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Prime Male Review 2022 – Is This Testosterone Booster Effective?

You know that after a man turn’s 30, their testosterone levels drop considerably to 1%. It creates a significant change in their life. 

The initial significant change would be a change in their sexual performance. Then it progresses towards mood changes and lower energy levels. Finally, an overall decrease in health occurs with lower sperm count, hypertension, fatigue, and weight gain. 

The deficiency of testosterone levels has a few reasons, some of them being diabetes, insulin sensitivity, and also obesity. These factors contribute to a general decline in health and pose a risk for certain heart diseases.

What  Is Prime Male?

What  Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a global manufacturing company trademarked by Roar Ambition; it specializes in organic health development and research. It is a US-based company that uses 12 solid and natural ingredients to treat lowered testosterone levels in men. It focuses on treating men on a global forum, which is why it ships globally. 

Prime Male is considered a high-quality testosterone booster that helps men over 30. This treats health problems such as erectile dysfunction. After thorough research, the ingredients used for the medicines are proven to be vital for increasing the T-level in the body.

If you are wondering, “Does testosterone increase size?” let me ease your mind that it only increases your muscles.

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Prime Male Ingredients

Prime Male Ingredients

The formula for Prime Male testosterone booster has a total of 12 ingredients in the formula; these include vitamins and certain minerals. The ingredients work great together to increase stamina, testosterone level, and sexual enjoyment. 

This booster also prevents the generation of female hormones, such as estrogen, in the body. And since Prime Male is vegan-friendly, you won’t have to worry about that. 

The following are the ingredients of Prime Male. 

Vitamin D3

This is among the most crucial ingredient of all; Vitamin D3 is essential for the growth of Testosterone. Unfortunately, most men lack natural vitamin D3, so taking it as a supplement is the only option. 

Vitamin K2

When paired together with vitamin D3, vitamin K2 works excellently in promoting the production of Testosterone. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 increases the level of Androgen in the body, with higher levels of Testosterone. 


Magnesium is essential to lower your body’s SHGB (sex hormone-binding globulin) levels. The SHBG is known for binding the testosterone level in the body, hence not letting your body use it. Magnesium reduces the SHBG level and frees up all the Testosterone in the body.  

The Root Of The Nettle

Nettle root is a popular estrogen blocker used to reduce the SHBG level in the body. It increases the testosterone level by decreasing the SHBG level in the body. 


The level of zinc production is directly linked to the testosterone level in the body. In addition, zinc helps in the production of Androgen, which is a testosterone-producing hormone as well. 

D-Aspartic Calcium Chelate

This amino acid helps in producing Testosterone naturally in the body. It is a water solvent and comes like calcium chelate. 

Black Pepper

Though not directly linked to producing Testosterone, black pepper helps absorb the supplements better in the body. 

Korean Red Ginseng

This is yet another ingredient that is used to increase the level of Testosterone in the body.


Boron suppresses the hormone estrogen in the body and promotes the free production of Testosterone in the body.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is an exotic extract that acts as a prolactin blocker, a female hormone quite harmful to men. It also fights cellular damage caused due to stress. 


It is an element used to suppress estrogen and contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Along with these, it has properties such as increasing memory, microglia-inhibiting, and neuroprotective.

Pros & Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of a health supplement before consuming it is essential. 

It increases the testosterone level in the body.The product is costly.
Increases your libido.They are only available through their official website. 
It is made of entirely natural ingredients.The results are slow but steady. 
Increases and enhances your energy level.
It helps to maintain memory and cognitive functions.
Lean muscles are stimulated and nurtured.

Health Benefits Of Prime Male

Health Benefits Of Prime Male

There are certain benefits of Prime Male that you should know about before using it. 

Boosts Your Energy Levels

Prime Male Testosterone Booster has been tested to increase the energy level in your body. With it managing your testosterone levels, you will feel a new sense of youth and energy in your body.

Boost Your Mind

It is a booster made with natural ingredients that help to improve your bad mood. The supplement reduces any sudden mood swings. 

Helps You Lose Weight

Prime Male pills are proven to help you reduce your belly fat. But, to get the best result, this is with a properly nutritious diet and daily physical exercise. 

Enhance Cognitive Function

The supplement enhances your mental capacity and cognitive functions by reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining the blood pressure in your body helps maintain any cardiovascular health problems. 

Raises Libido

With the help of the Prime Male booster, you will notice a significant increase in your libido. It increases your sexual stamina and desires.

Potential Side Effects Of Prime Male

Potential Side Effects Of Prime Male

With all the benefits of Prime Male, there are also certain testosterone booster side effects that you should know about. And few of these side effects are.

  • Diarrhea
  • Mood Functions
  • Upset Stomach
  • Mild Headaches
  • Allergic reaction to any ingredients

It is advised that you check with your doctor about the product before taking them and check for any allergic reactions.

How To Take Prime Male? What Is The Price? 

As advised by the manufacturer, the dosage of the booster is to take one pill after meals, four times a day. 

Since the Prime Male supplement is available in three different sizes, the prices are.

  • The one-month supply is $55. 
  • The two-month supply is for $110. 
  • The three-month supply is for $165, including a bottle of Hunter Burn.

Does It Work? Is Prime Male Any Good?

Does It Work? Is Prime Male Any Good?

Prime Male is made of 12 natural ingredients, which are tested to have scientific evidence for promoting testosterone levels in the body. The product is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, though the pills are not FDA-approved. 

It has been tested that Prime Male has no synthetic product that can harm a body or get caught in a drug test. Instead, it helps in reversing the short-term effects of low testosterone levels but also prevents any long-term symptoms.

Prime Male Reviews From Customers

There is a number of customer reviews that proves the legitimacy of the supplement.

Prime Male Reviews From Customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Now that you know and understand what Priime Male Testosterone Booster is, so if you have any more questions here are what others asked. 

1. What Are The Alternatives To Prime Male?

There are a few alternatives to Prime Male, which are as follows.
➡ Crazybulk Testo-Max
➡ Testofuel
➡ TestoPrime

2. Is It Safe To Take Testosterone Supplements? 

If purchased over-the-counter, and taken at a moderate level, Prime Male is harmless. But they won’t be able to raise your testosterone level permanently.

3. What Is The Best Dosage And Time To Take Testosterone Boosters? 

For the best dosage, it is best that you consult your doctor, and determine on the basis of your blood testosterone level. But the initial dosage should be 237 milligrams and taken twice a day. The daily amount should not increase to more than 396mg. 

Final Thought

After everything we have covered yet, it can be said that Prime Male is a legit testosterone booster, as it qualifies all the scientific tests. But still, it is best to consult your doctor or physician before taking these pills.

There are no significant side effects since the ingredients are all-natural, without synthetic components.

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