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Quality leadership is one of the most important qualities of a team leader. Companies that have tasted the wine of success are only because of good leaders. But what I personally think is in this modern-day and age, everyone must inculcate charismatic leadership within themselves. Leadership is not just a characteristic but a life skill.  If you take a look at the multi-billion dollar companies, all of them have not good but great leaders. For instance, take a look at Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Warren Buffet; all of them are instilled with charismatic leadership qualities that have led to their multi-billion dollar companies' success.  Since you are reading this article, chances are you are a newly appointed team leader, and you want to know the leadership qualities that will motivate you. This article will be writing about the seven charismatic leadership qualities that all leaders should possess. But before that, make us understand the meaning of leadership properly.    So without wasting further time, let us get into it.  What Does The Term 'Leadership' Mean?  In the words of John Maxwell, leadership is just an influence. Warren Bennis viewed leadership as the capacity to transform vision into reality. There are a ton of definitions available on the Internet.  As a team leader myself, I think leadership should make people obey you and follow you. Quality leadership can influence your team and make them work hard in achieving the goals set by your company.  However, keep in mind that being a leader is not a walk in the park; you must possess some charismatic qualities to become an effective leader. So let us now delve deep into knowing the charismatic characteristics of a leader.  7 Charismatic Leadership Qualities Below are the top seven charismatic leadership qualities that you must definitely teach to become a good and proactive team leader. This article will help you lead your team more effectively and get better results.    1. Innovative  Being innovative is one of the most important qualities that every good leader must-have. He should have the capacity to think out of the box. He should not restrict his team within a set of rules and norms. Innovative people are keen on using new methods and tactics to finish the job.  Innovative leaders are good listeners; they put their ego behind them and take in new ideas from their teammates. In Steve Jobs's words, innovation is the only thing that sets a leader apart from a follower.  2. Self Confidence A charismatic leader should have self-confidence in himself. He should not have second thoughts on the decisions he has taken. He should be completely able to trust his own instincts.  In the words of Rosalynn Carter, one should have confidence in his own ability. Self Confidence is the single most quality that allows leaders to take risks. If a leader knows how to take risks, then he can take his company to new heights.  3. Humility A good leader should practice humility when it is the least expected of him. According to a research report, humble and wilful leaders help in the growth of their companies. Humility is one of the most charismatic leadership qualities that very few people talk about.  Being a charismatic leader does not mean he should be flamboyant and full of ego. Rather a good leader should be humble and down to earth. A good leader should strive hard to work for the greater good.   4. Passion Passion is the single most charismatic leadership quality that a leader should possess. A leader should have passion for what he does. He should know the end result of his efforts. If someone knows the end result of his goals, then he automatically strives hard to achieve them.  A leader is highly focused on achieving his goals and, therefore, helps others achieve their goals. Being passionate about work is something only people have, but it is important for becoming a leader.   5. Honesty A good leader should be honest in whatever he does. A leader should be honest because it helps to garner trust and credibility from his teammates. Furthermore, leaders are people that we all look up to, so being honest becomes all the more important.  Honestly is one of the most important qualities of charismatic leadership. When a leader is honest, his teammates totally rely on him and believe that he will be able to help his company succeed.  6. Strong and Farsighted Vision A good leader should be able to think long term. He should have a strong and long-term vision for his company. He should be able to think today what his teammates think tomorrow.  People with strong vision keep on adapting themselves to the latest trends so that they do not lag behind in the future. A visionary leader should think of the future at the same time keeping everybody's interest in mind.    7. Good Communicator  One of the charismatic leadership qualities is good communication. Communication is the key to solving all the problems. Hence a good leader should be able to communicate effectively with his teammates so that there is no misunderstanding or misinterpretation in the team.  He should know the art of putting his message properly. He should be very careful with the choice of his words. He should not intentionally hurt his teammates. Proper communication is a team that helps in solving a lot of problems.  Final Thoughts There you have it; those were the seven charismatic leadership qualities that are bound to motivate you. I hope this article has given you some clear insights on what are the charismatic leadership qualities that a good leader must possess.  I hope you have found this article to be informative. 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