Is It Ok To Be A Part Of The MGTOW Community? 

“There has been an awakening … changing the world … one man at a time.” 

Are you wondering what I am saying? Well, these words are not mine. These are the overly dramatic words that you will come across upon opening the website You will see a video that resembles a trailer of an action movie. But, these infamous words are soon followed by five more that smash across the screen, reeking fiery red which says, “Men … going … their … own way.”

Yes, this is real and not something I am making up. MGTOW, which is an acronym for “Men Going Their Own Way,” is something you might comprehend as a small, extreme movement. However, you will then be only half correct. 

MGTOW is a community of orthodox men who swear off feminism and, mainly, WOMEN. 

There are over 15,000 subscribers on the platform of the MGTOW movement subreddit. This community claims that they are about “men going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined success; cutting through collective ideas of what a man is.” 

Their website is fully dedicated to helping men fight for their sovereignty. Simply speaking, this is a group of men who just sit and hate women for no apparent reason. It was evident from their chats and ideas. 

Join the club if this infuriates you, too, and stay with me till the end as I unfold the entire history behind the idea of MGTOW and how it exactly operates. 

What Exactly Is MGTOW?

What Exactly Is MGTOW

As per Wikipedia, MGTOW is “an anti-feminist, misogynistic, mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society which they believe has been corrupted by feminism.” WOW!!

The MGTOW group is part of a manosphere, a community of anti-feminist websites and online communities, including movements for men’s rights, pickup artists, and incels. 

As per the MGTOW website, Men Going Their Own Way “is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else.” 

They manifest just one word, which is “NO.” They eject the silly pre-concepts and the cultural definitions of what a man is. Also, they look to no one else for social cues. It is also one of their many beliefs that they must not bow, serve, or kneel as it opens the opportunity for them to become disposable. 

Just like every other community in the manosphere, the MGTOW forum has its connection to the white supremacists and the alt-right movements. It was implicated in the online harassment cases against women, with the Southern Poverty Law Center that categorizes it as a male supremacist ideology. 

Where Did The MGTOW Come From? 

Where Did The MGTOW Come From

There is no hard proof of the whereabouts of the MGTOW ideology. However, people believe that it first came into existence in the early 2000s. In 2001, a famous blog first published the MGTOW manifesto, where the earlier members were mostly libertarians. As the years passed, the community grew to include multiple prominent online websites and subreddits, which include the r/MGTOW subreddit, where members act as men’s rights activists with members across the globe, including Canada, Toronto, and even New York. 

In 2015, the MGTOW community started merging with the alt-right. Today, both groups have an overlapping ideology and membership and share a common belief that sexism and feminism are responsible for damaging Western society. These claims were evident from their social sites and YouTube videos. 

The communities in the MGTOW manosphere also closely relate themselves with populist, supremacist, and authoritarian movements across the globe. The members of this community are middle-class, heterosexual white men from North America and Europe. 

What Is Their Ideology?

What Is Their Ideology

Well, if it was not already clear, all of the ideologies of the MGTOW community are based on hatred towards women and feminism. They believe that women are the reason why society is corrupted. All the MGTOW groups have one thing in common – they are all anti-feminist and misogynist movements that have a firm belief that women are the ultimate threats to men. Therefore, male self-preservation demands total disengagement from women. 

MGTOW members believe in a hypothetical systematic gynocentric bias against women in the real world. They believe that society nurtures double standards in gender roles and that family courts are biased towards women. 

They have this concept in their heads where they believe women have a tendency to be attracted to ‘alpha men.’ These are the very same men who mistreat women to the point where they once again shift towards feminism. 

MGTOW Membership

There are four different levels if you wish to involve yourself with MGTOW. The fourth level is the one that comprises most of the members. The men that are in the fourth level have cut down on every involvement with women. 

At the very initial level, there are men who think women use and manipulate them and yet believe in marriage. The second level involves those distinctive men who are firmly against cohabitation or any long-term relationships with women but will definitely involve themselves in short-term relationships to satisfy their sexual demands

On the third level, we have men who simply refuse even short-term relationships and limit how they link with women. And finally, on the fourth level are men who will go out of their way to cut ties with women in every aspect of their lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What Are The Principles Of MGTOW?

The entire community operates on one core principle, which is hating women. They believe that women and feminism are the ultimate cause of destruction. They choose to cut all ties with women and refrain from developing any relationship with them whatsoever. 

2. Is It OK For Men To Be Feminist?

Anyone can be a feminist – men or women. Supporting women does not take away the manliness of a man. Today, we have a very stained concept of feminism, which needs to change. People need to understand feminism is not male bashing. There is a line between feminism and pseudo-feminism. We are not asking men to be pseudo-feminists. Their support of feminism would be welcomed with open hands. 

3. What Is The Profeminist Men’s Movement?

The Profeminist men’s movement begins from the acknowledgement that men have the ultimate power in an already male-dominated society. This movement emerged as a part of the feminist movement and dealt with issues like rape, domestic violence, and pornography. 

Wrapping Up! 

It is no lie that we live in a society where feminism has taken a completely opposite turn. Where the movement was all about giving freedom to women, they used it more to bash men left and right. 

Oppressing men has become one of the trendiest activities, and a lot of women willingly participate in it. 

From this viewpoint, no one can really blame men for involving themselves with MGTOW. However, both men and women need to understand the extremities of where they are going with their actions and how that may have a negative effect on others. 

There are multiple websites that are a lot less toxic and can genuinely help men speak up about their rights and what they deserve from society.

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