Al-Mummar’s designs

Bothaina Fashion

The women of Saudi Arabia have been stepping out of their comfort zones when we speak of designing the abaya or the modest outwear, and the recent clothing line by Bothaina Al-Mummar just stands out by combining leather and jeans together. This Saudi Arabian brand has brought one of the freshest ideas into the industry. Their latest collection which demonstrates how multiple fabrics can easily be combined in an asymmetrical manner to make a statement. Among such pieces in the newest collection is a chic yet extremely classy abaya, which combines a fabric of blue denim with a sandy-beige color to help make an abaya which seems like it is inspired by the freezing nights of Riyadh and the breathtaking desert. The comfy and warm abaya is just the perfect thing for the winter in Riyadh. Multiple celebrities, which include celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, wore one of Al-Mummar’s designs at the Hia Hub lifestyle conference. The deputy minister of tourism, Princess Haifa bint Mohammed also wrapped herself in one of her collections. Al-Mummar’s collections are popular for being non-repetitive and original, and she definitely does not hesitate to combine various colors and patterns to develop a cut and design that is one of a kind. Additionally, the winter collection represents the use of many vibrant hues, which are combined with muted tones to add to the pisces a unique touch. The fabrics used in this collection are thick to fight the chilly Saudi winter. The brand is one of the very few Saudi brands that have had the thought to include trench coats as a part of their collection with fabrics that are chosen very skillfully, which also include options for the rainy season. Al-Mummar has also been incorporating floral and tulle fabrics, which would give the abayas in her collection a touch of elegance and delicacy. Her designs give out a lot about her personality as she is a self-reliant businesswoman in one of the biggest metropolises with the touch of an edgy aesthetic. Read Also: How Taylor Swift Showed Support For Travis Kelce After Skipping His Record-Setting Germany Game “Fashion Is A Dream We Can All Live In”—The 2023 CFDA Awards Celebrate The Best Of American Fashion