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The one thing that will make your travels memorable is if you can play your favorite tunes while you are traveling. Well, if you are traveling alone, then your phone and headphones will do the trick, but what when you are in a group and have your own car for the ride?  At times like these, a portable speaker will do just what you want, play all your favorite when hooked up to your phone. This way, all of you can enjoy the trip with a musical montage playing in the background.  But do you know what the things you should be looking for in a portable speaker are? No,  then stay tuned with me, and I will help you with what you need.  What Do You Look For In A Portable Speaker?  Whenever you are buying a portable speaker, there are certain criteria that you should make a note of. These characteristics are what make a portable speakers worth the money, as they are not cheap.  Weight & Size Whenever you are buying the best portable bluetooth speaker, it should not be heavy or bigger in size. These speakers should be handy and lightweight at the same time.  That way, you can actually carry the speaker with you while you are traveling. Or else it will take up a lot of space and make your luggage heavier.  Battery Life Whichever portable speaker you buy, you need to make sure that once you charge the whole thing, it will have a long battery life. Since if you are somewhere without a charging point, your speaker shouldn’t just die within a few hours.  There are certain portable speakers that give a battery life of 12 to even 15-hour playtime, so buying something like that will be great for you.  Dust-Proof & Waterproof Image Source While buying a portable speaker, make sure that it is both waterproof and dust resistant. That way, you can use the speaker roughly, and it will still work great for you, as it should.  Voice Control While you are traveling, it is not always possible to change the songs manually, so what you need is a voice-activated portable speaker. That way, you can easily change the songs by saying the names of the songs.  Performance & Volume Like I said before, portable speakers are not cheap; they cost a few more bucks than normal speakers. But still, you should take into account the quality and volume level of the speaker.  Since if you are spending that much money, it should last a long time and also the fact that if you are outside, then you should be able to hear the music. Or else there is no use even taking a portable speaker on your trip.  Top Quality Portable Speaker That You Should Carry With You Since there are a lot of great quality portable speakers in the market, why not list down a few of the portable speakers that are great as a carry-on while you are traveling? And I personally used a couple of these portable speakers myself.  1. Bose SoundLink Micro Image Source The Bose SoundLink is a great option if you are looking for a portable speaker that has a tear-resistant strap and a built-in speaker. This portable speaker is lightweight at only 290 gm and of a compact size of about 9.91 cm.  The only drawback of this speaker can be that it only gives 6 hours of playtime after it is fully charged. So if you are thinking of a long trip, then this might not be the best option, but for a short trip, this is a great option. 2. Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker Image Source This Sony speaker is a great portable speaker if you are looking for a speaker that has mostly everything might want in a portable speaker. It gives 12 hours of playtime after it is fully charged.  The speaker is shock resistant and is highly compatible with a tablet or a smartphone. The speaker weighs about 0.57 kg and is available with a type C USB port. But the great thing is the speaker is both waterproof, rustproof, and even dustproof. 3. JBL Flip 5 By Harman Bluetooth Speaker The JBL portable speaker is one of the best when it comes to a wireless best portable bluetooth speaker, with great sound and a powerful bass radiator.  These speakers are waterproof amd are available with a C-type USB port, but they don’t have a mic. After fully charged, they offer a playtime of 12 hours and have a battery capacity of 4,800 mAh.  4. Anker SoundCore nano Bluetooth Speaker Image Source If you are looking for a portable speaker with a great surround sound system with crisp, clear sound in a compact size, then this is the speaker for you. The body is slim and sleek, making the product quite compact.  But only the drawback of this speaker is that after fully charged, this speaker only gives 4 hours of playtime, which is not enough for a trip. So this portable speaker might be great for a day trip or a day trip only.  5. Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY 3W Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Image Source So the features that you need in a portable speaker are USB, Bluetooth BT, Micro SD, an AUX, and radio as well, then the portable speaker for you is the Zebronics speaker.  Once the speaker is fully charged, it gives a 10-hour long playtime, and they even have a calling system to it.   Wrapping Up! Now that I have listed down a few great portable speakers for you, you can make an informed decision on which portable speaker you wanna buy for your trip.  Most of the speakers that I have listed, I have used them personally and can vouch that all are great options for you to take on your trip. So now the decision is yours; let us know in the comment section which one you like. Read Also: Top 10 Travel Gadgets For Next Trip [2023 Updated Guide] What Types Of Portable Charger You Should Carry For Traveling? What Types Of Portable Wifi Hotspot You Should Carry For Traveling?