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What Are Cash Crops?

Are you planning to grow cash crops? But before that, do you want to know some basic information about cash crops? You have found the right place to get your answers. Here in this article, we will talk about cash crops. Starting with the cash crops definition and examples of cash crops, we will try to provide you with all the necessary pieces of information. This way, you will be able to decide whether you should go with a large farm that raises cash crops or a smaller one. What Are Cash Crops? In simple words, cash crops are those crops, which are usually grown to sell in the market environment for more profit. In a more explained form, in agriculture, the most commonly used cash crop definition is any type of crops, fruits, grain, legume, or other plant crops that are specifically grown not for consumption by the farmer but to be sold for more profit. At present, in the West, a vast majority of farmers grow at least a single cash crop. So that they can get profit from their agricultural endeavors, here are some cash crops that are grown in the United States. Sugar cane. Corn. Wheat. Cotton. Vegetables and fruits. Soybeans, along with oil-producing plants. In case you think that there is only a set of crops to fall under the category of cash crops, let me tell you you are absolutely wrong. Any type of crop can be a cash crop as long as it is being grown to earn some profit by selling it in the market. The main point of cash crop is that it is not at all used for the formers’ consumptions, and particularly for the market environment. This is the reason why they are usually grown more in quantity than just to feed the farmers. Read Also: Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path? Most Popular Cash Crops The popularity of cash crops is measured on the basis of how much of a cash crop is produced in a year. Here is the list of the most popular cash crops. Wheat. Rice. Corn. Sugar cane. Sugar cane is grown in more amounts than any other kind of cash crop. It is used for creating sweets, drinks, chocolates, desserts, and many other types of foods. Most Planted Cash Crops Here is a brief list of those cash crops, which are planted over the greatest area of land across the globe. Soybeans. Rice. Corn. Wheat. Across the globe, all these crops are planted on over 1 million square kilometers of land. Solely wheat is planted on over 2 million square kilometers of land across the world. As these crops form the primary staple grains of the world’s most culture, all these crops are most popular. In parts of Europe and North America, wheat is the staple grain. On the other hand, corn is the staple in South and Central America. In most of Asia, rice is the staple. However, soybeans are an oil-producing crop; this is why they are also on the list. Soybeans are used for producing oil worldwide. Read Also: How To Start A Food Truck Business? How To Grow Cash Crops? I hope you get enough knowledge about cash crops to plan your cash crop business. At the same time, you are also required to know how to grow them before starting your business. Here I will offer you a brief guide on growing the most popular cash crops. 1. How To Grow Sugar Cane?  I have already mentioned that sugar cane is the most grown cash crop across the globe. Now additionally I will guide you on how to grow sugar cane in some simple steps. The very first thing you need to do is selecting healthy sugar cane plants. Consider thick stems, which are capable of producing healthy plants. The sugar cane stems have joints, and new plants sprout from the joints. Now cut the stems in one foot-long piece and ensure that every piece has 2 to 3 joints. If you find any flowers or leaves at the joints, feel free to remove them. Sugar cane plants require full sun, so choose an appropriate spot. Dig four-inch deep furrows. Sugar canes are planted horizontally. Before planting, moisten the furrows. Ensure that the water is fully drained and there is no remaining. Now plant the sugar cane by placing the stems upright and horizontally. Now, wait for the sugarcane to grow. You also need to take good care of the plants, use fertilizers in the proper amount, if needed, mix fungicides with the soil, use insect repellent sprays that are specially for plants. 2. How To Grow Rice? Rice is one of the most grown cash crops in the south Asian region. However, the demand for rice across the globe is considerable. Here you will get a guide to growing rice. When it comes to rice seeds, there are a lot of varieties. So, choosing the proper rice seed is vital. Elect a sport that receives direct sunlight and has acidic soil. While growing, rice plants need light and warmth. For preparing the seeds, soak them in water for at least 12 hours but not more than 36 hours. Now remove them from the water and sow them in rows. It will make your watering process easier. You need to plant the seed during the spring or fall season through the soil. And fill the field with at least 2 inches or 5.1 cm of water. You need to observe the water level and keep the soil always wet. Once the seedlings grow, space out or thin them in order to avoid overcrowding. It is advised to maintain a gap of 4 inches apart in rows. Let them grow up to 7 inches at least, which will take around one month. Now your duty is almost done. So, wait for the rice grains to mature. 3. How To Grow Wheat? Wheat is another most planted and popular cash crop across the globe. Bread is an essential meal in almost every part of the world. So, now we will learn how to grow wheat. Before you can start growing wheat,  you need to think about is the space you have; it will determine how much wheat you will be able to grow. There are two types of wheat, winter wheat, which is planted in the fall and harvested in early spring. Spring wheat is planted during the spring and harvested in the fall. You are required to choose which one you want to grow. All your plants should get full sunlight. So, choose a location as per that. Always avoid shady places. Now that you know the important things, here are the steps you need to follow to grow wheat. Step 1: Prepare Your Seed Prepare your seed 6 to 8 weeks before the soil freezes for winter wheat. For spring wheat, the wheat plants can be planted as early as you will be able to work on the soil. Step 2: Fill The Soil Now you are required to fill your soil 6 inches or 15 cm deep. Then in case, it is needed, you need to spread the compost as well. While sowing the wheat seed, you have to ensure that you are planting one seed per one inch. Step 3: Spread The Seed Once you spread the seed, rake it again with a metal rake. Ensure a gentle raking over the seeds. This way, they will get worked into the soil. Step 4: Cover The Seed Now with a thin layer of soil, cover all the seeds. For spring wheat, the covering should be at least 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm; for winter, the number will be 2.5 inches or 6.4 cm deep. Always ensure that the layering of the upper soil is not exceeding more than 7.6 cm or 3 inches. Step 5: Properly Irrigate The Seeds Your newly planted seeds always need water. So ensure that part. The cooler the weather will be and the more it will rain, you will need to water the area less. You should ensure that the soil has enough moisture to grow the wheat. In case there is no rain and the planting area is going through a dry spell. Water it. Protect your crops from pets. Wait for the grains to be mature enough. Read Also: How To Start A Landscaping Business: 8 Simple Steps Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Several times I have been asked questions regarding cash crops. However, I am covering this particular topic, so I thought of answering some of the most common questions that might also offer you the much-needed information handy. Q1. What Are Examples Of Cash Crops? Instead of feeding livestock or family consumption, cash crops are usually grown for direct sale in the market. Spices, cotton, sugarcane, cocoa, and coffee are some of the most popular examples of cash crops. However, food crops, for example, corn, wheat, and rice are also grown as other cash crops in order to meet the global food demand. Q2. What Is Cash Crop In Agriculture? In the agricultural crop, a cash crop is purposely made for strictly selling in the market environment for as much money as possible. Most cash crops, such as grains, opium, cotton, and many other products, are usually grown in a monoculture environment, where the farmer only grows a single product on a piece of land. Q3. What Is The Most Profitable Cash Crop? Throughout the year, several cash crops have become high-yielding favorites of the farmer, for example, soybeans, wheat, corn, and rice. But if we consider it on a global level, then corn, rice, and wheat are the most valuable cash crops. In America, corn and soybeans have secured the top position among the pack and bring around $50 billion every year in total. Q4. What Is The Best Cash Crop For A Small Firm? Here is the list of the best cash crops for a small farm. Bamboo. Lavender. Especially mushrooms. Garlic. Basil. Christmas trees. Cilantro. Ginseng. Chives. Soybeans. Corn. Arugula. Sorghum. Cherry tomatoes. Saffron. Hostas. Goji berries. Q5. How Are Cash Crops Grown? Cash crops are basically those agricultural crops, which are mainly grown to sell for a profit in the market. Typically it is bought by parties separately from the farm. In order to differentiate the marketed crops from other subsistence crops, the term cash crops are used. Subsistence crops are those that are used to feed the producers’ own livestock or are usually grown as food for the family of the producer. Q6. Why Did Many Farmers Grow Cash Crops? The other name of the cash crop is profit crop. It is an agricultural crop that is specifically grown to sell in the market environment for profit. In those least developed countries, cash crops are usually those types of crops that attract demand in more developed nations. That is why they tend to have some export value. Final Talks I hope the above pieces of information about cash crops have helped you in understanding the whole concept of cash crops along with other necessary information. Now, if you want to start your cash crop business you can start your planning and select the crop you want to grow and sell in the market. Read Also: 1. Facebook Social ToolKit - Chrome Extention 2. Become A Media Manager With These Guides 3. How To Delete A YouTube Channel? - Step by Step Guide