Is It Ok To Eat Raw Oats?

Is It Ok To Eat Raw Oats?

Eating healthy is our number one resolution for each year. In the list of healthy foods, raw oats have made a timeless entry. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they are also packed with a multitude of nutrients for the body. 

One cup of raw or dry oats consists of nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium. It also contains 307 calories, which is good news for your gut health. 

Scientifically known as Avena sativa, oats are very popular for their health benefits. In this article, we will be discussing ‘Is It OK to Eat Raw Oats’ every day and what the possible considerations are. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Do Raw Oats Consist Of?

What Do Raw Oats Consist Of_

Belonging to the category of whole grain, raw oats are something digested easily. But we cannot gobble the kernels, which is why they have to be processed in the following ways:

  • Picking the oat groats and separating them from the hull
  • Moisture or heat treatment
  • Categorization and sizing
  • Miling and flaking

Oat flour, oat flakes, and oat bran are a few end products. Generally, people relish raw or cooked oat flakes as their favorite breakfast. 

You can also boil them while preparing porridge or oatmeal, as it is a perfect breakfast option during winter. Oat kernels undergo a consistent heating process, which makes them more digestible. 

Highly Nutritious Content Of Raw Oats

Since it is a plant-based protein, we all know that oats are rich in fiber. But did you know that they are rich in other nutrients as well? One cup or 81g of raw oats mainly consists of:

  • 55 grams of carbs
  • 307 gms of calories
  • Fiber for 8 gms
  • 11 grams of protein
  • Fat for 5 gms
  • 27% of Magnesium
  • 43% Of Selenium
  • 27% Phosphorus
  • 6% of Potassium
  • Zinc for 27%

Apart from these nutrients, raw oats are also full of soluble fiber, which is an advantageous dietary fiber. It mixes up in a gel formula when digested properly. So, those thinking, “is it ok to eat raw oats?” once in a while, should start consuming it. 

What Are Some Of Its Notable Health Benefits?

What Are Some Of Its Notable Health Benefits_

All this while, we talked about how raw oats are better for digestion. But it’s time to be a little detailed about the information. So, here it goes:

Keeps A Check On Blood Sugar Level

Blood sugar control is crucial for the health of type 2 diabetes patients. Those dealing with difficulties in producing insulin, a blood sugar-regulating hormone, should always keep their sugar level in check. 

Beta-glucan is an important element that reduces blood sugar as it can form a gel-like substance in the human digestive system. 

As our stomach digests all carbs and drains other content, this viscosity reduces its speed. This has direct links with reduced blood sugar levels post-meal and helps stabilize insulin production.

88 people were combined for a 4-week study who had been taking high blood pressure medicine. More than 70% of them were consuming four gms of soluble fiber, which helped them pause their medication for a while. 

And guess where does most of the fiber coming from? Raw Oats!

Maintains Low Cholesterol Levels

Beta-glucan, a common ingredient found in oats, reduces cholesterol like none other. It acts by gelling up in your small intestine and promotes better gut health. 

Furthermore, the gel limits the ingestion of dietary cholesterol and disturbs the reabsorption of bile salts. It plays a critical role when it comes to the metabolism of fats. 

Studies have demonstrated that every day, consuming at least 3 gms of raw oats or beta-glucan can bring down cholesterol by 5-10%. 

Additionally, a test-tube study reveals that raw oats dispense almost 26% of beta-glucan at the time of digestion. This is much more than cooked oats which only produce 9% of it. 

So, consuming raw oats impacts fat metabolism and also promotes healthy cholesterol levels. 

Raw Oats Benefit Heart Health

The list of raw oats does not end there- they also support a healthy heart. High blood pressure is a major reason for cardiac arrests, which could be kept in control with the help of raw oats. 

A study with 110m people determined that those dealing with high blood pressure consume 8 grams or more of soluble fiber oats every day. Not only did it help in reducing diastolic and systolic blood pressure, but it also kept the heart healthy. 

People eating 5.5 mg of raw oats daily experienced a major drop in their systolic blood pressure, which was a healthy sign. 

Thus, consuming soluble fiber comes with a number of benefits, including keeping you away from cardiac diseases. 

Your Gut Health Remains Strong

Fourthly, raw oats have an impeccable ability to support healthy bowel as they increase fecal bulk. So, is it ok to eat raw oats? You bet!

It is mostly because of the insoluble fiber present in raw oats which is easily digestible. The intestinal bacteria find it difficult to ferment with insoluble fiber as their soluble counterparts do, which maximizes the stool size. 

It is estimated that your stool weight can increase by 3.4 grams if you eat raw oats every day. Everyday intake of oat fiber also helps to treat constipation, as more than 20% of people are affected by it.

Raw oats consist of organic oat brands that are easily available on the market. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Intaking whole-grain cereals such as oats in a significant quantity reduces obesity and the possibility of weight gain. This is partly because soluble fibers give you a feeling of fullness for a long time. 

Increased fullness feelings have connections with reduced food consumption as they suppress your appetite. 

Two different research portray that consuming oats not only helps you keep fuller but also suppresses the need to eat every four hours. Thus, one can easily work on losing weight if they have been eating raw oats. 

How To Eat Raw Oats?

How To Eat Raw Oats_

There are multiple ways of adding raw oats to your diet that can enhance your health. Some of the common procedures are listed below: 

Soak Them Overnight

Prepare a healthy, power-packed, and delicious batch of oats by soaking them overnight and get a balanced breakfast. Secondly, combine equal portions of oats along with liquid to give it a nice consistency. 

Shake or stir the formula for some time, and then throw it in the fridge. You’ll wake up to an amazing breakfast the next morning. 

A lot of people love adding fruits or flavorings to give the mixture a yummy turn. And guess what? You can do it with raw oats, too. So, what’s stopping you from treating your taste buds with an explosion of flavors and tastes?

Turn Them Into Energy Balls

Prepare a bowl full of energy-rich oats by adding dry fruits and nuts with it. Energy balls are the best options for those running out of time in the morning yet looking to be full through the day. 

Not only do these balls come with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, but they also keep your cholesterol in check. 

Bite them after your meal, or simply add them as your lunch for 6 days straight. You are surely going to see some changes in your digestion and metabolism after eating raw oats. 

Oats In Your Smoothie

Spice things up by mixing oatmeal in your daily smoothie. Make sure you get a thick, creamy texture that indicates extra fiber. This helps your stomach to be full for a longer period of time. 

There shouldn’t be a problem adding raw oats to your smoothie if you are already using instant or rolled oats. These oats are already cooked in light steaming and have been toasted, too. 

They give a crunchy flavor and are also packed with various health benefits. Kids might not want to gobble the smoothie as it is. Hence, for extra taste, you can add cocoa or strawberry powder. 

Whole Oat Groats

Oat groats refer to hulled oat kernels, which are its outermost, inedible layer. You need to remove it from the oats and add them to salads or stews instead. 

Oat groats shouldn’t be cooked for more than 50 minutes after soaking. They need overnight soaking to make the cooking even better. This recipe is ideal for people who don’t want to consume raw oats. 

Make sure you soak them well because not doing so might slow cooking. Also, put them in a pressure cooker for instant results. 

Oatmeal Breakfast With Chocolate and Dry Fruits

Are you new to oats cooking? Then, you must try this super easy recipe, which is quick and gives you exactly the same health benefits as raw oats. 

Boil oats on low flame and subsequently add dry fruits or chocolate of your preference. After all, who doesn’t love delectable oatmeal that’s power-packed with the goodness of milk, nuts, and rolled oats?

Do try this delicious bowl if you want to give up on your usual oatmeal!


So, is it ok to eat raw oats? What do you think now? Oats are rich in fiber, which streamlines human digestion to a great extent. 

However, if you have a poor bowel movement, make sure to consult your dietician before consuming raw oats. But its boiled version, for example, in a porridge or oatmeal, will cause no harm to you.

Also, you have the option of blending it with a taste of your choice! So, what are you waiting for?

Bless your heart and gut health by consuming a healthy breakfast in the form of raw oats! Follow us for more information.

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