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Rosas Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours

Are you a foodie? 

Well, in that case, your mind is ruled by your belly.

There are basically two types of people. One who eats to live, and the other one lives to eat. For both of them, Rosa’s Cafe Tortilla Factory is the perfect palace to start binge eating.

If you are not that much into food, I believe after visiting this amazing restaurant and trying your tongue on rosa’s cafe menu will definitely make you fall for them. Here in this article, I will offer you a complete guide on the famous Rosa’s cafe tortilla factory.

History Of Rosas Cafe

History Of Rosas Cafe

It was 1995 when Bobby D. Cox had bought the brand along with 5 locations and made it what it is today. However, in 1983, the very first Rosas Cafe was built. Since then, it has been serving delicious tortillas along with other foods and satisfying the hungry belly of its customers.

In recent times, the restaurant has spread its wings with more than 50 independently owned restaurants. All of them are speeded through entire Texas. So, you can search Rosas cafe near me any time from anywhere.

What Do They Serve?

What Do They Serve?

The very first thing I will look for whenever I visit the Rosas cafe is Rosa’s cafe menu. Before I present the Rosas cafe menu, I would love to introduce you to some of the best delicacies of this amazing food joint.

The chicken and beef fajitas are the signature products of Rosas Cafe. Here, they both are marinated and also grilled perfectly over the real mesquite wood of West Texas, which provides them a distinct flavor.

Here are some of the other popular Rosas Cafe menus,

  • Taco salads.
  • Mexican dinner plates.
  • Crispy and soft tacos.
  • Burritos.
  • Sour cream chicken enchiladas.
  • Tamales and sopapillas are made-from-scratch tortillas.
  • Tostadas.

Now come to the complimentary salsa bar, which includes pico de gallo and salsa, which are fresh along with different seasonings at the top of any meal. This is the best mouth-watering zest of any meal or any Rosas cafe breakfast menu, which you can get here –

They serve everything from dinner and family meals to individual items, from breakfast to kids’ favorite and dessert & drinks.

How To Get There?

How To Get There?

I have already mentioned to you the number of branches Rosas Cafe has for you. As their tagline says, “Life Is Better With Rosa’s.” so, by increasing their number of outlets, they are actually trying to make everyone’s life much better.

Here I am mentioning some of the best places at Rosas Cafe you can explore this weekend. For your reference, I am also mentioning the address as well.

    FORT WORTH, Texas 76132.
    Phone No. 817-361-5900.
    FORT WORTH, Texas 76133.
    Phone No. 817-423-3047.
  • 6050 HAWRYLAK
    LAKE WORTH, Texas 76135
    Phone No. 817-237-4009.
    BURLESON, Texas 76028
    Phone No. 817-426-5488.
  • 6551 OLD DENTON RD.
    FORT WORTH, Texas 76137
    Phone No. 817-306-8677.
  • 8432 DENTON HWY
    WATAUGA, Texas 76148
    Phone No. 817-498-2399.
    HURST, Texas 76054
    Phone No. 817-498-8100.
  • 2601 E BROAD ST
    MANSFIELD, Texas 76063
    Phone No. 817-473-9177.
  • 1920 MARTIN DR
    WEATHERFORD, Texas 76086
    Phone No. 817-599-5335.
  • 2711 SH 121
    EULESS, Texas 76039
    Phone No. 817-283-4600.

Official Website:

What Are Customers Saying About Rosas Cafe?

What Are Customers Saying About Rosas Cafe?

I personally loved the place and its food. Their specialty beef fajitas are worth dying for. This flavorful item will not only satisfy your belly but also soothe your tastebuds with its plenty of flavor. I have personally chatted with some of their customers about their experience.

Some of them are regular visitors of the place. Whether it is their breakfast menu or their dinner meals, they love them all. Some of the families love to have a complete meal here, and Rosas Cafe is their first choice from celebrating those small family gatherings.

Some of the customers also have opted for Rosas cafe catering, and they are more than happy with their services and foods both.

How Long Do They Operate?

How Long Do They Operate?

So, now you know the best Rosa’s cafe locations, so you can make a plan and visit the place. The best thing about this restaurant is that from early in the morning to night you can visit this place.

If you are making your plan on any day between Monday to Thursday, visit the place any time from 6:30 AM to 10 PM. On the other hand, you are getting an hour more when you are shifting your plan on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, as their operating hours are from 6:30 AM to 11 PM.

Why Should You Visit Rosa’s Cafe?

This is one of the best food places in Texas. So, when you are in Texas or visiting Texas, you should visit this place at least once. Their variety of menu along with some authentic Mexican dishes is worth trying. If you are in Texas and looking for a Rosa’s Cafe near me, you can try Rosas cafe Rockwall.

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