Is It Ok To Wear Black To A Wedding?

Is It Ok To Wear Black To A Wedding?

Long gone are the days when reds and whites were the only colors associated with a wedding. Black is the new in, and it’s making a debut in the world of occasions and traditions, too. 

The Victorian era was popular for using the shade only when it came to mourning. With incoming trends and an urge to do “something unique,” people have started wearing odd colors at auspicious ceremonies like weddings. 

But one question that’s very commonly heard is, “Is it ok to wear black to a wedding?” If this is what you’re wondering too, trust me, you need to check this out. This guide has got everything you need. 

Perceptions About Wearing Black In Weddings

Perceptions About Wearing Black In Weddings

The 1920s were full of sartorial stigmas, including refraining from wearing black at weddings. Laurie Arons, the organizer of special events, quote,

The rules around the color have definitely softened in recent years…”

Traditionally, people would connect black to a wedding with an impactful faux pas. There was a stigma with choosing the inauspicious color for a union as pious as a wedding. 

Things have certainly changed in the 21st century with a major change in the governing wedding attire. There is a broader selection of wedding outfits now, including pastel hues and once-controversial ominous black outfits.

But the change is certainly not arbitrary, and it’s a reflection of constant changes in societal norms. People have started taking fashion seriously, and they are willing to create a soft blend between celebration and self-expression. 

Is It Ok To Wear Black To A Wedding?- What Do Experts Have To Say About It?

Is It Ok To Wear Black To A Wedding_- What Do Experts Have To Say About It_

Honestly, the black dilemma is never-ending. But you need to break the stereotypes with the help of experts. Here are some people who have profound thoughts about wearing black to auspicious ceremonies like weddings:

Wedding Planner- Laurie Arons

As mentioned already, Laurie has always been too vocal about donning the dark outfit. She says that bridesmaids are now seen in chic black gowns and that the color is slowly moving out of the faux pas category. There is a freedom to choose a color that makes them stand out in the crowd.

Experts Designing Bridal Outfits

There are various fashion designers out there embracing the concept of black in their collection of bridal outfits. Not only do black wedding gowns create a mesmerizing appeal but they also help to bring out the best in sashes and veils. Black is no longer a taboo when the wedding bells start ringing. 

Wedding Etiquette Professionals

Finally, wedding etiquette professionals speak up about the commonness of white wedding gowns. Even with constant experiments, the styles have been limited now. As a result, black gowns with sequins or laces have started looking more elegant. From somber to formal appeal, there’s nothing that black in weddings cannot cover. 

Connoisseur-Approved Guides On Wearing Black Outfits In A Marriage

Connoisseur-Approved Guides On Wearing Black Outfits In A Marriage

When doing things differently in a world where people do not accept change with open arms, you need the guidance of experts. This is exactly why I have listed down some tips from connoisseurs who have worn black and suggest doing the same without feeling guilty about it:

Think of the traditions

A few questions must be asked first. For instance, check whether the groom or bride belongs to a culture where black is considered ominous. 

A number of Chinese and Indian weddings do not entertain attendees who wear dark colors in weddings. If none of them has such boundaries, your black outfit deserves a green flag. 

The next thing to keep in mind is if there’s an assigned dress code. For example, whether the bride wants you to come in casual or formal attire. This will help you enormously to choose the color, with black leading the herd. 

Keep the location in mind

When considering metropolitan Northeast like Boston and New York, you will see women in tiny black dresses. Some of them even don evening gowns while attending weddings. 

But that’s not the case in the further South. It is very rare there, and people mostly like to attend a wedding in colorful outfits. McHattie says the wedding location has a lot to say about whether black is an optimum selection or not. 

In beach weddings, black might not be the best alternative. Instead, go for bright colors that will complement the overall wedding vibe. It also keeps you cool when the sun is overhead.

Pair it up right

Black outfits are fun and classy until you leave them barren. Make your party look glowing with shiny accessories. The best part about black apparel is that they go with almost all kinds of jewelry. 

Golden earrings or pastel-hued neckpieces would look lovely. Avrumson states,

Wear your favorite bold jewelry such as drop earrings, a bracelet stack, or a single bangle…”

Do not forget to pop up your clutch, too. It is simply going to make your outfit stand out in the crowd. Apart from the outfit, try to keep nothing else black. Instead try neutral shades like metallic for shoes and stuff. 

Consider the time of the day and season

If you have successfully ticked all the above factors, the next one to consider is this. We are well aware of black’s supreme heat-absorbent feature. Hence, I don’t need to stress enough why you shouldn’t wear it on a scorching hot day. 

It makes sense to wear light outfits if the wedding takes place during spring or summer. Keep dark colors like black for fall or winter occasions and ensure your comfort along with peppy fashion

Naina Singla, who is a stylist and fashion expert, says in this regard-

I recommend trying a printed black dress or a softer shade of black (off-black vs. dark black). In the evening, you could also consider adding embellishments like ruffles, lace or rhinestones…” 

It’s time to customize your little-black-dress

Contrary to popular belief, black isn’t always melancholy. Black outfits that have minimal cleavage are mid-thigh length and look extremely classy. 

But that’s not the only way to style it up. There has to be some drama, so throw in colorful jewelry and accessories. 

Additions like ruffle and tulle make your outfit look classy. Even silhouette adds a classy texture to a usual black outfit. Off-shoulder bodycon is among the first preferences for most wedding experts. 

What To Wear In A Black Tie or Conservative Wedding?

What To Wear In A Black Tie or Conservative Wedding

Guests have a great reputation for mastering black outfits for all types of occasions, from conventional golf club invitations to garden-style parties. One more instance where you must be equally confident with putting on black is a black-tie wedding.

These marriages usually have a formal dress code where black, full-length gowns are encouraged. Not only do they look aesthetic, but they also fit the event perfectly. 

When heading to a garden party/beach/destination wedding…

Let’s admit it, destination weddings are a bit different than our usual ones. If it’s a beach or a daytime wedding, our eyes go directly to light-colored outfits. But what if somebody wants to rock a black outfit?

Well, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Instead of caring too much about the frowny eyes, just wear your LBD with confidence. To keep yourself a little cooler, try tying your hair in a cute knot. 

In fact, wearing black is great at weddings because you don’t want to steal the bride’s thunder. So, why not wear something exactly opposite to hers and give her a chance to bloom on her special day? 

Male guests wearing black at weddings…

There’s no different rule for male guests to don black at a wedding. The only consideration is whether the occasion is formal or informal. Male guests or the best man can easily wear black suits on a formal occasion. 

For summer occasions, focus more on the weather conditions than just on style. Because outdoors are never easy. Stuffing too much in a black suit would simply show the discomfort in you. 

Concluding Thoughts

So, I want to know your perspective on- is it ok to wear black to a wedding? Trust me, black is the trendiest color to rock an auspicious event. But there are a number of considerations that come with it. 

Make sure you do not disrespect a certain tradition while trying to spice things up. That being said, just consider the aforementioned factors and you’ll be good to go! Thanks for reading this up. We hope you liked it!

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