Protein shake is one of the most favorite drinks among people who are regular at the gym or love to maintain their health. While we like to nibble on a chocolate bar before bed, they prefer sipping on a glass of protein shake. You may now be asking if is it ok to drink protein shake before bed. Well, it is. There is nothing wrong with having a glass of protein shake before you finally lay down on your bed.

This is a lot like having a glass of milk before going to bed as a kid. The key benefit of doing it was for the protein that milk had. Protein shake acts as milk for all the gym lovers.

In this article, we shall discuss why it is in fact a good idea to have a protein shake before bed, along with all the practical guidelines that may help you avoid all the potential pitfalls.

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Is It Ok To Drink Protein Shake Before Bed?: The Benefits

Is It Ok To Drink Protein Shake Before Bed The Benefits

Once you calculate the amount of protein that you regularly get from your diet, you may be able to compensate for it by taking protein shakes. Drinking protein shakes before going to sleep helps improve muscle mass, speed up weight loss, and improve energy.

Develops And Preserves Muscles

Drinking protein shakes before going to bed will enhance the overall MPS or the Muscle Protein Synthesis. It is a biochemical process that is important for developing muscle mass. Our muscles go through the constant cycle of Muscle Protein Synthesis and Muscle Protein Breakdown. However, prolonged training may accelerate MPB.

Having a protein shake before going to sleep would help in maintaining a positive balance of protein at the time of the cycle, which is necessary for muscle building.

When you fall asleep, the chances for your muscles to receive stimulations remain pretty low. However, if you have enough protein in your body while you are going to sleep, it would increase the chances of building and preserving the muscles at rest.

Improves Energy

There is no doubt that protein is an excellent source of energy in the body. An increase in your lean muscle mass would boost your energy levels. This would help you work for the longest periods.

As per a study in 2016,

“consuming 40 grams of protein in the form of a shake before bed promotes skeletal muscle adaptive response. Your adaptive response indicates endurance for rigorous exercising and resistance training. A protein supplement before you sleep enhances muscle repair and reconditioning,leading to increased strength.”

Accelerates Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose weight, drinking a glass of protein shake before bed is one of the best things that you may want to try out. Drinking protein shakes before bed will not only help in stimulating the MPS but will also push your metabolism into overactivity.

Your body requires a lot more energy to absorb properly and digest all the protein that it is having before you finally fall asleep. To digest all these proteins, your body burns extra calories even while you are sleeping. This would lead to a good amount of weight loss.

However, to do so, you would also have to keep in mind the amount of calories you are putting in your body. If you are drinking protein shakes at night, make sure to account for the calories that it would be adding to your diet.

Types Of Protein Shakes That You Would Want To Try Out

There are three major types of protein powders that you may try out: casein, whey, and soy. All of them help in muscle stimulation in different ways. Your body digests whey protein faster. This provides immediate MPS. Therefore, whey is one of the best drinks that you may try out after a workout.

Casein and soy, on the other hand, digest a lot faster. This means it prolongs MPS throughout the night. Casein protein works the slowest. Therefore, it is the best option for recovery throughout the night.

Try not to be alarmed if you have to try out different experiments to find the best protein shake for yourself. For instance, if you feel like the heavier shakes are making it difficult for you to sleep well, switch to a lighter blend.

If you are unsure of how it is going to be for you at night, just give it a try on the day prior. A lot of people suffer from digestive issues. For them, it is preferable that they try out the protein shake when their metabolism is working actively during the daytime.

Frequently Asked Questions!!! [FAQs]:

Q1. What Type Of Protein Is Best?  

Ans: The primary sources of protein include casein, whey, pea, soy, and rice. Soy, casein, and whey are the only complete sources of protein. They contain all of the important amino acids. There are meager points to differentiate the benefits that you get from soy, casein, and whey. However, casein is the best of all.

“Choose a high-quality protein powder, ideally one that is fermented and vegetarian-based, as many people react to whey and lactose in traditional protein powders. When a protein powder is fermented it increases its digestibility and absorbability in the intestinal system,” as per Brittany Ford, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

“Use high-quality ingredients to go with it like full-fat coconut milk, organic greens like spinach, and low-sugar fruit like berries. You can also add a scoop of protein powder to yogurt for a snack if you don’t want to drink a protein shake.”

Q2. Does A Protein Shake Before Bed Disrupt Sleep?

Ans: This varies from one person to the others. People who have a good metabolism may easily digest protein shakes before sleep. However, the ones who can’t may find it troubling to sleep with the consumption of high protein.

Q3. Is It Fine To Have Multiple Protein Shakes In A Day?  

Ans: Yes, it is totally fine, especially if you are facing a protein deficiency in your diet.

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The Bottom Line

“Is it ok to drink protein shake before bed ?” Well, it is completely a healthy habit to have protein shakes at night. They stimulate muscle growth, help in weight loss, and balance the level of protein in your body.

However, if you have trouble digesting, it is better if you try it out the day before. This would help you see your body’s reaction to it at an active stage of digestion.

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