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Is It Ok To Have A Sleeper Build?

The Gen-Z has some of the most questionable and yet fun things to follow. Being a millennial, it gets quite tough to figure out what these things are. But once you do, it becomes really fun to be able to relate to it. 

Sleeper build is one such trend that has been quite popular on TikTok and other social media platforms as well. Well, it is nothing complicated. It is just a couple of guys in clothes who flex over loud songs with a #sleeperbuild hashtag. 

Well, this may have been quite confusing for you, and who can really blame you for this? These trends get out of hand sometimes, and you find it tough to understand how these trends relate to such unrelatable names. I mean, what would the name sleeper build have to do with a trend where clothed men flex their muscles? 

What even is the sleeper build anyway? If these are all the questions that have been swimming in your head, you can relax now. In this article, we shall discuss everything there is about the sleeper build trend and how the trend came about. This way, not only will you be able to learn more about the sleeper build trend, but you will also understand the do’s and don’ts while making your own sleeper build video. 

Things You Must Know 

  • In simple terms, an individual who is thin or looks weak, but in reality is ripped when they flex their muscles is known to have a sleeper build. 
  • If you wish to have a sleeper build body, you must focus on dropping off any extra weight by rightly eating and bulking up your muscles with multiple bodybuilding exercises. 
  • You need to record a perfectly curated sleeper build reveal video for TikTok by acting cool and then randomly flexing for the audience just when the beat of the song drops. 

What Is A Sleeper Build? 

What Is A Sleeper Build

When you have a buff, and a well-toned body, however, that is not obvious, it is then known as the sleeper build. You know, there are some men and women who are super ripped, have bulging muscles, and simply walk around in the tightest of clothes to show off how hard they work in the gym.

A sleeper build is the exact opposite of this; people with a sleeper build do not like going around flexing their bodies by wearing tight-fitted clothes. While these people are pretty well-built and toned, they deliberately dress in loose-fitting clothes and look bulky only when they are flexing. Like, Harry Styles? You wouldn’t see him flexing those biceps on an everyday basis. 

When we speak about the sleeper build video, the people would just pretend like they are super lean and weak; however, with the beat drop, they will just flex their muscles out of nowhere. 

Sleeper build is a term that has been associated with other contexts as well, like the car communities. In that case, a sleeper build would be a car that comprises a vintage body; however, the interior and the engine are of a modern sports car. Similarly, a PC with a sleeper build would mean that the computer may have an appearance of the 80s or 90s, but the operating system is modern. 

Origin Of The Sleeper Build

Origin Of The Sleeper Build

Sleeper build is a relatively newer term in the bodybuilding and weightlifting community. This has its origin from the social media platforms, mainly TikTok. It has gotten popular since August 2022, when a TokToker called @saifiev uploaded a video while showing off his sleeper build. In that video, he initially appeared quite weak and skinny, but once he started flexing his biceps, he unveiled his strong and muscular physique. 

The term sleeper build came from the idea of the sleeper car in the world of automation. To define it further, a sleeper car is one that looks tacky and slow on the outside but has one of the strongest engines under its hood. Similar to this, sleeper build-in bodybuilding and weightlifting refers to an individual who may appear physically weak or inexperienced but is really strong and muscular. 

However, the entire sleeper build concept is not totally new. In the bodybuilding and weightlifting community, there has always been more emphasis on building muscle mass and strength. It is only that the term sleeper build which is a newer addition to the lexicon of bodybuilding and weightlifting slang. 

How To Get A Sleeper Build Body?

How To Get A Sleeper Build Body

Getting a sleeper build body is nowhere near easy. While people with a sleeper build body may appear like they do not have to work much, that is only a delusion. They have to work just as hard as every other bodybuilder and maintain a strict diet on an everyday basis. 

Improve The Diet To Be Able To Cut Down The Extra Weight

Getting a sleeper build is not anything near rocket science. But, you will have to put in some effort to be able to achieve it. If you are even a little bit overweight, you will not be able to surprise anyone when you need to flex. You need to start by cutting down all of the excess carbs and a meal that is diverse. It should have vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins like fish and chicken. You need to eat meals regularly and stop skipping breakfast or eating late at night. There is no need for you to follow any hack or anything that a TikToker suggests. Just follow a healthy diet. While it may be boring, it is the only effective way to get the sleeper built. 

Practice Weightlifting And Give More Priority To The Lower Rep Counts With Bigger Weights 

There are multiple strength training exercises for you to choose from. However, bodybuilding is the most preferable one when it comes to sleeper build. Using free weights and machines and focusing on doing a smaller count of reps with heavy weights is the secret of achieving your dream body. You will have to try out barbell rows, bench presses, and bicep curls to be able to build your arms, chest, and shoulders. For the lower body, start with dumbbell squats, free-weight calf raises, and lateral lunges. For the core, start with leg raises, cable crunches, and Russian twists. 

The Bottom Line

Sleeper build is just another fancy term that Gen-Z uses to describe a particular body type that is the hype among them. The sleeper build body type has been out there for quite a while; only it just went unnoticed. 
While it looks very appealing to the eyes, it is definitely not easy to achieve. You need discipline in your life when it comes to your eating and exercising habits.

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