Video is now becoming a powerful marketing tool for many businesses and brands. Digital marketers find video the most innovative of storytelling, which is why anyone can experience the surge of video marketing in recent days.

According to a survey, more than 85% want to see videos rather than get through the text and images. By meeting their requirements, a business can increase its market share, sales, and brand recognition.

From the digital marketers’ point of view, almost 88% of the digital marketers agree that video marketing offers a good ROI to their brands. This is probably the best ROI form of marketing in the industry.

Therefore, this is the right time for the brands to disinvest in any other marketing campaigns and focus on video marketing, which will yield definite results within the stipulated time.

The craze for video content is pretty visible from the popularity of YouTube. According to this video-sharing site, it witnesses more than 1 billion watching hours of its videos.

The improvement of smartphones and internet coverage worldwide has simplified the video-making process.

Additionally, the video editing task has been eased by an online video editor, and due to this reason, there is no need for any type of additional software to install for editing any video before uploading it to the channel.

Average internet users prefer to watch videos compared to any form of content, which is why marketers rely on video marketing to promote their brands worldwide.


Why is video marketing effective?

There is a saying that a picture can say thousands of words, and if this is true, you can easily imagine how effective the videos are for engaging with the audience.

Since people believe in visual optics, video offers that platform to easily understand complicated concepts.

Video marketing is all about creating and distributing videos on various platforms where the audience gets engaged with video to learn about the brand and the product or services.

Advantages of video:

1. Enhances audience engagement:

Enhances audience engagement

Videos are effective in telling your story to the audience. If you want to strike them emotionally, you should prepare the storyline according to that.

Video is the best way to deliver the brand message in such a powerful way that it will probably hook them till the end of the video.

2. Convey the brand message to the audience quickly:

Digital marketers have to say many things within a short time to the audience. Before most of the users stop watching the video, you can get across the problems your products can solve and why they are beneficial.

Plus, explaining any complicated issues gets easier with the help of the video. This is useful for the business because most of them prefer to educate their customers to make their orders educated regarding their products or services.

3. Video is SEO friendly:

Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have moderated their search algorithms to pick the video files first. That means a search engine user will get a video file due to any keyword he searches.

In this way, video files drive the audience’s attention more than any text or image. Furthermore, since many search engines prioritize websites with less traffic bounce rate and better retention rate, people stay there longer than others when there is a video on the website. In this way, it will be easy to get the appropriate rank on search engine result pages.

4. Video is the priority by the customers:

More than 80% of the internet traffic prefers to watch a video rather than reading any text or seeing images.

The trust factor also plays a crucial role in ensuring that the videos are much more effective than the other form of marketing. Customers prefer to digest video content more than any other form of information.

Benefits of using videos to promote your business:

Benefits of using videos to promote your business

1. Get listed in the second largest search engine on the globe

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, just after Google. Most people today search on YouTube rather than any random search engine.

According to YouTube, “how-to” searches are among the top searching terms that maximum people use to get their desired result.

In order to meet their requirements, it will be best to create educational videos that can thoroughly meet their requirements.

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google prioritizes video files in its search result. In this way, adding videos to the website will increase the ranking on the Google search pages.

When you have a higher rank, the chance of traffic flow grows, and when you have a large traffic to the website, the chance of leads increases.

2. Educate customers regarding the product or service

The biggest advantage of the video file is that it can educate a video about the product or service. The same understanding a viewer can’t develop with any other medium.

Not all products are simple, and most of them come with complexity. So, the audience must understand your products transparently.

Product explainer videos show how to use any product, and it helps potential customers what they are offering and how it can solve the problem.

How-to videos are the top searching terms on YouTube, and that would be rightly manifested by good video.

3. Offers the preferred medium to understand

According to a survey, 51.7% of global internet users aged 16 to 64 use the internet to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and other entertainment options.

Additionally, that survey suggests that 86% of people would like to watch more videos from commercial brands.

Half of these viewers prefer to watch the explainer videos, which is the biggest part of the video promotion. It proves how much the viewers accept video content and thoroughly influences people’s purchasing decisions.

4. Increases email click-throughs

Using video to get a maximum response is possible when you include a thumbnail video with your email. It multiplies the response of the people through email.

Few marketers suggest embedding video in the email, but it gives less response because maximum people don’t like to see any video played in their inboxes.

Sometimes, embedding a video can lead to spamming, and this is why it is a recommendation to use a thumbnail in the email and get a positive response from the audience.

5. Enhances brand awareness

One thing is to keep in mind that watching a video offers both audio and video stimulation. It activates both areas of the brain.

In this way, it naturally develops a stronger affiliation to the content. Since videos are an easy way to motivate people, they help to enhance brand awareness.

6. Affordable and easily accessible for all types of business

Making and editing videos has been simplified due to smartphones and easily available video editing tools.

One can shoot a video with his smartphone and edit them with any video editor without any expertise. In this way, there is less time and resources needed to produce a promotional video.

Uploading to YouTube is also completely free of cost there are other video hosting platforms that are also available. In this way, it is best for small-scale businesses who want to start a video campaign at an affordable price.

7. Videos are perfect for sharing on social media

Social media marketing is the implementation of different social media platforms to promote your business and advertise your product or service. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram support video content more than any other.

After preparing a video, it is important to share them on various social media sites to attract maximum attention. For making it possible to spread your message through video instantly.

8. Telling a story to a mass

Video is the best medium for telling your story. People spend more time watching videos than reading text, and this is the best option when you can speak up along with a compelling story through the video.

If you have a perfect storyline, you can impress the masses, which is the main objective of video marketing.

9. Authentic video footage helps to grab more friends

Maximum people prefer to watch authentic videos. They don’t want to spend their time on Hollywood-style heavily edited videos full of fantasy.

These videos are also far from the truth. This is why it is recommended to prepare simple and authentic videos to impress the audience.

If you simply trim a video online, it will make your content look more professional and attractive which will help you grab attention and even make more friends.

10. Generate more revenue with the videos

In this high competition era, everyone strives to generate revenue. To achieve the parameters, they follow various ways. However, videos are the best way to promote your business.

They help to attract more leads, and that ultimately generates revenue. Since quality videos influence the maximum audience, most of them become potential buyers due to the video.

Therefore, businesses shouldn’t shy away from video promotion. It ultimately helps to achieve the business goal.

Over to you

Video is the new way to represent your story or product to the audience. Since most of the digital audience spends enough time watching the video, it would be best to produce quality videos to represent your story strongly.

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