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The sneakers industry has amassed a big following. CNBC reports that the market made over $70 billion in 2020 alone, making it one of the most profitable sectors in fashion. In the same way that bags, like the ones from Lacoste or Herschel, are a staple of the wardrobe, so too are sneakers. With the rising number of sneaker enthusiasts, it’s no wonder that brands are creating new designs and collaborating with celebrities to reach wider audiences. The sneakers are all time the most casual style statements. But now, the sneakers are not only trendy, but it is going to be the topmost trendy unisex accessories for everyone. 3 Most Anticipated Trendy Men’s Sneakers In 2022 A few accessories can go with the men’s dress. But in this list, the shoes and the watches are the most favorite ones. Every season brings fashion concepts for everyone. From dress to shoe means you will find different types of fashions to change the look from top to toe. This is also applicable also for sneakers. These are some of the upcoming releases that sneakerheads are most excited for in 2022: 1. Nike Air Max 1 “Baroque Brown” The first entry on this list is a collaboration between shoe giant Nike and rapper Travis Scott. The newest version of the brand’s classic Air Max features a multitude of colors like brown, beige, and yellow. The sneakers' laces are a mix of red and off-white, making for a very earth-centric palette. Though it was initially slated for release during the holiday season, the official date has been pushed back due to Scott’s Astroworld controversy. Nike stated that they made this change was to pay respect to the victims of the tragedy. There is no new date to when it will come out, but many sneakerheads are eagerly anticipating its release. 2. Nike Dunk “Re-Raw” Another entry from one of the biggest brands in the world, the Nike Dunk “Re-Raw” is set to drop and is the newest iteration of Nike’s popular Dunk silhouette. It is another earth-toned shoe that features pale brown detailing against a white textured background. The classic swoosh is in a dark, cool brown shade, while the laces are a pastel yellow. They make for a versatile sneakers shoe that can definitely be worn with most outfits. There is no specific drop date just yet, but the company’s website claims that it will be in early 2022. It will be sold through Nike's online platform and by select retailers, so be sure to check for updates if you want to cop these sneakers. 3. Yeezy 450 "Resin" Taking a break from Nike, Adidas’ successful collaboration with rapper Kanye West is coming out with a new colorway for his 450 lines. Upon its initial release, it caused some buzz because of the sneakers’ unique design. The 450 "Resin" will keep the tooth-like pattern in the shade reminiscent of sage green. Its sole will be in a cool-toned sandy color, making a stark contrast between the shoe’s muted hues and its eye-catching design. Though its release date is supposed to be in early December 2021, it will most likely be sold to just a select few. The unique look of these sneakers is very vibrant looking. Do you like to do the style like Keya West? Try out the white color Yeezy 450 Resin. This means that the mass market will only get its hands on it by 2022 at the earliest. Sneakers' heads can either pay close attention to the aftermarket or wait for the company to restock. Conclusion: Sneakers have become a staple for men’s fashion worldwide, and they have gotten a sort of cult following. These are just some of the footwear that sneakerheads should look out for in the upcoming year. These three pairs of shoes are the most trendy, and when you are going to add these pairs of shoes to your wardrobe, you can pair them up with your casual denim. The versatility of these sneakers is the most significant advantage. Try this attire and let us know about your experiences. Read Also: Best Fashionable Men’s Crossbody Bag In 2021