

The 13% low-sodium preferred population relies on distilled water only because it has less sodium content in it. 

While tap water also contains sodium, the level is not as low as distilled water, So, your dietitian might suggest you drink distilled water if you want to maintain the sodium level content. 

Less Occurrence Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are nothing but hard mineral deposits that form in our kidneys. These stones are very painful when passed down and, in most cases, impossible to pass. 

Drinking distilled water helps to avoid mineral build-up that results in kidney stone formation. 

Saves You From Compromised Immunity

Are you having a compromised immune system that makes you sick every now and then? Don’t wonder, “Is it ok to drink distilled water?” because it is, in this case. 

Cryptosporidium is known for exacerbating illness which can be commonly found in drinking water. 

However, distillation removes this from water, and reverse osmosis kills the virus. Thus, you get a solid immune system!

Multiple Uses Of Distilled Water Apart From Drinking

Multiple Uses Of Distilled Water Apart From Drinking

Owing to its 100% purity, distilled water gas has various applications. Some of them are in our daily lives, too. Check out its uses: 

  • Cosmetic Products: Ingredients commonly found in cosmetic items have to be entirely pure and toxin-free. Well, guess what facilitates their production? Yes, you got it right. Distilled water acts as a solvent that helps to transfer the benefits of this product smoothly into the skin. 
  • Medical Applications: Hospitals and clinics make use of distilled water for sterilizing medical instruments. Distilled water also helps to prepare patient food, clean wounds, and prevent infections within the facility. 
  • Food Canning Procedure: Several food canning industries use distilled water to ensure the quality, taste, and color of the food intact. Added salts might alter the flavor, but distilled water has less sodium, which has zero impact on the taste. 
  • Application In Lead-Acid Batteries: Car batteries are prone to getting heated very often. They need a coolant that can cool the engine and help the car to restart. Distilled water is mainly used for this purpose. 

Concluding Words

So, what’s your take on drinking distilled water? Will you continue drinking it, knowing that it might pose multiple health conditions? Trust me, the decision is tough. 

But for your assistance, I can suggest one thing. You may drink distilled water, but only in a limited amount. Also, refrain from gulping it every day. Witness the change in your health when you drink both normal and distilled water. 

As a health-conscious myself, I can never rely on something that might give me a temporary solution but causes permanent problems. 

Having said that, here comes an end to this article! Thank you for reading it till the end.

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