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Cramps, headaches, and a roller coaster of emotions- don’t we already go through a lot during periods? But did you know that working out on period lowers the symptoms of period cramps? I have come across a lot of women who ask me about the consequences of exercising during menstruation. So, let me take this opportunity to enlighten my girl gang about what happens when you work out during periods. If you have been skipping your exercises until now, this might come as a surprise to you. Delve deeper into the article as I take you to the most interesting topic regarding health and hygiene.  Advantages Of Working Out On Period: Why Must You Do It? Search the Internet, and you will find an end number of articles stating do’s and don'ts when you are menstruating. While some of them are accurate, you do not always have to believe them. Exercising while period-ing is not a new concept and certainly offers physical benefits.  Lowers Period Cramps Cramps, cramps, cramps- why is the Internet filled with this particular term? Because one cannot even imagine the amount of pain somebody goes through while their uterus is shedding blood. But that’s a story for another day. If you truly want to reduce cramps and see-saw going on in your uterus, start working out on period.  Research is proof that workouts release beta-endorphins in the body that resemble internal opioids. These help in healing period pains or “cramps.” Pain relief or analgesia is most likely to happen when somebody works out during menstruation. This is also when your body releases the prostaglandin hormone. Regularizes The Menstrual Cycle 6 out of 10 women experience an irregular period cycle. They are uncertain about their dates which makes it difficult for them to attend school, college, or workplaces. And let me remind you, not all workplaces allow women to seek a menstruation leave. So, you might imagine the dreadful incident of period-ing while you are casually walking down the street.  Exercising on your periods certainly regularizes your cycle and brings back your menstruation calendar on track. You might want to try aerobic exercise for this cause.  Reduces Premenstrual Symptoms Believe it or not, working out on period actually brings down PMS. For those who are unaware of this, premenstrual symptoms usually occur before a woman’s period. Not only does it impact your daily life, but it also causes emotional disturbances, concentration issues, and mood swings. Some might also experience food cravings, fatigue, and bloating. When you exercise on menstruation, you get rid of all these problems along with reduced pain. However, you might want to check exercises that you can opt for during periods. Aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, jogging, and swimming are quite helpful for women dealing with anxiety issues and depression.  Boosts Your Mood Periods certainly cause your stress hormone or cortisol to increase tremendously, mostly because of blood exertion. This has an influence on your mood as you might stay agitated for the entire day. Along with mental impacts, it might also bear physical symptoms.  However, working out on period helps in reducing the cortisol level in your body. Eventually, it boosts your mood and gives you relief from crankiness, period blues, and agitation. If you don’t trust me, try exercising during your next period. Keeps Your Energized All Throughout The Day Those who exercise daily will agree on the fact that regular exercising keeps them energized for 24 hours. Well, that’s the same even when you are on your chums. It’s time to get out of your bed and try some workouts.  Exercise improves blood circulation and keeps your muscles active all through the day. Moreover, the right amount of nutrients and oxygen reaches the body, which enhances the muscles’ ability to release extra energy. Adenosine triphosphate is responsible for the origination of this energy.  Tips To Exercise On Your Periods Now that you know that working out on period comes with its own set of benefits, you might want to know the right ways to do it. Make this physical activity comfortable and enjoyable with a set of right tips: Try Yoga and Stretching If you are unsure about exercising on period, begin with gentle exercises like tai chi and yoga. These exercises are a proven therapy for reducing tension and boosting blood flow. Consequently, a person feels better on their periods.  In 2016, a study depicted that individuals taking regular yoga lessons went through less PMS and, eventually, less period pain. Additionally, there were visible reductions in abdominal swelling and breast tenderness.  Keep yourself Hydrated Dehydration makes a person vulnerable to health conditions like constipation and bloating, not only during periods but always. We always keep listening to our elders and PT teachers saying to keep ourselves hydrated, don’t we? Drinking enough water reduces menstrual pain and makes working out on period an enjoyable endeavor. People consuming more water experience less severe pain and period symptoms during the initial days of their menstruation. Save some over-the-counter Period Pain Relievers Cramping and back pain might deter an individual from trying workouts during periods. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Try over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen that reduce cramps prior to a workout session.  You might want to apply a cloth-covered ice pack or heating pad once you are done exercising. However, if symptoms continue to worsen, make sure to consult your gynecologist and stop exercising immediately. Steer clear of Period Protections Sometimes, exercising can make an individual feel like they have an increasing blood flow. This might happen as physical activities make it easier for the blood to exit the uterus.  Do not opt for working out on period without weaning a pad, menstrual cup, or tampons. If you are a gym freak, make sure to take your dark pants with you while menstruating, or some extra clothes might also save the day.  What Not To Do While Working Out On Period? Fitness freaks cannot give up on the thought of working out, even when they are shedding blood. But ensure that exercising does not become a stress for your body. It must also not impact the normal cycle process. Here is a list of exercises that one must refrain from doing during period workouts: Interval Training Interval training, especially with high intensity, involves intense activity bursts along with short recovery durations. This might not have been very ideal at the time of periods.  The rigorous nature of these exercises leads to exacerbated discomfort and cramps. Instead, choose a low-impact exercise that offers gentle movement along with relaxation at such a critical time. Yoga Twists And Inversions Next, you must acknowledge the significance of maintaining equilibrium. Experts recommend preventing poses like inversions, shoulder stands, deep twisting movements, and headstands while working out on period.  But what’s the reason to avoid these exercises? Such positions can interfere with blood flow to the uterus, thereby resulting in cramps.  Acute Weightlifting You might find it obvious, but did you know that some people also indulge in weightlifting even while menstruating? Lifting acute weights might place intense pressure on your abdominal area, eventually aggravating cramps.  Try adjusting the weightlifting exercise’s intensity by choosing lighter weights. One might also try focusing on other muscle exercise that helps you in working out without compromising health.  Abdominal Crunches Both sit-ups and abdominal crunches while working out on period strain the pelvic area and increase cramps. As a result, many women experience heavy flow and stains on their outfits.  Discovering unconventional core-strengthening exercises like planks, pelvic floor exercises, and bridges might help. These exercises help in keeping the abdominal muscle engaged without exerting much pressure on one’s uterus.  Highly-Influential Cardio Intense cardio activities such as jumping, running, or high-impact aerobics at the time of menstruation include repetitive movements. Unfortunately, it leads to discomfort and increased abdominal pressure.  So, you must choose low-impact exercises like brisk walking, cycling, and swimming. Such exercises provide perks of cardiovascular activities along with bringing down potential discomfort.  Maintaining Period Hygiene While Working Out… One of the most significant things to consider during your periods is hygiene. Aren’t we all scared of staining our clothes or potential UTIs? That’s why it is important to maintain hygiene if you are working out on period.  For starters, you might want to opt for period products that make your experience comfortable.  Pads and tampons are the best when you want to control leaks while period exercising. Although many women don’t want to use tampons, they help in controlling leaks.  Other period products such as menstrual caps, pads, and discs are a better alternative to tampons.  Place them correctly on your underwear to avoid getting stained.  If you are a gym-goer, make sure to pack extra lowers, just in case you get stained. Also, don’t forget to take a shower and change into washed clothes. These tips will surely keep you clean and hygienic during your period workout.  The Bottom Line…Is Period Exercising Worth It? Regular exercising keeps your physical and mental health strong. Hence, there is no scientific reason why one must skip working out on period. In some cases, it might just be another beneficial endeavor to reduce period pains, cramps, and discomfort.  However, turn down the level of exercise intensity, and things would be just normal. Let not menstruation make your life tougher by stopping you from doing what you love the most. Happy and safe exercising! 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