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5 Tips To Renovate & Refresh Your Home In Spring

The winter is coming to an end, and days are becoming longer and warmer. Sunbeams are getting brighter and tempting us to go out and spend some time in the sun. As nature awakens, we start awakening from gloomy, sleepy, cold winter days looking forward to brighter, longer, and sunnier days. Instead of howling wind, birds are singing again. Everything is coming back to life, and it is about time to start preparing for nice, warm days.

Although the preparations for winter are the most important, now that the winter is ending, it is the right time to do some more renovation and lots of refreshing in our homes.

If there was lots of rain and snow during cold seasons, all the leaks would show up and we would have to reconsider some more renovations and insulation. Melting snow will clearly show us where we should renovate or apply some additional insulation and get the garage door fixed. And the early spring is the right time to do some work in the lawn and garden as well.

Start With The Roof

Start With The Roof

The roof is always the most important part of the house. Cold winter weather and the amounts of snow probably left their trace on the roof. You have to check if there is any damage and fix it. Take a tour around your house and look for traces of leaks, moisture, or wear and tear. Some minor damages you can fix yourself, or you can ask for help from a handyman.

But you will have to engage a roofing expert if your roof is seriously damaged. If your roof is flat, check to see if there is a need to clean it. Maybe some branches, leaves, and other debris got piled on it in windy and snowy weather.

You probably need to clean the gutters as well as the roof, because all those branches and leaves from the roof can easily get stuck in the gutters preventing them from functioning effectively.

The next thing to do is to inspect your roof insulation. Although you are probably prepared for winter, if there is any damage on the roof, it probably means that the insulation also suffered some damage and you need to renew it. If you need any help deciding on the roof and other insulation solutions, click here for more information. The repair will cost you some money upfront, but it will save you quite a bit of energy – and thus money – in the long run.

Next: The Attic

If you’ve found any traces of damage on your roof, you will need to inspect your attic as well. If possible, block out any sources of light and see if any still manage to penetrate the interior. If yes, that means that your roof or attic wall has some small cracks that need to be fixed. Mark them to be sure you won’t miss any of them when you start fixing them.

If there were any leaks, they probably left traces in your attic, so you will have to clean it properly and do some painting. If you are hoarding some stuff in your attic, and find traces of leaks and moisture near them, you will have to inspect them thoroughly and see if any of your items getting wet or moldy. If yes, try to clean those you can and get rid of the ones that are beyond salvaging.

Refresh Your Interior

With the new season just around the corner, we’re all in desperate need of some refreshments. The best way to refresh your home is to wash everything that can be washed. Start with the windows, as this will brighten your home once all the piled-up dirt that came with the winds is washed away.

Wash your curtains and hang them up, and take a deep breath to enjoy that nice scent of clean curtains. Another thing you can do is have electric blinds installed. This will give your interior a fresh, new look. Wash the throw blankets you keep on your sofa and bed in case you need some extra cover. You may still need them to be within hand reach until the real warm season comes.

Next, make sure you wash your throw pillow pillowcases to refreshen them as well. Get in touch with rug-cleaning services to refresh your carpets, and even see if your sofa and armchairs need some deep cleaning as well.

Finally, inspect your walls, paint them if you please, and you can even change the color of some of the walls so that your effort becomes even more obvious. If you opt for changing the color scheme, make sure you also replace your throw pillows and cushions and even consider investing in a new rug that will blend perfectly with your new color choices.

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It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Apart from cleaning windows and all the washing already mentioned, the time for spring cleaning has come. You should give some things away, hard decision, but you do not really need all the stuff piled in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that they are worth more if someone wears them than if they are slowly dying in your wardrobe and nobody even touches them.

What’s more, with the new season you will probably want new clothes anyway. Organize your wardrobe and drawers, so that you can find anything you need in no time.

The same goes for your kitchen. Get rid of all the old stuff that you do not use anymore. Clean your cabinets and countertops, to bring back their old shine. No matter how small or big your kitchen is, it needs to be tidy and clean.

Check Out Your House Plants

House plants are our silent friends. As much as we love and take good care of our pets, we need to ensure we do the same for our plants. First of all, make sure you inspect all of your house plants and check to see if any of them have grown out of their current pots.

If yes, make sure you report them, as spring is the time when your house plants will grow and thrive. However, keep in mind that too big of a pot can lead to root rot, so it’s always best to go only a size bigger. Also, not all plants grow the same way, so you might need to reposition them and change spots so that all of them have enough light.

If there are any dead leaves, cut them off with sharp scissors and your plant will look healthy and nice again. If there are some stems with just a few small leaves, cut them off and propagate them. Clean the dust from the leaves of big plants you can’t easily move and give a nice shower to those smaller ones. The plants will be very grateful and they will shine in their beauty and give you a lot of nice new leaves in return.

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