Is It Ok To Put Baby To Sleep Without Burping

Is It Ok To Put Baby To Sleep Without Burping?

Is it ok to put baby to sleep without burping them? This is one of the most common questions when it comes to new parents. It is always a constant concern for them to burp the baby before putting them to sleep. Even if it means waking up the baby and struggling to make them settle again.

But do you really need to burp your baby before putting them to sleep?

Do you really need to burp your baby at all?

Well, this is a moment of dilemma. A lot of parents will argue that it is one of the best practices to burp the baby before putting them to sleep, while others will argue.

In this article, we shall discuss everything that new mummas and papas need to know about burning their little human before going to sleep.

Why Do Babies Need Burping?

Burping a baby is a time-consuming job. You cannot miss out on the effort it takes, either.

Most of the time, new parents prefer burning their babies before sleeping simply because that was what their parents did as well. Some parents even learn it from the parenting classes they go to before giving birth to the baby.

The main logic why parents burp the baby is because when they are breastfeeding or feeling from the bottle, they tend to suck in the air as well. Therefore, they need to release the air to make sure it does not get trapped in the stomach.

However, feeding all the breastfeeding babies is more like a Western tradition that is followed till date. In some cultures, they do not even burp their breastfed babies before going to sleep. However, there is a potential for even more air bubbles to enter the stomach of the baby when you feed them with the bottle. This increases the need for you to burp your bottle-fed babies.

However, one of the major drawbacks of burping the baby after every feed is the extra trouble of making them fall asleep. When you burp the baby that is already sleeping, they will wake up. And the trauma of waking up a baby in the middle of their sleep is deadly. To begin with, there will be a lot of crying. Lots and lots of it. Also, it is more difficult to put your baby back to sleep once they wake up.

Is It Ok To Put Baby To Sleep Without Burping?

Is It Ok To Put Baby To Sleep Without Burping

There are no additional risks that you would have to be worried about putting your baby to sleep without burping them before. Therefore, what parents do is release the extra gas. That definitely does not help in reducing the crying or fussiness in babies.

Along with that, it is actually a fact that babies end up spitting more when you deliberately try to make them burp. It is my personal opinion that burping a newborn baby is not actually so much of a convenient thing to do.

It is one of the most common things that babies are going to fall asleep while feeding. This is because when a baby is feeding, their bodies produce the cholecystokinin hormones. This makes them full and sleepy.

Therefore, it is not really the best idea to particularly wake them up and burp just to make them fall asleep. This does not have any practical benefit. There is no logical reason behind it either.

I am not suggesting that burping is a bad thing. However, it is not something to do just because you want to.

Therefore, it is safe to say that it is totally okay to put your baby to sleep without getting them to burp.

Burping A Sleeping Baby

Burping A Sleeping Baby

While it is not preferable to wake up a sleeping baby to burp them, you may definitely burp your sleeping baby. This is only when you feel like your baby sleeps better after you burp them to release some of the trapped air from their stomach.

There are a few gentle positions that you would want to try to make sure that your sleeping baby does not wake up from their deep sleep. And if at all they wake up, make sure there is little to no stimulation so that they may fall asleep right then.

Hold The Baby Upright

Hold the baby in an upright position. Put their head on the shoulder and walk around the room. Keep doing this for at least five good minutes. This may be all that they need to release the air that was trapped in their stomach after feeding them.

The gentle motion of walking will probably not wake them up. So, as soon as you hear them burp, you may put them back in the bed.

Pat Them Gently On The Back

This is yet again one of the most effective ways of burning a baby without waking them up. In fact, this is one of the most common ways that you may want to tryout. If they fall asleep while feeding, a could of light gentle pats on the back would not necessarily wake them up.

Use A Rocking Chair

If you have a rocking chair in your home, you may want to use its motion to help the sleeping baby burp.

Once the baby falls asleep, take them up from the bed and make sure there is minimum movement. You need to do this for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Therefore, you need to stick with it for a while before you give up.

Because they are still in a pretty comfortable position, there is likely any chance that they are going to wake up. In fact, the slow rocking motion will help them sleep even better and sleep deeper.

The Bottom Line

Is it ok to put baby to sleep without burping? Well, it certainly is. There is nothing wrong with putting your baby to sleep without burping them.

It is rather impractical to wake up the sleeping baby for a mere burp and to put them back to sleep. There is no logical reason behind it.

Therefore, if you see that the baby is already asleep while feeding, let them sleep. There is no need to wake them up. They may, in fact, get more fussy and start crying if you wake them up from a fresh sleep.

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