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How To Dispose Of Knives Safely and Properly – 9 Smart Ways

We understand how inconvenient it can be to toss out old knives, whether you're updating your knife set or replacing a broken blade. Unfortunately, you can't just toss your knives in the trash because they may cut through the sack and harm someone. This article will tell you how to dispose of knives, regardless of what material they're made of or in what state they're in. Anyone who has invested a significant amount of money in kitchen knives understands the importance of properly maintaining them. Buying a new knife every year when it becomes rusty is not cost-effective. Almost every knife can be revived, but it's probably time to throw it away when the blade is damaged. So, let's find out how to dispose of kitchen knives when they don't work for us anymore. How To Dispose Of Knives Safely? There’s a lot of drama involved in disposing of old blades; even the dull ones have sharp ends that can harm the sanitation workers. Before you think of throwing your knives, it is important to find different alternatives. Donate your knives. Recycle the knives. If none of the above options work for you, only then go for the following: 1: Get Rid Of Your Broken Knife With Regular Trash Pick-Up To check if you can put knives in the garbage, contact your waste management provider. To protect the sharp edges of the broken knife, wrap a couple of layers of newspaper around it.  Then wrap the knife in a piece of cardboard the length of the blade and tape it shut. Finally, place the knives in a separate box before throwing them away with the rest of your trash. That way, no one will be wounded while handling your waste. Also Read: How To Start A Food Truck Business In 2021 - A Complete Guide Bonus Tips Make sure you have taped the cardboard tightly so that your knife doesn’t slip out. You can also write ‘SHARP OBJECT’ on the cardboard so that they know how to handle it carefully when people see it. 2: Dispose Of Old Knives In The Waste Collection Site If you want to know how to dispose of old knives, you can directly go to the waste collection site instead of getting rid of it with your regular trash. First, wrap the blade with a few layers of newspaper and cardboard before taping it shut.  It will keep the sharp edges hidden. Then, bring the knives to your nearest waste collection site and inform the staff that you dispose of a knife.  Bonus Tips If you dispose of the knife in the waste collection site of your area, it should be free of cost. However, if you dispose of it somewhere else, they may charge you some money for it. 3: Take The Knives At The Recycling Centers When you want to know how to dispose of knives, taking them to recycling centers is one of the safest ways. The materials of your blades will be utilized again if you recycle them.  So first, go online to check if any metal recycling facilities take knives in your area or not. Then, drop the knives off at the recycling center so that the experts can mold them into a new blade and make them functional again. Bonus Tips You can’t just drop off a knife at the roadside recycle bin or at the recycle bin in your workplace. If you do so, you must inform someone responsible that you disposed of a sharp knife there. Also Read: Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? 4: Police Stations Also Accept Old Knives Police Station is another safe option if you want to know how to dispose of knives legally. To keep blades out of the hands of the wrong people, most police stations accept them.  Before you go, call your nearest police station and see whether they take old knives. If they do, sheath each blade in paper and cardboard to disguise the fact that you're carrying weapons. Then, give the knife to the officers on duty. Bonus Tips If you want to dispose of a large knife like a machete, you must inform the police stations about that beforehand. If your nearest police station doesn’t accept knives, they will tell you about a few places that do. 5: Dispose Them Of At Special Collection Bins If you want to know how to dispose of knives, you must check if your area has a particular collection bin for such sharp objects or not. You can also look on the internet to check if there are any suitable collection bins for old knives in your region.  Find out the address of the nearest location of such collection bins and bring your old blades there. Your blades will be kept safe in the box until they are collected and disposed of by an official. Bonus Tips If you also want to know how to dispose of kitchen knives, collection bins are a good place. Like other tips, you don’t need to wrap it with paper before disposing of it here. Also Read: What Is Masculine Energy, And How To Balance It In 2021? 6: Earn Some Cash With Your Broken Knives Is there anything better when you know how to dispose of old knives and make some money from them? Sell your old knives for scrap at metal scrap yards to make some money. Look online to discover any such scrap yards in your neighborhood that will accept discarded blades. Drop them off at the scrapyard and get a fair price on their metal quality. Bonus Tips Scrap yards will take any metal, so don’t walk away if they say your knife is not good enough. Some knives are more pricey than others, so make sure you get a fair price when you sell them. 7: Sell Them To Someone Else Yes, like any other thing, you can also resale a knife if it is in good condition. So, that’s an easy way if you are still wondering how to dispose of knives, right? It’s better to sell the blade to someone you know because then you can explain how sharp or blunt it is.  You can also post an ad for the knife on your social media channel and see how many potential buyers you have. If there’s no luck on the internet, it’s better to sell the knife to knife sharpening shops. Also Read: Sunny Beach Bulgaria – 5 Reasons To Visit It In 2021 Bonus Tips Before you try to sell them, sharpen them once so that they look appealing to the buyer. Give the knife to a professional for sharpening it, and don’t try it yourself. 8: Donate Your Knives Safely To Charities It’s better if you stop focusing on how to throw away knives and start getting ideas on how to dispose of blades safely. There are many shelters, charities, and thrift stores that accept old kitchen knives.  So, you can just ask them if they need any knife donation or not. But, when you donate them, you have to wrap them with cardboard and paper so that they don’t harm anybody.  Bonus Tips A charity or thrift store won’t accept a broken knife. Sharpen your knives, and wash them properly before donating them. Also Read: How To Grow Dipladenia Plant - The Ultimate Guide In 2021 9: Simply Throw Them Away If none of the ideas seem workable for you, and you still want to know how to dispose of knives, it’s better just to throw them out. But, if you want to know how to throw away knives, there are many procedures here also.  You have to wrap the blade with paper, bubble wrap, clothes wrap, or cardboard wrap before you throw them out. Bonus Tips Yes, throwing away a knife is legal if you follow all these safety protocols. Before throwing them out, make sure you check nobody is in your proximity. Key Learnings If you are trying to figure out how to dispose of knives, we assume you want to buy new ones. Make sure you look for a sharp knife else; you’ll have to throw it away again very soon. Check if your new knife has a manufacturer warranty or not, and then make your purchase. If you have further queries on blade disposing, please post them down in the comment box. Fore More Interesting articles, Check out Read More: Best Fashionable Men's Crossbody Bag In 2021 How to Play The Free Money Beans Pokie Game? Become A Media Manager With These Guides - Check It Out