Shave Armpit Hair

Is It Ok To Shave Armpit Hair Occasionally?

Imagine the guy in office you have been drooling over for months finally asking you out on a date. And things are about to get steamy; you can sense it. But, noooooooooo!!!!

Your waxing appointment is not until the next week. So, this is the time when you finally need to pick up the razor. You are skeptical. You are unsure. Is it really ok to shave armpit hair? Is it going to grow back thicker? Will it darken your underarms?

Relax girl! We get all of your concerns, but you can take a chill pill.

In this article, we shall discuss all the dos, don’ts, and precautions that you need to take if you want to shave armpit hair. So, without any further delay, let’s save your date together!

Is It Bad To Shave Armpit Hair?

Well, there is necessarily nothing bad in shaving armpit hair. In fact, it is normal for you to shave your armpit every occasionally. Contrary to other beliefs, your hair would not grow thicker if you shave armpit hair. Shaving will not affect the coarseness, color, or growth speed of your armpit hair.

The concern is normal. It is not always possible for anyone to run to a salon to wax their armpits. In these instances, a razor is the best friend you can get. They come in handy, are easy to use, and get the job done in no time. However, there are certain steps that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to go for the blades over the wax.

Armpits are more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, shaving armpit hair needs a lot more precaution. If you rightly take all the precautions, there is nothing for you to worry about.

Precautionary Steps To Shave Armpit Hair

Precautionary Steps To Shave Armpit Hair

Razors may cause skin irritation and razor burns in your underarms. That is something you desperately need to avoid under all circumstances. To help you out with your shaving regime, we have put together some of the most effective steps that you may start practicing to shave armpit hair.

Do Not Use A Dull Razor

Dull razors are a lot more dangerous to the skin than sharp ones. You would have to constantly rub the dull blades of the razor to make sure everything is clean. This will increase the chances of skin irritation and razor burns. When you feel like the blades are pulling at your body hair or are just straight ahead rough on the skin, replace it immediately.

Hydrate Your Armpit Before You Shave

You may feel tempted to dry shave armpit hair as the area is too small. Well, this is where most people make mistakes. The skin of your armpits is way more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, it is important that you protect it as much as you can while shaving.

Take some warm water and soak your underarms for three to five minutes. This will soften the skin and open the pores, making the hair thick due to the water. This will help you cut your hair more easily.

Wash Your Armpits

When you clean your armpits before shaving, it makes sure that the area is free of any sweat or deodorant. This will make sure that any of these particles are not clogging the razor blades.

This will make sure that the razor is gliding smoothly to clean off the armpit hair. It will also help prevent the growth of bacteria. It mainly happens when there is sweat and deodorant that penetrates your skin when you nick it due to the shaving.

Use A Shaving Gel

While the area of the skin is pretty small, and only a few glides can get the job done, underarms are susceptible. Therefore, it is better if you are using a shaving gel to maintain the balance of moisture and help to glide the razor easily over the skin. This would help you safeguard your skin more effectively from irritation.

Shave The Armpits In All Direction

The hair in a woman’s armpit grows in all possible directions. Therefore, shaving if you keep shaving in one direction, you may not get the best results. The perfect way in which you may shave armpit hair is by lifting the hand over the head, pressing the razor gently on the skin, and shaving with light strokes in every direction. This would include sideways, upwards, and downwards, if necessary.

Make Sure You Are Moisturizing

Once you finish shaving, rinse your armpit with water and clean it dry with a fresh towel. Then, apply oil or moisturizer. Make sure they are free of any alcohol. Although it may appear counterintuitive to moisturize your armpit area, it will help hydrate the skin and lessen the chances of razor bumps and razor burns.

Wait Before You Apply A Deodorant

After you have shaved, take some time before you apply a deodorant. It may cause severe discomfort if you immediately apply an alcohol-based deodorant after shaving. Therefore, let your skin breathe for a while. This will reduce the chances of irritation and skin burns because of deodorants.

Side Effects Of Shaving Armpit Hair

There are many unwanted side effects that you may have to face if you are planning on shaving your armpit hair anytime soon.

If you are at all using a dull blade, it may result in skin issues, razor burns, ingrown hair, cuts and nicks, and skin irritation. Also, because of how soft the skin of your underarms is, this area is more prone to cuts than other body parts.

Razor burns are generally the result of the following:

Ingrown hair is red, and there are painful bumps on the skin. They are caused when shaved hair grows inside of the skin rather than growing straight out.

Skin irritation usually happens in the form of folliculitis. It is the inflammation of the hair follicles. There are many reasons behind folliculitis:

  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Bacteria
  • Using a dull blade to shave

You may see it appear on your skin as a cluster of small red dots that may itch or burn. Folliculitis that is a result of shaving results in keloids, which are darker, raised scars on the surface of the skin which are naturally permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions!! [FAQs]:

Q1. How Often Should You Shave Your Armpits?

Ans: If you follow the guiding steps to shave armpit hair, you may just do it everyday. However, if you witness any signs of redness or irritation, try not to shave the same area everyday. Let your skin breathe for a couple of days before you shave next.

Q2. Does Shaving Make Your Armpits Darker?

Ans: Shaving will not make your armpits look darker. It is only a myth. However, the stubble that it creates may give an illusion that the skin is getting darker. When you use a razor to shave armpit hair, you only remove the hair on the surface and leave the roots visible. This is what contributes to the darker appearance.

Q3. Is It Better To Shave Or Wax Underarms?

Ans: Whether you are shaving or waxing your underarms is a decision that is totally yours to make. However, many prefer shaving over waxing for how easy and accessible it is. For others, waxing is a better option.

The Bottom Line

Let me just conclude by saying you may easily shave armpit hair without being skeptical about it. While there are a few side effects, you may easily avoid them by taking the appropriate precautions and necessary steps.

Shaving is easy and does not take a lot of time. You would not even have to put hot, boiling wax on your skin that painfully pulls the hair off. However, this is a choice for you to make. So, understand your skin and make the decision accordingly.

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