is it ok to masturbate

Is It Ok To Masturbate?

Do you remember the first time you masturbated? Did it feel weird? Like, you had no idea what was happening, but boy, oh boy, it did feel good. Didn’t it? And, of course, you can never really forget the regret that follows. And the immediate question you typed out on Google was, “Is it ok to masturbate?” wasn’t it?

You know the confusion and the taboo that surrounds masturbation is legit. People talk a lot about physical and emotional growth, but no one is ever prepared to discuss sexual growth.

Parents just assume that whatever they all went through, their kids won’t. That just does not make sense. A lack of guidance from the parents eventually leads to this.

In this article, we shall discuss every detail about masturbating, and when is it ok to masturbate and when it is not.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is one of the simplest things that you can do for yourself. It is what we call “self-care.” I mean, who would know your body better than you? Masturbation is the process where you just need to touch your genitals to please yourself sexually. You may do it with just your hands or with a sex toy if you wish to. 

Just know that it is absolutely normal to touch yourself like this. Whether you are married, single, in a relationship, divorced, or anything else, you can masturbate on your own, with, or in front of your partner. *wink* 

For most people, masturbation is the very first sexual experience that they have. And trust me when I say this: everyone remembers their first. There is no way that you can ever forget it. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. I remember mine pretty well. While it did feel awesome, I was also confused if I should have done it. But years after it, I realize now that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

It helps you understand all the needs and desires of your body in such a way that it uplifts your sex life as a whole.

Is It Ok To Masturbate?

Is It Ok To Masturbate

“I’d like to know if it’s ‘OK’ to masturbate. Recently, when I’m by myself, I use it as a stress reliever, and I feel great afterward. But I see online sites that are saying it’s ‘wrong’ and ‘dirty.’ I really want to find out whether it’s normal or weird.” 

– Unknown User. 

This is something that genuinely makes me mad. It’s unbelievable that there are websites guiding people in the worst possible ways. Well, I don’t really know what God has to say about masturbation, but from a medical point of view, it is normal. Let’s be practical here. It is necessary for every individual to be aware of their bodies. If they themselves are not aware of what their body likes and dislikes, there is no point in expecting someone else to please them.

More than anyone else, it is very important for an individual to be able to be aware of themselves sexually. Be it a man, a woman, or anyone who identifies beyond these two genders, masturbation is normal for everyone.

However, this practice goes against the norms and beliefs of some religions. Maybe that is the reason why you are coming across so much conflicting information online. However, there is no way that one can weigh the religious consequences of masturbation, so we’ll just stick to the physical ones. And to say the least, it is indeed a very safe practice.

So, if you have masturbated recently, just know that there is nothing wrong that is going to happen to your health.

Rumors surrounding masturbation and its physical consequences are kind of not true. There is no way that masturbation will: 

It affects your ability to conceive in the future. 

  • Stunt your growth. 
  • Give you an STD. 
  • Ruin your eyesight

Is Masturbation A Common Practice?

Well, you would be surprised to see how common masturbation is as a process. As per the self-pleasure report of TENGA, in 2020, around 71% of the American population agreed that masturbation, in fact, made their moods better and was a form of self-care.

It was also reported that 71% of Americans are totally okay discussing self-pleasure with their partner, and 51% of the people are fine discussing about it to their friends.

Some other stats from the report are: 

Identifying factors Percent that masturbates 
Dating 18% 
Married 44% 
Single 38% 
Straight 88% 
Men 54% 
Women 46% 
Black 14% 
White 56% 
Hispanic 21% 

What Does Masturbation Do?

What Does Masturbation Do

There are a number of reasons why people like to touch themselves. It just makes them feel good. However, studies suggest that there are other benefits that you may get from masturbation. These benefits include: 

  • Releasing sexual tension 
  • Reducing stress  
  • Boosting concentration 
  • Improving sleep  
  • Improving mood  

These effects are associated with the hormones that are released when you are sexually aroused or, as we call it, “turned on.” These hormones are:  

  • Endorphins: This hormone reduces pain and gives you a sense of wellbeing.  
  • Dopamine: This is the “feel-good hormone.” It controls all your emotional responses.  
  • Oxytocin: This is the “love hormone.” It is involved in childbirth, sex, and breastfeeding. It develops a feeling of trust and empathy.

Is It Ok To Masturbate Before Sleep?

Well, I have been guilty of doing it. Masturbating before sleeping is not such a bad idea if you ask me. It helps you release a number of hormones which helps you sleep well. However, there is not much research in this area yet.

But yes, a lot of people claim that they sleep better when they masturbate before sleep.

“No. Masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy, and doing this just before bedtime seems like the best time for it since it’s relaxing and helps you fall asleep. 

Why not make it a date and have a cup of hot chocolate before masturbating in the shower before going to sleep? That way, you’ll be super-relaxed and clean and sleep like a baby.” 

Is Masturbation Really Safe?

Is Masturbation Really Safe

It is normal to masturbate as much or as little as you want it. If you do not feel like masturbating at all, that is just fine, too. 

When you do it all by yourself, masturbation is the safest sex you can indulge in. There are no pregnancy or STD risks whatsoever. However, if you take it to the next level and masturbate with your partner, just make sure you are washing your hands in between the process. This way, you may be able to avoid the contamination of any STDs when you touch yourself and immediately touch your partner. The very same rule would apply if you were using sex toys on yourself and the person you are doing it with.

Benefits Of Masturbation

If you already did not know, masturbation is actually a healthy practice. There are a number of ways it can help your mental and physical wellbeing.

While there are very limited studies on the advantages of masturbation, there are a few when it comes to the benefits of stimulation and intercourse. Research and anecdotal reports say that sexual stimulation, especially stimulation through masturbation, may help you:  

  • relieve built-up stress 
  • relax
  • boost mood
  • have better sex
  • sleep better 
  • feel pleasure and enjoyment 
  • relieve cramps 
  • release sexual tension 
  • prevent Trusted Source anxiety and depression 
  • better understand your wants and needs 
  • improve self-esteem

As per a very old study back in 2015, married women who engage in masturbation experience higher self-esteem, more orgasms, an increase in their sexual desire, and more satisfaction with their sex life. 

Couples may even decide upon mutual masturbation to get to explore their different desires, alongside avoiding pregnancy.

Is It Ok To Masturbate During Pregnancy?

There is a severe change in hormones when it comes to pregnancy. One cannot even imagine the type of changes a woman’s body goes through when they are pregnant. This means the sexual desires of a woman are at their maximum level when they are pregnant. Hence, masturbation is one of the safest ways to release this sexual tension during pregnancy.

Self-pleasure would also help ease out the pregnancy symptoms, like pain in the lower back. There is a chance that you might come across irregular and mild cramping or the Braxton-Hicks contractions once you have orgasmed.

It should just fade away. If that doesn’t happen and the contractions become intense and more painful, rush to the doctor immediately. 

Women who are at high risk with their pregnancies are advised to refrain from any sexual activities. Orgasms may just induce an early labor. However, there are conflicting research about it. 

Side Effects Of Masturbation

Side Effects Of Masturbation

You really thought I had nothing bad to say about masturbation just because I was speaking of all the good stuff? Well, that is not the case. Everything that feels good would definitely have some side effects to it. However, if you are just a little more cautious, these side effects would not be a big deal for you.

Masturbation And Guilt

Some people have the chance to feel guilty because of masturbation due to spiritual, cultural, or religious beliefs. There is nothing immoral or wrong about masturbation. And yet, you may come across people who feel that masturbation is “shameful,” and “dirty.”

If you at all feel guilty about masturbating, you may just have a discussion with someone you trust and move on from the feeling of guilt. That is if only you feel like doing it.

Well, we all have watched Sex Education. So, if you can, get yourself a Dr Jean Milburn, go for it. A therapist specializing in sexual health may just be the answer to your problem.

Addiction To Masturbation

This is one of the major problems among the youth. There are so many people suffering from a masturbation addiction. But how would you know that it is becoming toxic? Well, here is the list of symptoms that may say that it is high to keep your hands away from your pants. 

  • Skipping daily activities or chores  
  • Missing school or work  
  • Cancelling plans with family or friends  
  • Missing important social events  
  • Not being able to develop intimacy with your partner  
  • Nothing really satisfies you more than yourself  

Masturbation may just be too extreme if it ends up harming your relationships or just interrupts your studies and work.  

It will definitely have a negative effect on your romantic relationships or friendships. This is because you do not really prefer spending a lot of time with the ones you love or considering their needs.  

If you feel like you are masturbating too much, contact a doctor or a therapist. They may suggest to you the ways in which you may be able to cut down on the habit of masturbation.

If you do not wish to go to a therapist, just try out some of the ways on your own. You can try:  

  • Writing a journal  
  • Going for a run 
  • Going for a walk  
  • Spending time with your friends or family  
  • Meditation  
  • Reading a book

Masturbation Tips For You To Consider

Let me be very clear and concise: masturbation is healthy. Let the world bark as much as it can; as long as you have control over it, masturbation is the best form of self-care there is.  

There are very few people who can proudly claim that they masturbate. There are a number of benefits that you may get from masturbation. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the experience even better for you. So, allow me to break them down below:  

  1. Always make sure that you have clean hands or clean whatever you are masturbating with. Hygiene is the most important consideration here.  
  1. Make sure you actually want to do it. Like, do not do it just because you are bored. Make sure you are aroused enough to masturbate.  
  1. Try not to watch porn every time you are doing it. You have a finely working brain, so IMAGINE!!  
  1. Remember that masturbation is only a substitute for the real thing. So, if you are getting the opportunity to get laid, just jump into the bed right then.

The Bottom Line

So, the next time you question yourself, is it ok to masturbate? Just know that the answer is a firm YES. There is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself. I mean, who would know your body better than you? So, there is no need to deal with the unnecessary guilt.

However, there are certain precautions that you would have to take if you feel like masturbation, is your thing. Do not make it an addiction. While it may feel fantastic, make sure you are not crossing the line.

As long as you have that under control, masturbation is the best thing you may indulge in. 

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