Is It Ok To Perform Oral Sex With Palatal Petechiae?

Is It Ok To Perform Oral Sex With Palatal Petechiae?

No. It is absolutely not okay to perform oral sex if you are already suffering from palatal petechiae. There is no point in making your mouth suffer when it is already suffering too much. In fact, there may be a case that the palatal petechiae is the result of your previous activities.

Your oral health includes not just the teeth but also the gums and every other part related to the oral and facial system. While other problems like cavities, dry mouth, or canker sores are still pretty common, palatal petechiae may be as such.

A lot of people may not even know what this problem is unless their dentist tells them.

Palatal petechiae are bruising or lesions on the softer palate of the mouth of a person. While there are multiple reasons behind palatal petechiae, oral sex may just be one of the major reasons.

Let us now see why.

What Is Palatal Petechiae? 

What Is Palatal Petechiae

Palatal petechiae are pinpoint and small spots of hemorrhage which is caused because of negative pressure, activating the gag reflex, or physical force from the fellatio. The petechiae generally affect either the soft palate or the joint between the hard and soft palate. It is often dispersed bilaterally.

They are purplish or reddish in color due to the minor bleeding because of the broken capillary blood vessels.

Palatal petechiae takes one to two weeks to get solved. However, you need to make sure that you are not causing any more damage to the mouth. This means no oral sex till the whole thing is healed.

Symptoms Of Palatal Petechiae 

Symptoms Of Palatal Petechiae

If you have gotten palatal petechiae, the condition may not always appear the same for everyone out there. “It can range from physical bruising to petechiae—little burst blood vessels from the suction,” says Mark Wolff, the dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. However, you may witness this condition only on the soft palate of the mouth.

The soft palate lies right on the back of the mouth and is connected to the hard palate. Unlike your hard palate, there are no bones present in the soft palate. It only contains muscle fibers and tissues and is, therefore, flexible. The muscles of the soft palate help you breathe, talk, and swallow.

Palatal petechiae would not come to you as a total surprise. As per Wolff, the soreness right at the back of your mouth roof can alert you of any lesions or bruising.

Causes Of Palatal Petechiae 


There are multiple reasons as to why one may get palatal petechiae. Once you are fully aware of it, you may be able to figure things out better and get proper treatment for it.

Oral Sex

One of the major reasons why most people get palatal petechiae is oral sex. When things get a little rough, you may end up hurting your soft palate. However, this condition would not generally come with any symptoms.


Palatal petechiae may also be a sign that comes with illness. For instance, this mouth condition was present in a few cases of COVID-19. Strep throat may result in palatal petechiae.

It may also happen with mononucleosis. It is a viral infection that has symptoms like fever or swollen lymph nodes on the neck. Researchers have found that the chance of a person having infectious mononucleosis increases with the presence of palatal petechiae.

The Epstein-Barr virus, which is the reason behind mono, is not the only germ that may be responsible for palatal petechiae. Adenoviruses that are responsible for tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and cytomegalovirus may also cause the exact condition.


This may come as a surprise to you, but palatal petechiae may also be the result of child abuse. Palatal petechiae is pretty common in cases of child sexual abuse. The main reason for this is forced oral sex. Most of the symptoms of child abuse show up in the face, head, or neck. Therefore, if you notice it in a child or any minor, make sure you are immediately taking them for a check-up to make sure they have not been the victims of sexual abuse.

How To Treat Palatal Petechiae?

How To Treat

Palatal petechiae generally heal within 7 to 14 days. However, it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that you would have to deal with. The constant soreness on the back of the throat makes it difficult for you to talk or even swallow things.

Anything that is even slightly spicy would make your throat burn. So, if you ever detect palatal petechiae, make sure you are giving it enough time to deal with. But first, you need to detect the reason behind it. Once you get that sorted, you will know what practice you would have to reduce to make sure it heals as fast as possible.

Can You Perform Oral Sex With Palatal Petechiae? 

Can You Perform Oral Sex With Palatal Petechiae

This is not a very preferable option. It is absolutely not advisable to perform oral sex if you are having palatal petechiae. After all, palatal petechiae is like having scars on the inside of the mouth. If you perform anything solely related to oral sex, it may get severe.

Given the fact that oral sex is one of the main reasons for palatal petechiae, it may make things even worse. It may cause more infections in the time to come. There is also a possibility that you may have to get more serious treatments because of a simple mistake. Therefore, wait for things to totally heal. If you are unsure about it, visit your dentist to make sure everything is okay inside your mouth, and only then engage in any oral activities of your choice.

The Bottom Line 

Palatal petechiae is a pretty minor observation. However, it allows for anyone to get a clear understanding of the lifestyle and regular habits of the patient. By recognizing and addressing this condition, dental professionals play a major role in the patient’s comprehensive healthcare journey.

Palatal petechiae may have its link with infection or trauma from any such activities as oral sex or various underlying conditions. If you ever notice anything as much inside your mouth, make sure you go to the dentist as fast as you can to get it healed sooner.

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