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11 Best Stylish And Comfy Kitten Heels To Pair In 2022

Shoes are a part of us; they play a huge role in our life over and the outfits we wear. People often think, ‘It doesn’t matter what show I wear; it just has to look good with our outfit.’ A pair of great shoes represents a lot.

“Shoes must have very high heels, and platform’s to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.”

  • Vivienne Westwood

The size of your heels does matter a lot, but it’s not the end of the world! But I don’t think you can live the high life if you don’t wear high heels! 

Best Kitten Heels In 2022

But today, let’s talk about what are Kitten Heels and how you can strut your way through 2022. If you are afraid of the height of high heels, then kitten heels are the best option for you.

Kitten heels are heel shoes that are on the shorter end of stilettos. If you wanna know how tall are kitten heels, then they are only 2.5 to 5 cm tall.

Post-COVID, people want more comfort, but sneakers are not always the answer, so go for comfy kitten heels shoes.

1. Suede Kitten Heels

Suede Kitten Heels

Suede heels are always a very classy number, no matter what the heel type is. These Kitten Heels are known to be very classy and comfortable and won’t chafe your feet from the inside.

If you are comfortable with high heels, then these heels are the best option for you. If you buy suede rose gold kitten heels, then they will work with every outfit.

2. Kitten Heel Boots

Kitten Heel Boots

It is possible that you find walking in high heel boots tough, so the best alternative for that is to buy black heels boots. Then it will be easier to walk and strut along wearing your best outfit. 

With this heels, you can buy boots of any length, from ankle length to thigh-high boots. So you can get the ones best suited for you.

3. Metallic Kitten Heels

Metallic Kitten Heels

To make your shoes a statement piece in your whole outfit, then wear metallic heels. These shoes are definitely going to elevate your whole look. So if you have a fun, outgoing personality, these shoes will suit you great. 

4. Leather Slingback Kitten Heels

Leather Slingback Kitten Heels

To provide you with extra support with these heels, you can wear the ones that have a sling at the back for that extra support you are looking for. And if you are getting that in leather when you know it, it is going to be very comfortable and will definitely last longer. 

5. Slip-on Kittens

Slip-on Kittens

Easy to wear clothes and shoes are the best when you wanna be effortlessly comfortable and fashionable. That is the exact vibe that slip-on heels give you. You can just put them on in a matter of seconds, and you are on your way. 

These shoes are cute and flirty and go really well with summer dresses and with skirts. They are effortlessly fashionable, flirty, and breezy. 

6. Braided Kitten Heels

Braided Kitten Heels

If you don’t like plain old slip-on heels, why don’t you go for braided ones? You can buy them with different outfits for different events and occasions. Pink heels or even red heels are really beautiful. 

7. Strappy Kitten Heels

Strappy Kitten Heels

These strappy kitten heels take me back to the early 2000s when they were on trend. But now, the brands are making these strappy heels with a modern classier twist. 

So these women’s shoes will not make you feel like a teenager again. Whether you go dancing or brunch, these strappy white heels will fit right in. 

8. Slingback Kitten Pumps

Slingback Kitten Pumps

These slingback kitten pumps are one classier shoe popularized by legends like Audrey Hepburn. So you can understand very the legacy of such heels. Heels shoes of this kind can make any outfit stand out and classy. 

9. Animal Print Kittens

Animal Print Kittens

Well, who doesn’t love animal print everything? If you are among the ones who don’t prefer everything animal, then why not just animal print heels? 

Animal print shoes have a way of standing out from the crowd, even if you are wearing a simple black dress and minimal makeup. An aminal print kitten heel will make you look like a million bucks

 10. Peep-Toed Heel Suede 

Peep-Toed Heel Suede

Peep-toed heel suede shoes are one of the most comfortable heels if you are into it. These heels don’t have to be narrow heels; they can even be broader heels. 

Like most kitten heels, these ones also look the best if worn with dresses and skirts. Heels are more cute and flirty than they are edgy and sexy. 

 11. Embellished Pleather Kitten Heels

Embellished Pleather Kitten Heels

One of the most beautiful types of heels is when they are embellished with gems and stones and different types of glittery things. Embellished heels are best suited as wedding heels for the bride. 

Alternatives Of Kitten Heels You Must Try!

Alternatives Of Kitten Heels

I am not saying that kitten heels are bad. Never!

They are one of the prettiest pairs of heels a girl can own. 

All I am saying is there is nothing called too many heels. A girl can never have too many heels. 

So all I am saying is that you can own a thousand pairs of heels; that doesn’t necessarily have to be a kitten heel. The options are many, and all I want for you is to take the taste that the universe offers; shoes, I mean!

So, shall we just see what other pair of heels can up your shoe game in the long run? 



Even if you are not well-informed about heels, I can guarantee that you have heard of the classic stiletto. They are the reigning queens in high heels. 

They are one of those classic heels that can never go wrong. In a blink of an eye, they can give your legs the perfect height and length. 

A stiletto typically ranges from an inch to 10 inches and is point and thin. 

They are a perfect match to your cocktail dresses, formals, and even casuals in some cases. 

Block Heels

Block Heels

If you are someone like me that can trip on flat ground, I believe a block heel is your best friend. A stiletto may seem very intimidating to many people, and it’s understandable too. 

A block heel primarily has a chunky or cylindrical appearance. Because of their shape, the weight is evenly distributed, which makes them a lot more comfortable to wear. 

A block heel looks astonishing with skinnies, skirts, and many dress silhouettes. 

Spool Heels

Spool Heels

A spool heel may be a bit uncommon, but you must have seen them in the store. 

They have the shape of an hourglass. It has a tapered middle, while the top and the bottom remain wide. 

A spool heel looks best with pencil skirts or boot-cut jeans; however, you can style it in any way you want, depending on your unique styling statement. 

Platform Heels

Platform Heels

A platform heel is quite popular these days, all thanks to Donatella Versace. 

Ever since we saw the new Versace platforms, we have been obsessed!

A platform heel gives height to the entire shoe, not just the heel. So, with a bigger platform, the heel will feel shorter, which makes it much easier to walk in, no matter how scary it looks. 

Platform heels are pretty versatile and can be worn with cocktail dresses, skirts, jeans, and even flowy maxi dresses.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Have I piqued your interest in kitten heels? If you wanna know more, then here are a few other questions. 

1. Are Kitten Heels In Style For 2022?

Now more than ever, kitten heels are more widely worn than stilettos. So much so luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin’s and Dior are making kitten heels more than ever. 

2. What Brand Of Heels Is The Most Comfortable?

Here are the brands that make the best kitten heels.
• Valentino Garavani
• Gianvito Rossi
• Clarks
• Jimmy Choo
• Bottega Veneta
• Manolo Blahnik
• Christian Louboutin

3. What Is The Most Popular Heel?

The most popular heel in the world is Christian Louboutin’s red soles. These are the most recognizable heels in the world for their red sole.

Wrapping Up!

Whenever you are rethinking all your life decisions, always remember one thing,

 “Maybe the reason Cinderella was so happy wasn’t because of the Prince…but because of the shoe!! ”

  • Carrie Bradshaw

If this article made you think of buying more kitten heels, then surely let me know. Who knows, 

maybe I will buy a few as well.

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