is it ok to have sex everyday

Is It Okey To Have Sex Everyday? – Is It Safe?

Is it ok to have sex everyday?

A lot of you may have the question if it is ok to have sex every day.

Well, if you thought that sex was just an act of pleasure, you are quite wrong. And even if it is for the sole purpose of pleasure, there is nothing wrong with getting under the sheets every day.

Sex is beautiful, hot, and apparently the best thing in the world. I am literally at a loss of words to explain how exhilarating it feels to get intimate with your partner every day.

Understanding Sex…

With bodies tangled, sweat dripping down, and running out of breath – it indeed is the best thing on the planet. So, when something feels so amazing, why not do it whenever you can?

Sex with the right amount of trust, passion, lust, and intimacy can become an addiction. It physically aches not to be able to touch your partner for long when the sex becomes that good.

Personally speaking, sex is like worshiping. Devoting yourself completely to your partner, and submitting yourself physically and emotionally, is the ultimate beauty of sex.

What Do People Usually Say About Sex EVERYDAY?

What Do People Usually Say About Sex EVERYDAY

A lot of people may feel that having sex every day may not be the best option; however, I have some anonymous responders that beg to differ.

“Yes, and on a LONG term basis. As part of what we were doing years ago to help improve our sex life, we negotiated a schedule. It started off very modestly.. once a week. The schedule took all the arguing and resentment out of pleading or negotiating for sex. It happened, and it got better. We both knew it was going to happen, we both started looking forward to it and as it got better, we decided to change the schedule to twice a week…. Twice a week moved to three times a week, and when it got to every other day… She sat me down, and she said she wanted to take control over key aspects like when we would make love and a few more details.” 

When you start enjoying sex, it becomes as normal as breathing, eating, or taking a shower.

I had no clue if I could perform every day. Was if this was going to get stale, which could be disastrous… I figured I would try, and the worst that would happen is we could decide to scale back to every other day if we needed to…

Well, twelve or so years later, every morning we get up early, mostly she wakes me up, and we spend a quality hour on foreplay, oral sex for her, sometimes with a vibrator, and then intercourse.

For us, this is OUR normal… for others, this is insanity… I know we at ANY age, let alone a long-married couple old enough to be grandparents, is a bit unusual, but the fact is we both enjoy and actually look forward to making love to one another every morning.

However, sex not only gives you the ultimate level of pleasure, but it also has other benefits too. It relaxes your mind, helps in releasing stress, and gives you better sleep at night.

And let us not forget; sex burns a lot of calories; hence having it regularly can cut down on your gym costs too.

So, if you are getting all these benefits, then why not have them regularly?

In this article, I will take you through the benefits of regular sex so that you can finally know if it is ok to have sex every day!

Key Points To Remember

  • Having sex regularly is not a bad thing. Sex is only a bodily need. So you do not have to feel guilty by satisfying your needs regularly.
  • Sex not only gives you pleasure, but it also has other benefits, which I will be talking about further in the article.
  • Your choice of partner may vary or remain the same; no judgments!
  • However, you must always practice safe sex. Contraceptives are a must. Not only will it protect you from unwanted pregnancies but also from any sexually transmitted diseases

Is It Ok To Have Sex Every Day?

Have Sex Every Day

Now that I have boasted about the fact that it is okay to have sex every day, now let me take you through the benefits of having regular sex.

As I have said before, sex is not just an act of physical satisfaction; it is so much more than that.

Here are the benefits of having sex regularly:

Helps To Sleep Better

Intense sex releases a hormone known as Oxytocin, which is also known as the happy hormone. An increased level of oxytocin, along with endorphins in your body, helps in boosting intimacy and gives your body the urge to have sex regularly. An increase in these hormones helps in sleeping better, and if you are sleeping well, then:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Stronger immune system
  • Keeps you energetic for the whole day

An orgasm or masturbation can also lead to good sleep. Sex just accelerates the process.

Lowers Stress Levels

Sex releases an excessive amount of endorphins in the body, which is an excessively good stress buster. Therefore, having sex regularly can actually control your stress levels and help you maintain a better life.

Reduces Blood Pressure Risks

When your stress levels are low, the pressure in your blood also stays low, hence reducing the risks of hypertension.

You Look Younger

The morning glow that we dream of is no longer a myth. If you suffer from skin problems like dry skin or acne, try having sex every day. Trust me; you will see visible results in no time.

Develops Intimacy

Having sex regularly with your partner can peak your intimacy levels. Not just physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy.

After all, sex is so much more than just a physical act when done with the right person.

Some of the other benefits of sex may include:

  • Reducing Cancer Risk
  • Relieving Period Cramps
  • Good For The Heart
  • Maintains Hormonal Balance
  • Lowers Depression

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, by now, you know if is it ok to have sex every day.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex regularly as long as you are practicing safe sex.

So, stop feeling guilty, and start living your fantasies as much as you can. Moreover, if you have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

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