Small Wedding Venues In The US

Finding Small Wedding Venues Near Me: The Top Small Wedding Venues In The US

The whole search for ‘small wedding venues near me’ is something that has been going on for some time – and why not! It’s wedding season. If you are getting married this wedding season, then you might already have decided on the venue. But if you are married next season, then there’s still time for deliberation!

Stay tuned to find out!

Finding Small Wedding Venues Near Me: The Top Small Wedding Venues In The US

While the beauty of Maine wedding venues has only made us want to get married fast, our search for ‘small wedding venues near me’ have proved to be enlightening. We stumbled upon five stunning locations, and these are perfect for hosting your wedding.

So without wasting any time, scroll down and check out these stunning wedding locations – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

1. City Vineyard (Pier 26, New York):

City Vineyard (Pier 26, New York)

We were looking for wedding venues in Iowa when we stumbled upon this intimate wedding venue in New York. If you have lived in New York, you would know the stunning views of the city one can enjoy from the City Vineyard located at Pier 26. But even if you have never heard of this beautiful location, you will most likely find it a charming spot.

This intimate wedding location can actually host about fifty guests while offering an ideal nautical experience accompanied by stunning views of both Downtown Manhattan and the Hudson Estuary. There’s an indoor dining area making the location perfect for celebrations – it doesn’t matter how the weather outside can have an impact on the ceremony.

However, in case you plan on taking the celebrations outdoors, the location comes with spaces for hosting that too. It’s a rustic aesthetic that comes accompanied by comfortable leather seating, a chic wine-country vibe, and classic oak tables. If you love wine, then this place has a great staff on board to help you out with a curated wine collection.

2. Pelican Grand Beach Resort (Fort Lauderdale, Florida):

Pelican Grand Beach Resort

Are you already busy doing the whole ‘small wedding venues near me’ search? Are you planning to do a whole ‘beach wedding venues near me’ search? In that case, the Pelican Grand Beach Resort is your best choice. It’s a romantic venue that comes with views of the ocean and a stunning rooftop, private beaches, as well as plenty of event spaces.

Since this resort happens to be located right at a beach’s edge, it comes with a 500-foot, private stretch of the beach area made only for guests. It depends on what you have planned for your wedding day – either you can get married on a beautiful, sunny terrace, or you can tie the knot in one of the sophisticated ballrooms in the hotel.

There’s one added bonus to this hotel! The hotel might be used to hosting intimate, small weddings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the dynamic wedding resources that large venues usually offer, inclusive of culinary staff and onsite help. So, if you were planning a small, intimate wedding, then you can definitely consider Pelican Grand Beach Resort.

3. The Pleasant Garden (Miami, Florida):

The Pleasant Garden

While outdoor and indoor wedding venues have continued to remain popular, the demand for small venues has only increased over time. If you are seeking a scenic, relaxed venue for hosting your wedding day, then Pleasant Garden is exactly what you have been looking for – the perfect operated-agricultural and family-owned garden!

Located in the middle of Redlands, The Plesant Garden is one location that provides around five acres of land with a big barn, beautiful flora, and endless vegetation. The property comes with a pretty ceremony space, a nice dressing room, a classy reception area, and an outdoor area.

Here, you will also come across scenic views, grove trees, and organic fruits, perfect for those breathtaking wedding photos. Even if you are planning to host not just an intimate wedding but also an elopement, you can definitely consider this beautiful location for the ceremony. In fact, you can make some wonderful memories here!

4. Firehouse (Chicago, Illinois):


Yes, we know you are busy with your ‘small wedding venues near me’ search but stop that and instead, just check these locations out. If you are a fan of history, then there’s no way you can miss out on Firehouse, located in Chicago, Illinois. First built in 1906, this historic property could only accommodate around a hundred guests but is so ideal for a rustic wedding.

Did you know that the property used to be originally the headquarters of Engine Company 70? The location has been refurbished and now it happens to be the perfect spot for hosting an intimate gathering. The interiors are home to different classic elements like the golden-colored firepole and sliding garage doors made from wood, which only add up to the traditional vibes.

Don’t worry about getting married somewhere too rustic – the place has been actually restored for a relatively more formal look that comes accompanied by really high ceilings, vintage accents, and glazed bricks in white. You will also get a bunch of wedding planners and coordinators to help you out.

5. Redwood Ridge Estate (Los Gatos, California):

Redwood Ridge Estate

The search for ‘winery wedding venues near me’ has been running quite high for the last few years, and so we had to include at least one proper winery in this small, intimate list of wedding venues! Situated in the Las Gatos area in California, you can find the Redwood Ridge Estate tucked casually at the Santa Cruz mountains.

The Redwood Ridge Estate is a private estate and winery – you should just get married here for the sake of the picturesque views. If you are planning to host the ceremony outdoors, then you will fall in love with the idyllic scenery. And that’s not all – the sitting area for the guests leads up to a pond with a tiny island right in the middle.

You and your partner basically have to take a short walk right over a pretty bridge and go to the island. With the green foliage and water as the backdrop, you get to take your vows on this scenic spot. When it comes to the guest count, the event space is perfect, considering it can accommodate almost a hundred guests. Plus, the reception area looks simply magical!

Why Are Small Weddings Better Than The Bigger Ones?

Now that you have seen what small wedding venues are available near you, you might want to know why someone would want to go for a small wedding.

It is the biggest day of their life, after all. So why not invite every single person they have known their entire lives and through an extravaganza event to celebrate their wedding, right?

Well, that is not how the story goes these days. People are more minimal and prefer spending their special days with people who are actually close to them and the ones that matter.

I particularly feel that there is no point in inviting people that you get to see only once in a year or even worse – never. You do not know them, nor do they know you. Then what is the point of inviting an army of five hundred people when you don’t even have an idea of who those people are?

Also, having a small wedding is very beneficial in cutting down the budget of your wedding. Let us be real here: weddings are expensive. From dresses to makeup to jewelry to decoration – all of it costs a fortune. So, if you get to cut down a big portion of the wedding expenses by having a small wedding, that does not sound like a problem.

A wedding means two people starting their new life together. No matter how they did before, marriages are different. People change, and so do lives. You will not expect them to be spinning around like bachelors. While they change their old habits, their budgets also take a turn. So, saving money can help them plan their life on their own terms and they might as well plan for the honeymoon they have been dreaming of.

Lastly, I feel that a small wedding is a lot more personal and intimate. For me, my big day has to be all about those people who have seen me grow. People that are a big part of my life and the ones I cannot live without. Small wedding venues, therefore, are a perfect choice for me. There is no point in renting a hefty mansion if I am inviting only fifteen people for my wedding. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way. And it is normal. Not wanting to do anything that you wouldn’t like on your big day makes total sense. There is nothing to feel guilty about. It is your day, so the decision remains yours too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the ‘small wedding venues near me’ search query mentioned below in detail.

Q1. What Is The Number 1 Wedding Destination In The Us?

Ans: The number one wedding destination in the United States has to be Hawaii. The magical island of Hawaii has always been on the top of the best wedding locations in the entire United States. Of course, there’s a good enough reason behind this revelation. The mountain peaks, the black sandy beaches, the private beaches, and so many stunning sunsets are all reasons!

Q2. What’s The Cheapest Month To Get Married?

Ans: The cheapest months to get married are as follows,
• March,
• April, and
• May.

Q3. What Is The Most Common Wedding Venue?

Ans: The most common wedding venues are as follows,
• Hotels,
• Barns,
• Estates, and
• Backyards.

Q4. What Are The Top 3 Costs For A Wedding?

Ans: The top three costs for a wedding are as follows,
• Wedding venue,
• Wedding band, and
• Wedding rings.

And It’s A Wrap: Time To Get Married!

Are you still searching for terms like ‘small intimate wedding venues near me’ or ‘small wedding venues near me’ – stop, really! Because we have come up with the perfect list! You just need to check these out, and you will fall in love with these locations. What do you guys think? We will be waiting to hear back from you!

While doing so, feel free to share your experiences related to intimate wedding venues in the comments below.

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