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Whiskey was invented more than 100s years ago in Scotland. But throughout the years, more and more countries have started creating their own whisky with new flavors and tastes.  This is where the Japanese come in with their own twist of whiskey over the past few years. These Japanese whiskeys are quite rare and are very expensive compared to other European whiskeys.  Due to its incredibly high demands, on a yearly basis. It became difficult for the distilleries to meet the demands. These best Japanese whiskeys are great if paired with different cocktails. But if you are looking forward to getting drunk on some of the best Japanese whiskeys, then there are some great blends.  Best Japanese Whiskeys The Japanese Whiskey industry is considered to be in high regard all around the world and is adorned with multiple awards and accolades. With Japanese whiskey growing more and more popular, the price and demand for its supply among collectors increased rapidly.  Japanese whiskeys are highly popular among auction houses as they get high demand among collectors and other enthusiasts.  Here is a list of some of the best Japanese Whiskey that is a must-try for every whiskey connoisseur and collector.  Yamazaki 12 Year Old RegionABVTasting NotesJapan43%Fruit, Clove, Orange The Suntory Yamazaki, 12 years old, has a single malt lineup that has a floral and fruity flavor to it. If you want to buy a bottle for yourself, then be aware that a bottle might cost you more than $200 easily. This Suntory whiskey is one of the best whiskey in Japan.  Nikka Coffey Grain RegionABVTasting NotesJapan45%Vanilla, Coffee, Caramel Nikka is yet another whiskey producer in Japan. Its finest whiskey is named Coffey Grain, which was also named after Aeneas Coffey, who is the inventor of this whiskey.  The whiskey has a very creamy texture to it, with a certain sweetness to it. If you are a bourbon lover, then this whiskey might appeal to you. This is the best Japanese whiskey that costs under $100.  Mars Shinshu Iwai 45 RegionABVTasting NotesJapan45%Baking spice, Pear, Vanilla The co-owner of the Bed-Vyne Wine & Spirits, Michael Brooks, said, “This whiskey is from the Nagano prefecture in Japan.” This whiskey is made from a concoction of mostly corn, added with some rye and malted barley.  The whiskey has beautiful flavors of vanilla and also some baking spices, with certain hints of pears. The whiskey works great for cocktails. This is one of the best whiskeys under $50.  Suntory Toki RegionABVTasting NotesJapan43%Citrus, Smoke, Apple This is yet another great blend of Suntory whiskeys that has beautiful notes of almonds, pink grapefruits, and light notes of vanilla. This amazing whiskey has a mix of sparkling water and hints of lemon. This is great if you are into highball whiskey.  Hakushu 12 Year Old RegionABVTasting NotesJapan43%Apple, Light Smoke, Honey The Hakushu whiskey is a beautiful 12 year old whiskey made in the Japanese Alps. It is a beautiful and gorgeous whiskey that has very herby notes to it. Along with herbs, it has notes of apple, honey, and a smokey flavor to it.  Akashi White Oak RegionABVTasting NotesJapan40%Vanilla, Spice, Marshmallow The Akashi White Oak is one of the most crowd-pleasing whiskeys; sake experts create that by Sake experts. This particular whiskey has the cask types of sherry, shochu, and also bourbon. This whiskey has a certain richness to it that is loved by most whiskey lovers, with notes of smokey peat and American oak.  Hibiki 17 Year Old RegionABVTasting NotesJapan43%Toffee, Cherry, Peach The most important thing about Japanese whiskeys are the art of its blend. The aging statement of this Hibiki is for 17 years. It is a great single malt whiskey in the Japanese market. The blend of this amazing malt is a mix of grains with a silky feel to it with fruity notes. It is great if you are a cocktail lover.  Nikka Yoichi RegionABVTasting NotesJapan45%Almond, Smoke, Vanilla If you love the smoky feel in your whiskey, then the Nikka Yoichi is one of the best single malts. The whiskey has a tropical fruity note with a mix of caramel palate to it. This whiskey is a sipping whiskey with a mix of soda and some ice.  Mars Maltage Cosmo RegionABVTasting NotesJapan43%Orange, Chocolate, Dried Fruit One of the best world’s blends is the Mars Maltage Cosmo, which has the taste of sherry, plum, and vanilla to it. This whiskey works great as cocktails, like a great Old Fashioned.   Nikka From The Barrel RegionABVTasting NotesJapan51.4%Vanilla, Caramel, Oak For the fans of bourbon, this would delight them highly, as it has a creamy vanilla note to it with certain hints of fruity orange peel flavors. The Barrel goes great as an Old Fashioned, also it can be enjoyed on the rocks or neat.   Kikori RegionABVTasting NotesJapan41%Floral, Vanilla, Citrus This is the only rice whiskey that made this list as the best Japanese whiskey. This rice whiskey has a French Limousin oak, American oak, and of sherry cask. This is a light whiskey compared to the rest on this list. But it goes great as a Highball.  Tips To Keep In Mind About Japanese Whiskey Here are some of the rules that you must never forget if you are developing an interest in Japanese whiskey.  Do Not Think Too Much About What You Cannot Get It is true that Japanese whiskey is in the middle of a huge supply shortage, and yes, their age labels have been removed. Some of the good old Japanese whiskey that was mainly popular among whiskey lovers are hard to find these days, or they are just out of our budget. But that is not something to mourn about. The old ones are gone, but the new ones are here. It is a lot like one generation has replaced the other.  Mike Miyamoto from Suntory said, “In 1984, whisky taxation increased. Japanese whisky began crashing, and even today, sales are nowhere near what they had once been. After the tax increase, shochu grew in popularity domestically, along with wine, beer, and other spirits. Sales didn’t bottom out until 2008, and then suddenly, Japanese whisky became the hot new thing for whisky drinkers across the globe.” Japanese Whiskey Comes In Multiple Styles While a lot of people think that Japanese whiskey is just one category, it is not the case.  “There isn’t a Japanese whisky the same way there isn’t a bourbon or a scotch,” Nikka’s Naoki Tomoyoshi says. “There are so many different Scotch whiskies out there. It’s the same with Japanese whisky. Every company has its own house style, and every product is very different from the others.”  For instance, each of the whiskies from Nikka that are available in the States right now are all different from one another. “The five products all fit within Nikka’s house style but are very different from each other at the same time,” Tomoyoshi adds. “There isn’t a single Nikka product that will show you the flavors of Nikka; there’s a wide variety just within Nikka. So there must be more variety within the whole Japanese category.” It Is Always The Best Of The Food That Compliments Japanese Whiskey Pairing your whiskey with foods that complement it is a big challenge. However, Japanese whiskey tastes best with Japanese cuisine. According to Miyamoto, the best way to suit your whiskey with your food is by complementing the elements of it. When one flavor compliments the other, that is when you know that the food and the liquor would pair like nothing else. Frequently Asked Questions! If you are still wondering about the best Japanese whiskey, then here are a few questions that might help you.  1. What Is The Most Popular Whiskey In Japan? If you are a Japanese whiskey enthusiast then, then you should know the most popular and best whiskey in Japan is the Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey.  2. Why Is Japanese Whiskey So Good? The reason why Japanese whiskey is so good is that it has a local twist on the scotch method. Although Japanese distilleries follow the Scottish method, the Japanese flavors to it impact it significantly on the whole maturation process.  3. Is Japanese Whiskey Healthy? According to a report by The Guardian, Japanese whiskey has a high level of antioxidants and ellagic acid. This means the whiskey could help the body protect from cancer cells and inflammation, although this evidence is very limited.  Wrapping Up! The Yamazaki 12 single malt is known to be the most popular and best Japanese whiskey. The whiskey has been aged with different cask combinations, like fruity, oaky, and spicy single malt.  So if you are looking for the best Japanese whiskey, then here’s the one for you. If you get your hands on one bottle, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Read More: Top Best Areas To Live In London – 2022 Updated Here’s The Top 10 Super Crop Top Trends On Instagram Top 5 Tropical Paradise That You Had Never Seen It Before