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Solar Powered Cooler- Everything You Should Know About It

If you are living in a place where most of the year it is dry and hot, then the need for air coolers is generally high. But what if I tell you a cost-effective way of using an air cooler? 

Set up an air cooler powered by solar energy. It is both eco-friendly and saves you a lot of money. If you don’t know what solar powered cooler means, then stay tuned as I am going to explain to you everything about the mechanics of this type of coolers. 

Understanding Solar Cooler? 

Understanding Solar Cooler? 

The traditional air coolers that you have in your home are different from solar powered coolers. The main difference is that traditional coolers are powered by electricity, whereas the best solar powered coolers are powered by solar batteries or panels. 

The main advantage of using solar panels is that they are highly eco-friendly as well as save you a lot of money on electricity bills. Buying solar panels is a one-time investment, and you will get your investment back in a matter of months.

Know How It Works: The Technicalities

The process of solar panels is not as complicated as it might look; it technically works on the principle of cooling principle of evaporation. It collects the warm and dry air and pushes it towards the turbine. And crossing the wet permeable layer, the cooled air enters the room. 

  • The sun rays that fall on the panels are converted into electrical energy using the solar electricity system that is here on this device.
Technicalities 1
  • The dry and warm air then passes a moist pad that cools it down before it enters your room.
Technicalities 2
  • These moist pads are saturated by water that is pumped through a pan in the bottom and from the left and top to flow through. Then the cool air is pulled from the pads through powerful air blowers. This evaporates the air and also lowers the temperature.
Technicalities 3
  • These solar air coolers are perfectly capable of cooling both indoors and outdoors. They can be fixed on the ceiling and walls.
Technicalities 4

Solar Cooler Vs Solar Air Conditioner

To understand the basic differences between solar air conditioners and solar coolers, it is important that we learn the basic types of each of both. 

  1. Three Types Of Solar Air Conditioners
Three Types Of Solar Air Conditioners

There are three main types of solar air conditioners, so let’s see what they are. 

  • Solar Hybrid Thermal Air Conditioners

This is a particular type of air conditioner that works primarily on the solar electricity principle. For this, the refrigeration process is highly controlled with the use of triggered compressors of solar energy. 

  • Solar Hybrid PV Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner are able to switch from battery to solar power whenever it is needed. When it is sunny outside, the conditioner takes that advantage and charges its batteries. And in the absence of sunlight, it runs on the charged battery. 

  • Absorption Chillers

This type of air conditioner works on both cooling and heating the environment. The water gets evaporated first before it condenses to form cool air. 

Both the motor and the fan of the air cooler are operated by solar power. And the chillers operate both on battery power as well as electrical power. 

  1. Two Types Of Solar Powered Coolers
Two Types Of Solar Powered Coolers

There are mainly two types of Solar Powered Coolers, so let’s see what they are. 

  • DC Evaporative Cooler

This type of cooler uses certain PV solar panels that are charged with batteries. DC 12/24V is used to discharge batteries. Once the batteries are fully charged, they can run from 8 to 24 hours, depending on the usage. 

These coolers run fully on solar power and are designed for places where there is zero electricity. It works directly with DC power; there is no need for any AC power and even DC inverter. 


  • Low cost of electricity
  • It requires a lower electric grid
  • Great to use for places with zero electricity
  • The emission of greenhouse gases is very low. 
  • AC/DC Cooler

AC/DC coolers have the ability to change from PV to DC when needed. This means when there is no sunlight; then you can easily switch to battery power. This happens when your system is hybrid. 


  • Gives priority to solar power
  • Has dynamic adjustment
  • Gives dual power


  • It saves a lot of electricity 
  • Works about 70% on an average 
  • Works 95% on a maximum level
  • Easily installed

How To Calculate The Payback For Solar Powered Cooler?

The money payback system for solar coolers is calculated pretty easily. Payback is counted from the time when the product that you have purchased becomes free. 

So let’s say that the price of the whole set of the solar cooler is about $400, using it from 8hrs/per day, which means about 120 days each year. And, let’s say the electric charge on an hourly basis is $0.15/Kw hr. 

So calculating all that, your yearly electricity bill is somewhere around 

8*120*1*0.15 = $144/year. 

But let’s say we are using solar coolers instead; the payback yearly is $400/$144. So this means after two years, your solar cooler becomes free of charge. And also keeps saving electricity bills for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Now that you know everything you need to know about solar powered coolers, here are a few queries that others have.

1. Can We Run The Cooler On A Solar Panel?

If you have a solar-powered panel, you can basically run any electronic device you want. The cooler can have a conventional fan and AC motor. 

2. Which Refrigeration System Is Most Suitable For Solar Cooling?

The type of refrigeration system that works great with solar cooling is the desiccant refrigeration system. This type of refrigeration system is great for utilizing solar power.

3. How Does A Solar Cooling System Work? 

A solar cooling system usually collects all the solar power and then uses it to create a thermal cooling process. This cooling process is used to decrease or rather control the temperature of a room to cool it down.

Wrapping Up!

Now that we have established that solar powered coolers are both great for the environment and save you a lot of money, it’s better to use them instead of regular coolers. For recreation purposes as well as camping, instead of using the electric cooler for camping, use solar ones. 

There are a lot more ways where you can use solar energy, such as a solar table, solar fridge, or solar ovens. Solar energy should be utilized more and more as an alternative source of energy.

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